Crypto Daily Digest - December 6th

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AlphaX, the derivative product of Alpha Finance Lab, will launch its mainnet on December 8th. PrimeDAO is proposing a collaboration with OlympusDAO. Tempus published a newsletter. Kine | ParagonsDAO | Fragments | Stacked


Blockasset Token Sale

Blockasset is an athlete-verified NFT platform on Solana releasing official and licensed collectibles, artwork, and in-game NFT items.

  • Token: $BLOCK
  • Price: $0.078
  • DAO Maker: 7th of December 12:00 - 8th of December 12:00 UTC, 0.44% of supply Source

Voxies Token Sale on Binance Launchpad

Voxies are 3D NFT collectibles that live and play on Ethereum. There are only 10,000 Voxies in existence and no two Voxies are identical. Users can utilize their Voxies for the game Voxie Tactics. And $VOXEL is the currency inside the Voxie Tactics and will be utilized for all in-game functionality, such as purchasing new weapons, armor, or items to use in the game.

  • Token: $VOXEL
  • Price: 0.2BNB (price in BNB will be determined prior to subscription)
  • Total Tokens Allocated to Binance Launchpad: 30,000,000 VOXEL (10%)
  • Preparation Period: Dec 7th - Dec 14th
  • Subscription Period: Dec 14, 6am - 9am (UTC)
  • Final Token Distribution: Dec 14th, 10am (UTC) Source


AlphaX Mainnet Launches on Avalanche

AlphaX, the derivative product of Alpha Finance Lab, will launch its mainnet on December 8th 14:00 UTC on Avalanche. Source

Kine Protocol Launches on Avalanche

KINE Protocol is a decentralized derivatives trading platform that has been deployed on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. The protocol will launch on Avalanche on December 6th as well. Source

PrimeDAO is Proposing Token Swap to the OlympusDAO Community

PrimeDAO, basically is a decentralized platform offering DAO to DAO 's collaborations services. Is proposing partnership with OlympusDAO and asking for tokenswap of $250k in OHM - in return for 500k Prime Tokens (0.5% supply). Olympus would join Gitcoin and Balancer - who will be partnering with PrimeDAO on similar terms if the proposals pass. They offer a product suite consisting of five parts: Prime Launch, Prime Deals, Proposal Inverter, Prime Rating and Prime Pools. (Previously there were four, now the obviously reconstruct their suite) In return, PrimeDAO will offer their product suite helping OlympusDAO build other partner relationships with kinda like out-sourcing management. The goal is to scale the operational capacity. Source

Katana Is LIVE on Devnet

The Solana hackathon winning project, Katana, went live on December 5 on the Solana developer testnet Devnet and allows for mobile compatibility. Users can now go to to give feedback on problems they encounter. Katana is an yield generator built on Solana, just like Ribbon. It now only has a SOL covered call product. The product's vault accepts SOL deposits and earns yield via an automated SOL covered call strategy. The strategy works by first depositing the underlying SOL on PsyOptions and minting out-of-the-money SOL calls in return. The vault then sells these call options on the corresponding Serum market, earning the option premium as initial yield. If the price of SOL is below the strike price at the time of expiry, the vault earns the full value of the options it sold and can repeat the strategy, compounding its SOL over time. Source

Tempus Announced A Fresh Newsletter Since August

The fixed income protocol Tempus published a newsletter on Medium, which is the second newsletter they have posted since August, telling some latest updates. The paper includes contents as follow:

  • Going live on Goerli testnet
  • Two successful security audits
  • $4m strategic funding round
  • Launch of TEMP governance token via fair launch auction
  • Partnered with Balancer and Alchemist Source


ParagonsDAO Closed $25M Funding Round

ParagonsDAO has announced the closing of a $25 million funding round that included Paradigm, Framework Ventures, Folius Ventures, and a host of angel investors, among others. ParagonsDAO, formerly known as ParallelDAO, is a community of investors, gamers, collectors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The funding is said to be used to create an ecosystem that will better support Parallel's growth. Source

GameFi Protocol Fragments Closed $2.6 Million Token Funding

Fragments Foundation, a foundation related to the video game and software development company Fragcolor, has closed a $2.6 million funding round in its first $FRAG token pre-sale led by Animoca Brands with participation from Outlier Ventures, Sfermion, Lemniscap, and others. Lemniscap and others. The funds raised will be used to expand Fragcolor's distributed game engine, asset shop, and gaming platform. The $FRAG token will reportedly be officially launched next year. Source

Stacked Closed $35 million Series A Funding Round

crypto asset investment platform Stacked has closed a $35 million Series A round of funding led by Mirana Ventures, a partner of Alameda Research, Bybit and BitDAO, with participation from Fidelity International, Strategic Ventures and Jump Capital. Strategic Ventures and Jump Capital, among others, participated in the round. The funding will reportedly be used to expand the team, user growth and marketing of Stacked, a web platform that provides passive investment tools for retail investors interested in crypto assets. According to the company, Stacked has automated over $10 billion worth of transactions for tens of thousands of new investors in 2021. Source


BSC and Animoca Brands Launch $200M GameFi Fund

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Animoca Brands have partnered to launch a $200 million fund. It will be geared towards early-stage backing of blockchain gaming startups. Both companies will invest $100 million each in the investment program that will target short-listed developers building blockchain-based games on the BSC network. Source





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