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Crypto Daily Digest - December 31st

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - December 31st

Shiba Inu announces a phased launch of DOGGY DAO and unveils the first phase of DAO 1 (Beta) content, with the first phase planned to focus on empowering the community. NFT horse racing game Zed Run will launch Token and airdrop in Q1 2022. Web 3.0 NFT social network ShowMe goes live on Polygon.

Table of Contents
  1. DeFi
  2. NFT
  3. Fundings


Shiba Inu to Launch DOGGY DAO in Phases

Shiba Inu has announced that it will launch the DOGGY DAO in phases and has announced the first phase of DAO 1 (Beta) content. The first phase will focus on providing the community with the power to determine the crypto projects and trading pairs on the ShibaSwap WOOF pool and how to distribute $BONE rewards among them. Through the new community voting system, users will be able to allocate their votes to their preferred projects while holding $tBone (a staked form of $BONE), a system that avoids developer power entry. Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is an experiment in decentralized community building, and is another meme token similar to Dogecoin. Source

Kava Labs will Launch its Mainnet in January Next Year

DeFi open source non-hosted developer Kava Labs has announced that it will go live on its mainnet on January 20 next year, with details yet to be disclosed. This follows the successful launch of the project's Kava 9 beta testnet on the 16th of this month, with upgrades including IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol) integration, CDPs (Collateralized Debt Positions) + loans for $ATOM holders and the addition of $UST+$LUNA loans and liquidity. safe, reliable and trustworthy assistance. Source

Zed Run to Launch Token and Airdrop in Q1 2022

Zed Run is a fair digital horse racing game based on blockchain technology that allows users to build stables and create their own horses. The project today announced the introduction and airdrop details of the ZED RUN Token, which is intended to be used as a unit of exchange for providing services in the ecosystem and to encourage players to contribute and maintain the ZED ecosystem. Tokens do not have any intrinsic value and are only used to interact with the ecosystem. Airdrops will be allocated to qualified stable owners and NFT (skin/pass/racehorse) holders.

Allocation rules.

  1. number of racehorses owned
  2. type of racehorse owned (i.e. racehorse DNA)
  3. length of ZED RUN NFT ownership Source

Efinity Wins Boca's 6th Parallel Chain Slot Auction

Efinity, the NFT infrastructure public chain, announced that it has won Polkadot's 6th parallel chain slot auction. Efinity led throughout the candle period, eventually winning with a locked-in $7,695,300 DOT. Efinity is an NFT infrastructure public chain built on top of Ethereum and connected to Polkadot for cross-chain implementation. Developers can develop NFT applications on chain, such as an OpenSea-like trading platform, and NFT authoring tools, among others. Source

DeFi Product Platform Vesper Finance Test Loan Pool Hacked

Vesper Finance, the DeFi product platform, tweeted today that the test loan pool was hacked. The attackers depleted the test loan pool of about $1 million in $DAI, $ETH, $WBTC and $USDC by manipulating the prophecy machine. Officials have now disabled the borrowing of all tokens in pool 23, converting the trading pair $VUSD/$USDC to $VUSD/$ETH. Vesper Finance is a DeFi product platform where $VSP holders can vote on proposals and additionally deposit their own tokens to passively accumulate more $VSP. Source

Web 3.0 NFT Social Network ShowMe Goes Live Polygon

ShowMe, the NFT social network, announced today that its official version is now live on Polygon, with five major features including club creation, custom membership cards, emojis, comments, and profile editing. The project also plans to support Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche and other public chains in the near future. Source


Asian Star Jay Chou Shares Phanta Bear NFT on Instagram

Asian star Jay Chou uploaded the Phanta Bear NFT from the project on the social platform Instagram and said that it is the first special gift he received. It is reported that Phanta Bear NFT will be released on Ezek platform on January 1, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Phanta Bear focuses on the image of cool bears, and the series is limited to 10,000 pieces with a unit price of 0.26 $ETH. Source


NFTSCAN Announces $1.5 Million Equity Financing Closing

NFTSCAN, the NFT infrastructure, announced that it has closed a $1.5 million equity round with participation from Mask Network, Cipholio Ventures, SNZ and Antalpha. The funds raised will be used to build the NFTSCAN developer team, further improve development efficiency, promote the development of multi-chain NFT data, and serve more blockchain web developers and the NFT ecosystem. NFTSCAN is a professional NFT browser and data analysis platform that also supports customization of NFT data interfaces. Source

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