Crypto Daily Digest - December 13th

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PrimeDAO, a project with various products geared toward DAO-to-DAO cooperation, announced that Prime's $D2D liquidity launch LBP will be held on Tuesday, Dec 14th. Gearbox DAO introduced Gear token and governance on medium. The Squishy Squad boosted the gas up to 250gwei in short term today. Aztec | Yearn | Forward | AscendEX | YGG SEA


PrimeDAO Balancer LBP

PrimeDAO, a project with various products geared toward DAO-to-DAO cooperation, announced that Prime's $D2D liquidity launch LBP will be held on Tuesday, Dec 14th.

  • Token: $D2D
  • Sale Start: Dec 14, 2021 14:00 UTC
  • IDO Supply: 7m $D2D (7% of Total)
  • Initial Price/$D2D: 3.42 USDC
  • Lasting: 72hr
  • Address: 0x43D4A3cd90ddD2F8f4f693170C9c8098163502ad Source

Forward Protocol Token Launch

Forward Protocol provides a framework of smart contracts that allows any organization to integrate blockchain and Web 3.0 capabilities and enter the blockchain space effortlessly. It has announced its token sale on DAO Maker and MahaStarter.

  • Token: $FORWARD
  • Time: Dec 13 on DAO Maker, Dec 14 on MahaStarter
  • Price: $0.005 Source


Introducing Gear Token and Governance

With Gearbox DAO, initial core members and contributors have a dynamic voting reduction starting as low as x0.125 and x0.250, comparing to x1 multiplier for Community members including Credit Account Mining, Early App testers, and early Discord legends. The goal is to solve the problem of initial core members and contributors having larger token percentages than regular smaller users, and undermining early governance with too much voting power. Source

Yearn Finance Newsletter

  • The new Yearn UI supports the Simulations feature which enables users to estimate their cost or rewards when using Zapper. Zapper is an integrated application helping users to swap their deposited tokens for vault tokens or withdraw their rewards for the token they want.
  • There are currently 5 proposals about YFI tokenomics update for vote.
  • Yearn docs rewrite.
  • YIP-64 fails to meet quorum. It is a proposal about adjusting fees on non-stablecoins yVaults.
  • Yearn delegates 23m veCRV to Convex. Source

BalancerDAO's Treasury is Diversifying

The Balancer community has begun integrating itself with other decentralized finance protocols by trading its governance tokens for those of other DAOs, also known as treasury swaps. This could be the start of a larger trend of DAOs taking a more active role in other DAOs, using the strength of their holdings to trade for influence across decentralized finance (DeFi).

  • Fei, 200,000 BAL vote;
  • mStable, 20,000 BAL for MTA;
  • PrimeDAO, 25,000 BAL for a pool with equal parts of its token, PRIME, and BAL on Balancer.

Balancer is a protocol that rebalances indices of multiple tokens, and also functions as an automated market maker, using traders on the open market to enable the rebalancing of its indices. Source

Aztec Connect is Live on Testnet

Aztec Connect, the first private bridge for Ethereum DeFi, is live on testnet. Up to 100x gas savings with fully private transactions by default. Users can now bridge private assets to mainnet for a DeFi interaction and return to Aztec in the same transaction. For the first time ever, it's now possible to interact cheaply and privately with any Ethereum DeFi application. Better yet, Aztec Connect's functionality enhances the network's privacy guarantees. Source


Squishy Squash

The Squishy Squad is a collection of 8,888 dangerously cute squishes that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Basically, it is a meme NFTs launched by @BentoBoiNFT, @0xGoof and @RicecakeNFT. On the morning of Dec 13th, the minting event of Squish Squash boosted Ethereum gas to over 220 gwei, which occupied around 25% of the network. According to the project, after minting, Squishy Squad holders will have exclusive access to a private channel. The Squishy Squad will be hosting exclusive quiz games. For the further future, a DAO will also be established and a charitable donation will be held for HUGS, which is an organization for helping families in Hawaii facing the financial and emotional hardships of caring for a seriously ill child. More details: Source


AscendEX Hacked

Centralized crypto exchange AscendEX, formally known as BitMax) has been hacked for about $77.7million. AscendEX tweeted that they have detected a number of ERC-20, BSC, and Polygon tokens transferred from their hot wallet, but the cold wallet is not affected. And the affected funds will be fully covered by the exchange. Source


BAYZ Closed $4 million Seed Funding Round Led by Yield Guild Games

BAYZ, a decentralized gaming organization bringing play-to-earn to people via blockchain-based economies, announced the close of a $4 million seed funding round led by Yield Guild Games with participation from leading gaming and crypto investors BITKRAFT and Delphi Digital on Dec.10. Other participants in the round include Valor Capital, Ascensive Assets, Fabric Ventures, Arca and more. Angel investors include Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Aleksander “Psycheout” Larsen and Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin (Axie Infinity), Nickev (RumbleKongs and reNFTLabs). Source

YGG SEA Closed $15 Million in Financing Led by Animoca Brands and Others

Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA), a sub-decentralized autonomous organization (subDAO) of Philippine blockchain gaming startup Yield Guild Games (YGG), has raised $15 million across two rounds of financing to boost the adoption of play-to-earn gaming in Southeast Asia. Following seed funding led by YGG and Infinity Ventures Crypto in August, YGG SEA secured additional funds in November from Capital, Animoca Brands, MindWorks Ventures, Poloniex, Jump Capital, and Sembrani Kiqani – a fund by BRI Ventures. Bukalapak and United Overseas Bank Venture Management also participated in the fundraise. Source

Blockchain Development Platform Alchemy Unveils Venture Arm

Blockchain infrastructure company Alchemy is launching an investment arm for the development of Web3 (including decentralized finance, computing, and ownership), partnered with a number of Alchemy's investors. In addition, the fund plans to invest more money and is already working with FTX, zk roll-ups solution Matter Labs, scaling solution Arbitrum, and virtual image technology company Genies, among others. Source



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