Crypto Daily Digest - August 3rd

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On August 3rd, hackers exploited the vulnerability to steal funds from about 8,000 wallets on Solana. Solana Status said that the vulnerability does not appear to be a bug with Solana core code, but related to the wallets used by users. Nomad's official funds recovery wallet address received over $9 million of stolen funds back. Sui opened validator registration for Incentivized Testnet.


  • El Salvador’s banking platform Galoy launches Bitcoin-backed synthetic dollar. Source
  • Solana Status: about 7,767 Solana wallets have been affected by the exploit. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: widespread hack on Solana wallets leads to about $8 million in loss. Source
  • Solana Status: the vulnerability does not appear to be a bug with Solana core code, but related to the wallets used by users. Source
  • Solana exploit is not a Phantom-specific issue, Phantom claims. Source
  • Decaf Developer: SOL exploit is not a trusted app issue, and all Phantom wallets are affected. Source
  • Solana: wallet drained incident is under investigation with help from security firms, hardware wallets not impacted. Source
  • Solana co-founder: Suspected cause of security incident is an iOS supply chain attack. Source
  • Nomad official releases funding recovery address. Source
  • Nomad official funds recovery address currently receives about $9.058 million. Source
  • Connext: users were not directly affected by Nomad hack. Source
  • Data: Total market contracts liquidated about $54.53 million in 12 hours. Source
  • CZ: More than 65% of all proposals came from just 10% of DAOs. Source
  • Kraken Australia’s managing director: Contagion only hit firms with poor balance sheet management. Source
  • Multichain announces integration with KAIDEX. Source
  • Stellar launched smart contract platform Soroban. Source
  • pSTAKE will launch $BNB Liquidity Staking next week. Source
  • Crypto exchange Zipmex will resume withdrawals for $SOL, $XRP and $ADA. Source
  • Stock and crypto exchange Robinhood lays off 23% of employees. Source
  • Sui opened validator registration for Incentivized Testnet. Source
  • Perpetual DEX Phezzan Protocol went live on zkSync 2.0 testnet. Source
  • MCDEX is rebranded as MUX and launched multi-chain leveraged trading protocol. Source
  • CoinList pauses withdrawals for $SOL. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • Brazil might approve its cryptocurrency law this week. Source
  • Robinhood's Crypto division fined $30 million by New York financial regulator. Source
  • Binance-owned WazirX probed in India for alleged money laundering of over $350 million. Source


  • Solana ecosystem NFT marketplace Magic Eden tweeted that a suspected SOL exploit could steal assets from users' Phantom wallets. Source
  • The Walken application is temporarily unavailable due to the security event on Solana that prevents it from interacting with the blockchain. Source
  • STEPN recommends that users who have imported/exported non-custodial wallets into/out of STEPN generate a new non-custodial wallet in the STEPN App. Source


  • Web3 project accelerator Web3Port raised $1M in seed round with participation from HashKey and others. Source
  • Decentralized visual digital identity (DID) solution provider Lifeform closed a seed funding round led by Binance Labs. Source
  • NFT counterfeit detector MarqVision closed a $20 million round of funding with participation from Softbank Ventures and others. Source
  • VR basketball app Gym Class closes $8 million in seed round led by a16z. Source




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