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pStake public sale to take place on CoinList. The notorious Joseph Delong resigned from Sushiswap. Paradigm announced a new tookitst for Ethereum called Foundry. Tokemak ignite the $VISOR pools. Inb0x | Illuvium | Everland | Angel Protocol | Kickstarter | Zeta | Voltz


$PSTAKE Public Sale to Take Place on CoinList Rocket

The liquidity collateral protocol pStake Finance will be available for public sale on Coinlist between 16 December and 22 December and registration is currently open. Details of the offering are as follows.

  • Supply: 25 million $PSTAKE.
  • Price: $0.40
  • Lock-up: 25% unlocked on 25 January 2022, with the remaining 75% unlocked linearly over the next 6 months. Source

Unbound Announced IDO on Red Kite

Unbound Finance is a new liquidity-backed lending protocol, targeted towards improving the overall capital efficiency of the DeFi space. The platform enables its users to leverage their otherwise idle DeFi assets (LPTs) to borrow perpetual crypto loans in the form of synthetic assets including UND stablecoin and uETH. $UNB is the native governance token of Unbound Finance.

  • Token: $UNB
  • Time: Dec 13 Source


Parellel Introduced Inb0x, An End-to-end Messages App to Wallets

NFT Sci-Fi project Parallel introduced a crypted messaging app called Inb0x. It said that the Inb0x is an end-to-end encrypted communication between wallets, secured by your Ethereum address. A service for anyone to send and receive messages to any wallet, using their ENS or 0x address. Till now, Inb0x beta currently only supports MetaMask hot wallets. Additional platforms and features coming in future updates: Source

Joseph Delong Has Resigned from SushiSwap (Former CTO)

SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong tweeted that he has resigned from the decentralised exchange, effective immediately. He also said he wished Sushi all the best but was saddened by the chaos within Sushi's internal structure. He hopes that the community will come together to find an effective solution. Joseph Delong has now changed his Twitter profile to former SushiSwap CTO. Joseph Delong previously posted a response to community questions about SushiSwap's over-centralised management and said that he would leave SushiSwap if he could not get management access and a satisfactory salary. Source

Foundry, Portable Toolskit For Ethereum

Paradigm's CTO&research's partner Georgios Konstantopoulos (twitter:@gakonst) announced an Ethereum portable and fast developing toolkit called Foundry. According to his tweets, Foundry is a portable, fast and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development. Foundry is a reimplementation of the testing framework Dapptools, written in Rust to be blazing fast, easy to install, and friendly to a wider set of contributors. Source

Illuvium Epoch 4 Council Election Has Closed and Posted Novembers Updates

RPG Ethereum game Illuvium just closed the Epoch 4 council election on Dec 9. The new members are: Jeff (Polemos), Sascha (Polemos), DicKingz (illuvimod), Santiago RS and Kieran (founder). We can easily notice that two of them are from Polemos, one of the partnered guilds Illvium cooperated with. The guild closed a $2 million financing round on November 22nd, 2021, with participation from Delphi Digital and Framework Ventures. Source

Tokemak Ignites Visor Token Reactor

LaaS liquidity services protocol Tokemak officially launched its Visor pool three weeks after the second round of C.o.R.E. voting, and the pool has already attracted approximately $5 million worth of $VISOR and $3.6 million of $TOKE. The current annualized yield is approximately 50%. Source

Lending Protocol Everland Litepaper

Everlend is a lending and borrowing aggregator that is integrated with all major money markets on Solana. Rebalancing and Refinancing algorithms, which are the two main driving forces of the protocol, automatically move deposits and/or loans to ensure the best performance for each position. Everlend is created by Attic Lab and incubated by Delphi Digital. Source

Angel Protocol’s Token Design By Delphi Digital

Angel allows charities to receive donations via perpetual endowment accounts. These accounts allow donations to compound over time, generating interest to “eternally” contribute. With Angel, Charities can create endowments that are subject to governance by charity-level DAOs as well as the Angel DANO (Decentralized Autonomous Non-profit Organisation). The Charity DAO will be governed by HALO holders who stake into it. Each charity has a bonding curve that users can stake HALO tokens into and mint Charity Shares Angel Protocol will be conducting their LBP on Astroport on 19 December. Source

Kickstarter Goes into Web3

Kickstarter was one of the web2 fundraising platforms. It works like this: Someone has an idea but they need money to make it a reality. If people want the idea to become reality, they can pledge money to it—typically in exchange for an eventual version of the product and some bonus goodies. Now he crowdfunding platform is creating a new organization tasked with building a blockchain-based version of its platform. The new organization, which does not yet have a name, should begin developing the platform early next year. Kickstarter plans to switch over to the new platform when the protocol is ready; it's aiming for 2022, per reporting from Bloomberg. Source


Christie's x Opensea Auction Closes at $3.6 Million

The Christie's x Opensea on-chain NFT auction held on Dec. 4-7 at Opensea, closing with a total of 843 ETH (approx. $3.6m). The auction featured 23 unique NFTs, amoung them, the top sell is CyberKongz #021 at 185 ETH($793,439). CyberKongz #46 was also sold in good price of 96.6 ETH($414,304). All proceeds go straight to supporting Virunga National Park, helping 1/3rd of the world's endangered mountain gorillas. Additional sale highlights included fRiENDSiES 00001 by artist Friends With You, which sold for 96.9 ETH (US$415,591) RECUR’s Pure White Zero Pass sold for 96 ETH (over $420K) and 3LAU’s WAVEFORM – powered by Royal – totaling 77 ETH (US$330,242). The sale of this 1/1 song granted 100% of its rights to the buyer, it was no surprise that it resold via OpenSea secondaries only hours later for 127 ETH ($547,331). Source


DeFi Derivatives Trading Platform Zeta Closed $8.5 Million Funding Round

DeFi derivatives trading platform Zeta has closed an $8.5 million round of funding led by Jump Capital with participation from Race Capital, Electric Capital, Alameda Research and others. The funds raised will reportedly be used to accelerate the development and growth of Zeta Markets, launch community rewards to encourage portfolio consolidation, and add key strategic and market-making partners. Source

Voltz Announces $6 million Seed Funding Round

Voltz, an automated market maker protocol, has announced a $6 million funding round led by Framework Ventures with participation from Fabric Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Wintermute and others. Voltz uses a virtual AMM (vAMM) with centralised liquidity for price discovery only, with the management of the underlying assets executed by a margin engine. The combined impact of these modules means that counterparties can create and trade both fixed and floating rates through a mechanism that significantly increases the efficiency of capital usage. Source


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