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Crypto Daily Digest - December 27th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - December 27th

The Avalanche Ecosystem Accelerator Colony will open its first airdrop on December 31. TVL on Terra has exceeded $21 billion and currently stands at $21.03 billion. Katana, the Solana Eco-DeFi protocol, announced that the Katana NFT App experience is now live and open for early access. Tokemak|Cadano|Cosmos

Table of Contents
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Terra on TVL over $21 billion

According to DeFi Liama data, TVL on Terra has exceeded $21 billion and currently stands at $21.03 billion. Among them, Anchor ($9.14 billion), Lido ($6.4 billion) and Terraswap ($2.16 billion) are the top three, accounting for 43.4%, 30.4% and 10.2%. Source

Tokemak Opens Voting for $TOKE Staker Consolidated Token Pool

Tokemak has officially announced the start of a new phase (Cycle) of the project. It aims to familiarize $TOKE stakers with the process of voting in the integrated token pool. Similar to the C.o.R.E. voting system, stakers will receive votes on behalf of their staked $TOKE in their wallets, and stakers must assign their $TOKE votes to specific token pools and submit these votes via wallet signatures in order to receive stake rewards. Source

Avalanche Ecosystem Accelerator Colony Released Rules for Airdrop Distribution

The Avalanche Ecosystem Accelerator Colony will open its first airdrop on December 31. This airdrop will cover users of the seed/private sale round, and will continue on a regular basis thereafter, with users continuing to stake $CLY tokens to be eligible for subsequent airdrops. The amount will be calculated based on the duration and number of $CLY tokens staked, with a minimum of 50 $CLY staked for at least 20 days. The snapshot is taken a few hours before the airdrop starts and eligible addresses are considered for whitelisting. Colony provides liquidity for the DeFi protocol, maintains an index of top projects, and validates the network with stake capacity. Source

DeFi Protocol Katana Announced the Launch of the Katana NFT App Experience

Katana, the Solana eco-DeFi protocol, announced that the Katana NFT App experience is now live and open for early access. Users will be able to claim their NFT by connecting their personal wallets on the Katana website, and will reportedly need to deposit assets into Katana's first round of vaults by Friday to be eligible. Source

Cadano Foundation IOHK Plans to Launch DeFi Loan Service in Africa Next Year

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cadano Foundation IOHK, said he will build a financial operating system in the second quarter of 2022 that will give people in Africa access to services such as DeFi loans. Cadano is reported to have signed a partnership agreement with the Tanzanian government during the year to provide social, digital identity and financial empowerment to residents. IOHK had also entered into a partnership with the European University of Business in Luxembourg in August, working to expand educational opportunities for students in African countries. Source


Mega Mutant Serum Sells for 888ETH, the Highest Price in the BACS Series

NFT Mega Mutant Serum recently sold for 888 ETH, valued at approximately $36,141,600,000. This is the highest sale in the Bored Ape Chemistry Club (BACS) series. Sold by CollectiveVision and purchased by tgerring, Bored Ape Chemistry Club consists of 10,000 mutant sera and is a derivative NFT strain of Bored Ape Yacht Club, currently trading at a total of 26,800ETH with a floor price of 10ETH. Source


Finance Startup Tap Send Closed $65 Million in Funding Led by Spark Capital

Tap Send, a fintech startup, announced the closing of a $65 million Series B funding round. The round was led by Spark Capital, with participation from Unbound, Reid Hoffman, Canaan Partners and others. The funds raised will reportedly be used to build a cheap and fast cross-border remittance platform to send money to the most neglected countries in Africa and Asia. Source

Lending Protocol Port Finance Closed $5.3 Million in Financing Led by Alameda Research

Solana Lending Protocol Port Finance announced the closing of a $5.3 million funding round led by Alameda Research with participation from Spartan Capital, Brevan Howard, a41 and others. The funds raised will reportedly be used to provide users with a more secure lending product. In addition, the agreement will expand its fixed-rate loan product to support additional assets and establish a formal DAO organization. port Finance is a lending agreement based on the Solana chain, which includes fixed-income investment products such as variable-rate loans, fixed-rate loans and interest rate swaps. Source

Game Developer Mystic Moose Closed $5 Million Seed Funding Round Led by Animoca Brands

Indie game developer Mystic Moose announced the closing of a $5 million seed funding round and the release of Planet Mojo, a metaverse platform led by Animoca Brands with participation from Courtside Ventures, Republic Crypto, Alameda and others. The funds raised will reportedly be used to further develop Planet Mojo, an alien world-themed metaverse platform featuring PvP and P2E mechanics and augmented reality elements that allow players to explore and compete in a series of interconnected games. Source


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