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Crypto Daily Digest - April 20th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - April 20th Source: Coinbase

On April 20, Coinbase launched NFT Marketplace Beta, which currently supports Ethereum-based NFT and $ETH payments. Interoperability protocol Connext launched token $NEXT and plans to airdrop. NFT trading marketplace LooksRare has launched an on-list rewards program that allows users to earn $LOOK rewards for listing NFTs for sale. Aave V3 liquidity mining on Avalanche is now live.


  • Aave V3 liquidity mining on Avalanche is now live. Source
  • Data: NFT on Flow sales down $165 million in March compared to the same month last year. Source
  • Decentralized derivatives protocol Perpetual Protocol tokenomics proposal passed. Source
  • Decentralized ETF Protocol DeFund to Airdrop 50 Million $DETF. Source
  • The Graph Foundation donated $1.25 million in its fifth round of grants. Source
  • Ethereum core developers said Ethereum mainnet shadow fork test will be conducted this Saturday. Source
  • Chainlink Labs Collaboration Report: Blockchain technology will play an important role in combating climate change. Source
  • Capital management platform StakeDAO launched $CRV Liquid Locker. Source
  • Binance launches Portfolio Margin program. Source
  • Ronin Network attacker addresses have transferred a total of 38,293 $ETH (about $114.8 million). Source
  • Auto-Staking Protocol MaxAPY Finance appeared Rug Pull. Source
  • Cosmos EVM Compatible Center Evmos is scheduled to go back online on April 26th. Source
  • RSS3 releases second round of early incentive airdrop rules announcement. Source
  • Optimism Token price page appears on Coinbase. Source
  • Terra Eco-Revenue Protocol Retrograde will be launched in two phases starting May 2. Source
  • MakerDAO will start integrating StarkNet in four phases on April 28. Source
  • Interoperability protocol Connext releases token $NEXT and plan to airdrop. Source
  • Musk is willing to invest between $10 billion and $15 billion of his own cash to take Twitter private. Source
  • 21Shares and ETF securities launch the world's first Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in Australia. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • El Salvador's bid for Bitcoin bonds sinking as IMF deal 'Practically Dead': former central bank president. Source
  • IMF warns Russia could use Bitcoin mining to evade sanctions. Source
  • IMF says capital control powers should include crypto. Source


  • Coinbase has released its Ethereum NFT marketplace in beta. Source
  • Pop star Justin Bieber shows the five types of his NFT. Source
  • NBA to begin minting Ethereum NFT series The Association. Source
  • Axie Infinity says land staking system in progress. Source
  • Yuga Labs may auction Otherside metaverse land. Source
  • NFT infrastructure provider Project Galaxy's official Discord is under attack. Source
  • The Sandbox has partnered with American heavy metal band Slipknot to create KNOTVERSE. Source
  • Louis Vuitton NFT game Louis: The Game releases version update. Source
  • World of Women drops 3D versions of NFT clothing designed by The Fabricant on its owners. Source
  • Bored Ape Chemistry Club floor price has reached 54.4 $ETH. Source
  • NFT trading marketplace LooksRare has launched an on-list rewards program that allows users to earn $LOOK rewards for listing NFTs for sale. Source
  • mfers official companion NFT series CREYZIES completed snapshot, airdropped CREYZIES NFT to every mfers holder. Source
  • The Chicago Board Options Exchange has filed a trademark application for CBOE DIGITAL. Source


  • Spruce, a digital identity company, has closed a $34 million Series A round led by a16z. Source
  • NEAR ecosystem NFT infrastructure Mintbase closes $12.5M Series A funding round. Source
  • Solana ecosystem lending protocol Hedge closes $3.7M seed round with participation from Pantera Capital and others. Source
  • Aura FAT raises $115 million in Nasdaq IPO. Source
  • Blockchain project incubator receives investment from Animoca Brands. Source
  • Messari, a pillar of the crypto ecosystem, invests treasury funds in Circle Yield. Source
  • Pollen mobile closes seed funding round for its next-generation decentralized wireless network. Source
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