Crypto Daily Digest - April 1st

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One BAYC, one MAYC and two Doodles NFT held by Jay were stolen on April 1. Discord of BAYC, Doodles, Nyoki Club, Shamanz, Zooverse, Dreadfuls, Freaky Labs and Kaijukingz projects were all attacked.


  • Element Finance, a fixed-rate lending protocol, announced the launch of Element DAO and tokens $ELFI. Source
  • Flow launches decentralized decision-making and governance tool CAST. Source
  • Avalanche ecosystem insurance protocol Degis launched on mainnet. Source
  • Polkadot ecosystem identity protocol Litentry has released the Litentry crowdloan reward schema. Source
  • DeFi derivatives protocol Cega Finance launches on devnet. Source
  • THORChain released its vault report for the first quarter of 2022. Source
  • Cosmos ecosystem DEX Osmosis submits new proposal to cut swap fees in half. Source
  • Phala Network wins Polkadot 13th parachain slot auction. Source
  • StarkNet ecosystem DEX Starkswap is now live on StarkNet alpha testnet. Source
  • Cross-chain DeFi platform Kava will launch Ethereum Co-chain Beta on April 5. Source
  • EU parliament passes privacy-busting crypto rules. Source
  • U.S. lawmakers introduce stablecoin transparency act, requiring stablecoins to be backed by dollars and bonds. Source
  • Derivatives Protocol Polynomial Protocol launched on Optimism Polynomial Earn. Source
  • Iconic launches qorld’s first EOS ETP. Source
  • Galaxy Digital tweaks BitGo purchase terms as It awaits SEC action. Source
  • Fantom foundation announces 335 million $FTM grants program. Source


  • OpenSea rolls out credit card payments for NFTs. Source
  • Ticket tool tweets response to cause of attack: command update bug. Source
  • Doodles Discord account has been attacked and hackers are spreading links to fake websites. Source
  • BAYC responds to Discord attack: a webhook in Discord was briefly compromised. Source
  • PeckShield tweeted that BAYC Discord compromised, MutantApeYachtClub #8662 has been stolen. Source
  • Jay Chou posted a picture on INS today saying that NFT BAYC #3738 was stolen by hackers. Source
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 anime plans to launch NFT collection. Source
  • Metaverse game Gotchiverse is now live on Polygon. Source
  • ShapeShift DAO launches NFT auction in support of female artists. Source
  • NBA star Klay Thompson launched "Game Recognize Game" NFT collection. Source
  • Anonymous user purchased 10 Azuki Series NFTs in a single transaction through Genie, spending nearly 204 ETH. Source
  • Bitcoin exchange allowing NFT ysernames for Its 82 Million Wallets. Source


  • Blockchain security company CertiK raises nearly $88 million through an equity offering. Source
  • Pangolin receives $500k from terraform labs to reward UST (Wormhole) Liquidity Providers Source
  • NEAR Foundation to invest $15 million in Orange DAO, founded by YC alumni. Source



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