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Decentralized organization Gas DAO today issued ERC-20 governance token $GAS. 55% of its total supply will be airdropped into 634,429 eligible Ethereum wallets with at least $1,559 of Gas fees interacting on-chain. Saros Finance launches a decentralized liquidity protocol Saroswap. DeBank announced the closing of a $25 million equity round at a $200 million valuation, led by Sequoia China with participation from Dragonfly, Coinbase Venture and others. BoringDAO|Samourai|Sandbox


Saros Finance Launched a Decentralized Liquidity Protocol Saroswap

Saros Finance, a Solana-based DeFi product incubated by Coin98 Labs that includes an AMM, mining pool and Saros LaunchPad, announced on December 28 the launch of Saroswap, a decentralized liquidity protocol, and introduced the protocol's first trading contest. The contest will award a total of $25,000 USD (SPL) and will run from 01:30 PM, Dec 28, 2021, to 05:00 PM, Jan 25, 2022 (UTC). Details at the link. Source

Bitcoin Wallet Samourai Launched its v0.99.98 Version

Bitcoin wallet Samourai has launched version v0.99.98. The new version allows sending funds to P2TR or Taproot addresses and refines bug fixes, but still fails to generate P2TR addresses to receive transactions. In addition, Samourai has made improvements to the graphical interface of Whirlpool, an in-house tool for mixing bitcoins to provide greater privacy and reduced traceability on the blockchain. Source

BoringDAO has launched oPortal V2.0

BoringDAO, the cross-chain bridge for decentralized assets, has launched oPortal V2.0, an update that provides an easier-to-use cross-chain bridge experience. oPortal allows users to earn $oUSDT through interactions and will be rewarded with $MATIC tokens on first use, according to BoringDAO. In addition, cross-chain bridge interaction fees will be included directly in the treasury, with 50% going to rewarding the $oUSDT pool and the rest to burning $BORING. boringDAO is a DAO-powered cross-chain service provider that offers two main products: the first is for transfers from PoW to EVM chains, called $oToken, and the second is for transfers between EVM chains, called $ oPortal. Source

Gas DAO Airdrops on Active Users of Ethereum

The decentralized organization Gas DAO today launched ERC-20 governance token $GAS. 55% of its total supply will be airdropped to 634,429 eligible Ethereum wallets (with at least $1,559 in Gas fees for on-chain interactions) with the same allocation rules as 0.1 * min(ETH, 7.6) + 0.8 * min(USD, 105000) + 0.1 * min(tx count, 745). In addition, 30% is reserved for the DAO vault and 15% for the 25 core contributors. Gas DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization whose vision is to be the representative of the most active Web3 users on the Ethernet network, connecting the worlds of DeFi, NFT and DApp. Source


Mutant Ape Yacht Club's 7-day Trading Volume Exceeds $72.89 Million

According to NFTGO data, Mutant Ape Yacht Club has over $72.89 million in 7-day trading volume, ahead of CryptoPunks' $44.19 million, and is currently ranked #1 by OpenSea with a floor price of 10.98 ETH. Mutant Ape Yacht Club has assembled 20,000 mutant apes, which can only be created by Exposing existing bored apes to mutant serum or casting in public sales can create such a breed. Source

NFT Project Gutter Cat Gang Announced Gutter Cities to be Built in The Sandbox

NFT project Gutter Cat Gang is teaming up with voxel design studio Blaze Games to build Gutter cities in The Sandbox. Gotter Labs expanded its metaverse activation program by purchasing a 3×3 plot in The Sandbox shortly after the release of the Gotter Cat Gang NFT series. The Gutter Cat Gang is an NFT gang on Ethereum, with mice, pigeons and dogs representing the base members of the gang and cats representing the senior members, with each NFT unlocking different levels of community leadership privileges. Source


DeBank Closed $25 Million in Equity Financing Led by Sequoia China

DeBank announced the closing of a $25 million equity round at a $200 million valuation, led by Sequoia China with participation from Dragonfly, Hash Global, Coinbase Venture,, and others. deBank, a DeFi product portfolio tracker, now supports querying DeFi protocols on 16 blockchains. Source

Ready Player Me Closed $13 Million in Funding

Ready Player Me, a cross-application metaverse platform, announced the closing of a $13 million funding round. The funding round was led by Teleport co-founder Sten Tamkivi and Wise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus, with participation from Github co-founder Tom Preston-Werner and others. The funds raised will reportedly be used to develop tools for gaming companies. Sales of NFT and in-game custom asset avatars will be the goal of subsequent service development. Source

Metaverse Identity Protocol Kudo Money Closed $4 Million Series A Funding Round

Kudo Money, a metaverse identity protocol, announced the closing of a $4 million Series A round of funding at a valuation of $40 million, with participation from AU21 Capital, LD Capital, Bixin Ventures, Labs, and more than 60 other institutions. The funds raised will reportedly be used to create an ecosystem of Web 3.0 products, similar to Unomi and Bitquity, for mainstream crypto adoption. kudo Money is a metaverse identity publishing protocol that changes the way on-chain identity works by introducing a holistic approach to identity in crypto. Source



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