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Solana released its annual summary report today, with 5,145 projects on Solana and 1,328 global validators. ConstitutionDAO multi-signature wallet has been destroyed and the community will be officially closed soon. Clearpool public testnet will launch on December 27th. Lyra | Convex | RSS3


Solana is Celebrating and Reviewing the Sunny Year 2021

  • January: $10 billion total transactions, $100 million TVL, 360 global validators, 70 projects. It's all just beginning.
  • February: The Solana DeFi hackathon went live, launching 91 new projects in the Solana ecosystem. Launched Mango Market and PsyOptions and $SOL stake rewards.
  • March: Launched Raydium and Orca, as well as the beta of easy-to-use wallet Phantom.
  • April: The total value of USDT and USDC on the Solana passed $1 billion on April 20th, nearly doubling from $510 million on April 2nd, 18 days before.
  • May: The hackathon incubated 326 new projects, including option protocol Zeta, lending protocol Solend, revenue project DeFiLand and more.
  • June: Solana Labs raised over $314 million in funding led by a16z.
  • July: Solana Summer is about to begin. Solana launched NFT trading marketplace in partnership with Chicago's leading music festival Lollapalooza. Solana on-chain stake pool was also announced to be live.
  • August: Mango Markets raised $70 million in IDO funding. NFT project DegenApesAcademy sold out in 8 minutes.
  • September: Solana validators reached 1,000, Neopets announced Solana-based NFTs, and Wormhole launched a cross-chain bridge between Solana and Ethereum.
  • October: Solana's third hackathon brought 568 new projects onto Solana. One of the winners, Katana, went live on the mainnet in December.
  • November: Alexis announced a $500 million fund to support the development of decentralized social media projects. Brave Browser integrated with the Solana network. Phantom reached 1 million users, and FTX, Lightning, and Solana Ventures announced they would be creating a fund to jumpstart crypto gaming.
  • December: Allbridge launched Fantom to Solana cross-chain bridge. Opera browser revealed it would be supporting Solana dApps. Mini Royale became the first multiplayer game to launch on Solana. Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a gaming NFT marketplace using Solana. Michael Jordan and his son came to Solana to launch the “Heir” community platform.

Annual Summary.

  1. 1 million total NFTs minted
  2. 1.6 users on Phantom
  3. 5,985 total public repos
  4. $11.4 billion TVL
  5. $1.6 billion TVL in stake pools on Solana
  6. 1,135 RPC nodes
  7. 1,328 global validators
  8. 5,145 total projects in the ecosystem
  9. 45,500,750,478 transactions Source

Lyra 2022 Roadmap 


  1. Trading volume reached $110 million.
  2. TVL over $120 million.


  1. The Avalon release (formerly v1.2) will arrive in Q1 2022, accommodating up to 12-week rolling expiries, partial collateralization for short positions, and the ability for LPs to freely enter/exit the liquidity pool, subject to a short delay.
  2. A comprehensive tokenomics proposal for LYRA to be introduced to allow LYRA to be staked for xLYRA to access boosted rewards for trading and providing liquidity.
  3. Lyra Vaults are expected to be launched in Q2.
  4. During Q3 , the team will work on V2 development, including AMM backend redesign, incorporation of industry-leading margin technology, native option structures (spreads, straddles, crosses), and additional capital efficiency gains for traders.

The team is confident that the release of Avalon will transform Lyra into a fundamental tool for leverage and hedging in DeFi, providing a strong foundation for integration and composability. Avalon will significantly improve the user experience for LPs and traders and facilitate Lyra's rapid growth. Source

ConstitutionDAO Multi-Signature Wallet has been Destroyed

Last night ConstitutionDAO multi-signature addresses transferred NFTs from Juicebox to Black Hole addresses, marking the closure of that NFT and Juicebox project. In the meantime, users' deposits are still available for optional refunds and $PEOPLE tokens can be claimed as well. The team's Discord community has also been closed, and ConstitutionDAO's journey has officially come to an end. Source

