Crypto Daily Digest - December 7th

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rekt published an article described details about the Sushiswap's scandal, revealed some internal affairs of Sushiswap. We have summarized a little bit for readers as an appetizer. Olympus pro announced Cohort 4 partners. Opensea is about to IPO. Drift | PathDAO | AAG | Nanasen


Heroes Chained Private Round Whitelist Registration

Heroes Chained is a play-to-earn RPG game. $HEC is the in-game currency of the game.

  • Token: $HEC
  • Price: $0.25
  • Allocation: $50,000
  • Registration Period: Dec 4th - Dec 24th Source

AAG Ventures Token Launch Auction

AAG Ventures is the creator of AAG (Achip & Achair Guild), a guild in the Play-to-Earn space. According to the disclosure, the guild has expanded to 7 countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia, Nigeria, and Argentina) and reached 4.7K members in late August 2021. $AGG is the utility token of the guild. Users can use this token as a universal currency for Play-To-Earn (P2E) games and Learn-to-Earn (L2E) applications, to participate in NFT investments, to pay for AAG platform's cloud services, etc.

  • Token: AAG
  • Time: Dec 12 - Dec 15
  • Starting weights: AAG 96%: USDC 4%
  • Platform: Source

PATH Token Launch Auction

PathDAO is a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the growing blockchain metaverse (game + social + NFTs) Now they have cooperated with games like Illuvium, Star Atlas, Axie Infinity, Volcan Forged, League of Kingdoms, Crypto Unicorns and Nine Chronicles and Sipher, etc.

  • Token: PATH
  • Time: Dec 4 - Dec 7
  • Mode: BLBP
  • Starting weights: PATH 93%: USDC 7%
  • Platform: Source


Olympus Pro Introduced Cohort 4 Launch Partners

Olympus Pro revealed yesterday the partners of Cohort 4. The newest Olympus Pro partners are Keep3r Fixed Forex, THORswap, Ichi, Sandclock, Unslashed, and Gelato. Olympus Pro is a service for protocols looking to supplement liquidity mining in their emissions programs with low overhead and maximum impact. Through the bonding service, these protocols accumulate the crucial infrastructural liquidity that they generally service via liquidity mining. Source

Drift Protocol Launch $LUNA Perpetuals

Solana's derivative protocol, Drift Protocol, has now made the Terra native token LUNA available as a perpetual contract product, LUNA Perp, and users can already trade LUNA's perpetual contracts in the Solana on-chain protocol. Source

Dexalot Launches on Avalanche

Dexalot is a decentralized exchange based on Central Limit Order Book. It announced to deploy on Avalanche on Dec 7th. Source


OpenSea Working on IPO

The largest NFT marketplace on Ethereum, OpenSea, announced the hiring of Brian Roberts as its Chief Financial Officer, away from ride-sharing service Lyft. Roberts, who helped Lyft go public as CFO, said he’s already planning the NFT marketplace’s IPO. Source

Nansen 30 Over 30

"Nansen 30 Over 30" features 30 iconic NFTs sold for over 30 ETH in 2021. Below you'll find the complete list of NFTs with some fun facts on each piece, including:

  • who bought/sold/minted it?
  • why is this particular piece interesting?
  • what makes this collection unique?

And more.

The featured NFTs include but are not limited into CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Meebits, Beeple's artcraft, Loot Bag, DeafBeef, Artblocks, Pudgy Penguins, Axie Infinity, BAYC, Vox, Sandbox, ENS name, Cool Cats, etc. Source


LABEL Announced Strategic Investment from Solanium

LABEL Foundation has managed to establish a collaboration with Solanium Ventures, as LABEL secured a strategic investment from one of the largest Solana-based DeFi platforms. LABEL is an NFT infrastructure with a permissionless P2P incubating platform to invest in world-class IP rights. Source


  • Sushiswap infighting details, 0xMaki slandered? Source
  1. 0xMaki was forced to step down (91% of core developers favor his stepping down)
  2. the formation of a new internal force with core members: Joseph Delong, Omakase, Keno and Rachel (JORK for short)
  3. After stepping down, JOKR became very extravagant
  4. BitDAO event: BitDAO insists on giving 2.6% bonus to Sushi core team after MISO launch
  5. 0xMaki wanted the rewards to be distributed to xSushi's coin holders, and the core team eventually agreed with 0xMaki on a 50/50 basis
  6. However, the rewards were not eventually distributed to the real xSushi holders (claimed to be locked in some contract for legal reasons)
  7. 0xMaki was vilified (supposedly by Rachel) for claiming that some members of the core team (the JORK faction) were allocated more rewards, when his real proposal was to give the entire bonus to xSushi's coin holders
  8. Delong, Rachel and others have been dissatisfied with many people within the team
  9. Omakase privately diverted team funds to his own private account (diverted money from BitDAO MISO sales without notice and permission)
  10. AG was fired for disclosing some information about internal struggles (Nov. 25)
  11. Delong has officially released the following story detail: Source
  • Concave team's analysis of KratosDAO Source
  • In-depth explanation of DeHorizon, the Disney of the Crypto world? Source



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