Crypto Daily Digest - February 18th

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Helium, a decentralized wireless network, closed a $200 million Series D round at a $1.2 billion valuation with participation from Tiger Global and FTX Ventures.


  • Ribbon comes to Solana and has partnered with Option Protocol Zeta to launch SOL Vaults. Source
  • deBridge announced the launch of its mainnet. Source
  • Web3 information infrastructure protocol RSS3 was deployed on Avalanche. Source
  • iZumi Finance launches revolutionary DAO with veNFT governance based on quadratic voting. Source
  • 0x passed ZEIP-93 vote to add NFT order functionality to 0x V4 Protocol. Source
  • RSS3 will test flight the DAO governance to deal with unsold tokens. Source
  • Poly Network announced support for the zkSync network. Source
  • Ukrainian parliament passes law to legalize cryptocurrencies. Source
  • IDO platform Locke Protocol announces upcoming launch. Source
  • BitTorrent chain transaction failures recorded as browser glitches, now restored. Source
  • $ETH number of receiving addresses reached a 6-month low of 12,285.095. Source
  • Binance Staking will launch $GLMR staking activities soon. Source
  • Retrograde core team releases proposal in Anchor Protocol community for $veANC token economics. Source
  • Biden seen issuing crypto oversight exec order next week. Source
  • DAO framework builder Moloch launches V3 at ETHDenver. Source
  • defi.eth bought for 40.0 ETH on OpenSea. Source
  • Polkadot ecosystem project Acala's staking is coming soon. Source
  • Algorand Foundation announces $10m grant focused on EVM compatibility as Algorand adoption accelerates. Source


  • Nifty Gateway launches NFT advisory program for institutions and larger collectors. Source
  • Universal Music Group is partnering with NFT platform Curio to develop NFT product. Source
  • NFT marketplace aggregator Gem dds sweep mode. Source
  • StarkNet-based NFT trading marketplace oasis launched in beta. Source
  • The UFC Strike Marketplace is now open. Source
  • Binance NFT platform will ship Seascape Zombies v Humans NFT blind boxes. Source
  • Doodles will release Space Doodle NFT on February 28th. Source


  • Decentralized telecommunications network Helium closed $200m series D funding round. Source
  • Binance Labs announces strategic investment in Symbiosis Finance. Source
  • Sequoia Capital will launch $500-600m cryptocurrency fund to invest in tokens. Source
  • Ref Finance closed $4.8m in financing led by Jump Crypto. Source
  • Multis has closed a $7m round of funding led by Sequoia Capital. Source
  • Animoca Brands acquires indie game developer Grease Monkey Games. Source
  • The Graph announces launch of $205m ecosystem fund. Source
  • Gemie raised $3.8m in funding led by Shima Capital, Soul Capital and Kenetic Capital. Source
  • Circle valued at $9B in new transaction terms agreed with Concord Acquisition Corp. Source

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