Crypto Daily Digest - December 28th

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NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin tweeted today that NEAR Protocol on-chain daily number of live accounts has passed 2 million. Binance opened $JOE/$BTC, $JOE/$BUSD and $JOE/$USDT pairs at 19:00 today, and $JOE withdrawals will start at 19:00 BST on December 29. Interest rate swap derivatives trading platform Strips Finance test network is online on its website. ForTube|Polkadot|Mysten Labs


Binance Listed $JOE

Binance opened $JOE/$BTC, $JOE/$BUSD and $JOE/$USDT pairs at 19:00 today, and $JOE withdrawals will start at 19:00 GMT on December 29th. $JOE is the platform coin of TraderJoe, a DEX on Avalanche that offers lending services through BankerJoe. The $JOE token can be used to collect agreement fees and to vote on governance proposals. Source


Interest Rate Swap Derivatives Trading Platform Strips Finance Test Launch Online

Strips Finance, the interest rate swap derivatives trading platform, has launched its beta network on its website and core supporters will be among the first to be invited to try it out.

The weekly report is summarized as follows.

  1. $STRP price declined 25.67% year-over-year, with a market cap of $7.308 million.
  2. The team has released a beta version on Arbitrium Testnet.
  3. The audit with Peckshield is still in progress and has completed testing of smart contracts, logic, front-end and core functionality.
  4. A public trading contest will be held in the future to make the beta front-end available to every user. Source

DeFi Lending Agreement ForTube Announced Launch of New Governance Structure FDAO

DeFi lending protocol ForTube announced the launch of a new governance structure, FDAO, to balance ForTube's revenue sharing, risk taking and governance decisions. The ForTube team will invest $30 million $FOR in the governance pool and will destroy the acquired $FDAO tokens at the launch of the FDAO structure. ForTube fixed in code the traditional financial company's charter, management code, decision-making system and organizational structure with a set of shared rules. It also uses a union curve model to connect all stakeholders in the same way as FDAO architecture. Source

DeFi Real Estate Tokenization Protocol CitaDao Sees First IRO

DeFi protocol CitaDao will see its first IRO (Initial Real Estate On-Chain) in the UK on January 7, 2022, with a real estate value of $20.69 million. After the project minted the real estate deed into an NFT, a pool of ERC-20 tokens will be created underneath this NFT, which investors can buy and enjoy the benefits of the property. Source

Polkadot Storage Project Crust Network Won 21st Kusama Parallel Chain Slot

Crust Network, a Polkadot storage project, has qualified for the 21st Kusama parallel chain slot in the just concluded 19th Kusama auction. Crust Network is reported to have won the auction with a locked-in quantity of $30,026 $KSM. The project provides a decentralized storage network for the Web3 ecosystem, supporting multiple storage layer protocols including IPFS and providing interfaces to the application layer, with the aim of building a decentralized cloud ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership. Source

NEAR Protocol On-chain Daily Live Account Volume Surpasses 2 Million

NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin tweeted that the total number of the NEAR Protocol on-chain daily active accounts has surpassed 2 million. NEAR Protocol is a highly scalable base protocol that ensures fast enough support for DApps on mobile devices while providing developers with important information about DApps. Source


Rock Star Ozzy Osbourne to Release First NFT Collection Cryptobatz

Rock superstar Ozzy Osbourne has announced the release of his first NFT series, Cryptobatz, which consists of 9,666 NFTs. Available in mid-January from Osbourne in association with Sutter Systems, each NFT will offer collectors the opportunity to generate additional variety, i.e., the ability for owners to transform Cryptobatz with other collections into new NFTs for MutantBatz. Ozzy Osbourne is the lead singer of one of the world's greatest metal bands, Black Sabbath, and one of the most recognizable singers in rock history. Source


Web3 Infrastructure Provider Mysten Labs Closed $36 Million in Financing Led by a16z

Mysten Labs, a Web3 infrastructure provider, closed a $36 million round of funding led by a16z with participation from Redpoint, Lightspeed, Coinbase Ventures, and others. The team's co-founders were previously part of Meta's (formerly Facebook) cryptocurrency development team. Their first project, Narwhal, is a high-performance mempool that addresses on-chain scalability issues and can be integrated with any BFT consensus protocol. Its second project, the Move programming language, can be integrated into other networks to improve the utilization of that network. In addition, Mysten Labs is developing a next-generation NFT platform for Metaverse, working on issues such as the ownership and programmability model of NFTs in the Metaverse. Source

Bitcoin Software Developer Galoy Closed $3 Million Seed Funding Round

Bitcoin banking software developer Galoy has closed a $3 million seed funding round led by Craft Ventures with participation from Kingsway Capital, Bitcoiner Ventures and Balaji Srinivasan. The funds raised will reportedly be used to improve its operational efficiency and help expand its bitcoin banking platform and wallet to more communities, businesses and governments. It's open source platform includes a back-end API, mobile wallet, management controls and other features. Source

Sports NFT platform Sportium closed a new round of funding with Animoca Brands and others

Sportium, a sports NFT platform, announced the closing of a new funding round with participation from Animoca Brands and others for an undisclosed amount. The funds raised will reportedly be used to further enhance Sportium's functionality to facilitate participation, trading and earning of sports NFTs. Sportium is a sports NFT platform designed to bring traditional sports into the Metaverse. With this platform, sports and professional leagues can easily enter the crypto space and create fan communities around officially licensed intellectual property (IP). Source



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