Clearpool Public TestNet Launches December 27th

Clearpool, a decentralized lending protocol, announced that it will go live in beta on December 27th, allowing users to provide liquidity to institutional borrowers without collateral, such as pledging $CPOOL and lending $USDC to Amber, Wintermute, etc. to earn interest. Details of how this works will be announced on launch day. The team said that the beta site was launched before the main web launch to facilitate users to familiarize themselves with the Clearpool platform in advance. Clearpool is reportedly invested by top institutions such as Sequoia India, Arrington Capital, Sino Global Capital, and Hashkey. Source

Convex December Update

  1. Convex has partnered with Frax Finance and users will be able to deposit $FXS tokens to Convex this week and receive cvxFXS deposit credentials. Note that cvxFXS tokens cannot be converted back to $FXS directly on Convex. The conversion of cvxFXS and $FXS will take place on Curve's liquidity pool and the conversion rate will fluctuate depending on the demand for either one.
  2. $CVX liquidity reward will be transferred from Sushiswap to the $CVX/$ETH pair on Curve after two weeks.
  3. The OpenZeppelin team disclosed a vulnerability that could theoretically lead to Convex Finance multi-signatory holders accessing and controlling LP tokens staked on Convex, which the Convex team has deployed to rectify, and a bounty has been offered to OpenZeppelin via the treasury. Source

Xinhua News Digital Collection NFT

On December 24, Xinhua News Agency will cast selected photojournalism reports from 2021 into China's first "News Digital Collection" through blockchain NFT technology, which will be issued in limited quantities worldwide. The "News Digital Collection" has unique identification and ownership information on the blockchain, which has special commemorative significance and collection value. The first batch of "News Digital Collection" will be pre-released in 11 copies, each limited to 10,000 copies, and a special edition of only one copy will be released, all free of charge online. According to the introduction, this "News Digital Collection" records many precious historical moments in 2021, which is a special year-end summary and a digital memory written in the metaverse world. Source


Manifold Opens For All

Manifold Studio is officially open to all users, allowing anyone to deploy the Manifold Creator contract to cast mainstream standard NFTs. With the team's efforts, the cost of deploying the Manifold Creator contract has been significantly reduced, but still retains its on-chain royalty configuration, management and interoperability features with major NFT trading platforms. Source


Render Network Closed $30 Million in Financing Led by Multicoin Capital

Render Network, a distributed rendering network, announced the closing of a $30 million funding round led by Multicoin Capital with participation from Alameda Research, Solana Foundation, Sfermion, and others. Render Network will also build a Render marketplace on Solana, enabling "one-click, no-frills integration of NFTs, 3D assets and services built with Render Network. Render Network is a provider of decentralized GPU-based rendering solutions for the Metaverse. $RNDR is its native token, and all Render Network services require payment with $RNDR. Source

RSS3 Closed New Funding Round with Coinbase, Dragonfly and More

RSS3, a decentralized information streaming protocol, announced the closing of a new round of funding co-led by CoinShares Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Mask Network, HashKey Group, and Fabric Ventures, with participation from Arweave, Dapper Labs, and Avalanche Asia Star Fund. Arweave, Dapper Labs, Avalanche Asia Star Fund, and others participated. RSS3 is a decentralized social and content protocol that returns data, including relationships, content and profiles, to users through built-in commerce, recommendations and storage mechanisms. Previously, the 12th round of RSS3's Gitcoin funding round was open for airdrop tokens. Source

Imperium Empires Closed $2.1 Million Seed Round Led by GBV Capital and Three Arrows Capital

Imperium Empires, an Avalanche on-chain 3A game, announced the closing of a $2.1 million seed funding round co-led by GBV and Three Arrows Capital, with participation from Avalanche Foundation, Avalaunch, CMC Capital and others. Imperium Empires is a third-person MMO space game that embeds NFT burn mechanics within the game to incentivize active resource participation. Source


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