Crypto Daily Digest - August 22nd

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On August 22nd, Ethereum clients Geth and Teku released updates related to the mainnet Merge respectively. BendDAO released a new community proposal suggesting adjusting parameters such as the liquidation threshold, auction period, and interest base rate to ease the liquidity crisis. Hodlnaut reported a $193 million financial shortfall as it seeked court protection. Algorithmic stablecoin protocol Olympus would be upgraded to V3 and rebranded as Bophades. Element established ELE DAO and announced governance token $ELE.

Ethereum mainnet Merge countdown: 24 days until the expected date (September 15th).


Ethereum Merge

  • Ethereum client Geth released the first mainnet-merge version v1.10.22 (Promavess). Source
  • Ethereum mainnet users must upgrade client Teku before September 6th. Source


  • The Ronin hackers have transferred all of the stolen funds from Ethereum to the Bitcoin network. Source
  • Etherscan has added security additions for token transfers. Source


  • Algorithmic stablecoin protocol Olympus will be upgraded to V3 and rebranded as Bophades. Source
  • PeckShield: the BNB Chain deployment of Cream Finance suffers from a liquidity crisis. Source
  • Cream Finance: the liquidity crunch on BSC C.R.E.A.M. markets was caused by the Boosted Savings program. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: Grim Finance exploit intermediary address has transferred another about 1,200 $ETH to Tornado Cash. Source
  • Redacted Cartel's Hidden Hand was live on Optimism. Source
  • 2.97B $aUSD error mints have been burned, says Acala. Source
  • Cross-chain DEX Zenlink will upgrade contracts and migrate liquidity on Moonbeam and Moonriver on August 23rd. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: 0xb6B gained nearly $7 million in the Nomad exploit. Source

Metaverse & NFTs

  • Element establishes ELE DAO and announces governance token $ELE. Source
  • BendDAO's new proposal suggests adjusting some parameters to ease liquidity crisis. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: revokecash[.]net is a phishing site. Source
  • BendDAO has 30 NFTs up for auction involving 4 categories. Source
  • BitKeep NFT Market adds support for Klaytn. Source


  • Several large securities companies in South Korea plan to establish virtual asset exchanges next year. Source
  • Hodlnaut reports a $193 million financial shortfall as it seeks court protection. Source
  • Zipmex CEO Marcus Lim refuses to resign. Source
  • New $BUSD pairs are available on Source
  • Binance adds $STG on cross margin and isolated margin. Source
  • Coinbase added $AURORA and $MXC to the listing roadmap. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • Bhex has secured a standard payment institution license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Source
  • Australian Treasurer: Government will improve the way system manages crypto assets. Source


  • Metaverse agency INDEX GAME raised $1.7M from The Sandbox. Source





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