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Crypto Daily Digest - April 15th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - April 15th Source: RikkeiFinance

On April 15, Elon Musk said at Ted2022 that his plans for the platform include making the Twitter source code open-source to be subject to public scrutiny. Metaverse DeFi protocol Rikkei Finance was hacked due to lack of access control on setOracleData functions, with assets worth about 2,671 BNB (~$1.11 million) stolen. Everlens, which provides NFT services for Instagram, will launch a V2 version and integrate with social giant TikTok.


  • Terra community proposes $1.5 million UST allocation for Orca, Solend, C98, FantomMaker liquidity incentives. Source
  • Pangea DAO has published tokenomics and liquidity incentivization program. Source
  • Legends of Optimus and SolarCity Finance had Rug Pull. Source
  • The FBI has linked North Korea's Lazarus Group to Ronin Attack. Source
  • Paradigm Research Collaborator Hasu joined Lido Finance as a strategic advisor. Source
  • OlympusDAO co-founder alleged to cheat early investor out of nearly four million $OHM. Source
  • Elon Musk's priorities for Twitter: put code on GitHub, crack down on crypto spam. Source
  • MetaMask launches MetaMask Snaps. Source
  • Vanguard Group bought a 10.3% stake in Twitter. Source
  • $USDT and $USDC to launch on Cardano. Source
  • Lido Finance updates roadmap. Source
  • Cosmos ecosystem cross-chain DeFi platform Umee launched on Umeemania incentive testnet. Source
  • CertiK tweeted that Rikkei Finance was attacked due to a lack of access control on function setOracleData. Source
  • Ripple CEO says court battle with SEC is going well. Source
  • Curve integrates with Multichain's cross-chain communication protocol anyCall. Source
  • Regulatory arm of UAE financial centre releases DeFi discussion paper. Source
  • Circle will submit banking operation application imminently. Source
  • Web3 Browser Opera Crypto Browser is available for iOS. Source
  • Gemini crypto exchange launches credit card in United States. Source
  • Zilliqa releases 2022 roadmap: Focus on speed, compatibility and interoperability. Source
  • The LiteCoin MWEB upgrade will soon move to locked status and is expected to be activated in 5 weeks. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • Central Bank of Portugal grants country’s first crypto license to a bank. Source
  • USO, the largest serviced office operator in Labuan, Malaysia, accepts crypto payments. Source
  • Bitcoin was accepted in Argentina, San Martín de los Andes. Source


  • Symphony Digital announced closing of its first fund at $40 million with participation from Animoca Brands. Source
  • Emirates to expand into the Metaverse and launch own NFT. Source
  • FTX EU launches limited edition Paris NFTs. Source
  • Everlens - Instagram NFT Marketplace Eyeing TikTok Expansion Source
  • BAYC and SUPERPLASTIC co-branded art toys are on sale. Source
  • Amazon possibly sells NFT on the platform. Source


  • Web3 project Mask Network announced an undisclosed strategic fund from Hard Yaka. Source
  • GameFi platform Real Player DAO closed seed round funding led by Animoca Brands. Source
  • Fasset closes $22 million series A round of funding led by Liberty City Ventures and Fatima Gobi Ventures. Source
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