Crypto Daily Digest - February 22nd

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According to a new report by Forbes reporter Laura Shin, the suspected hacker who attacked the Ethereum 'The DAO' project in 2016, ultimately causing a hard fork of Ethereum into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic and stealing 3.6 million ETH (now worth about $10 billion) is TenX founder Toby Hoenisch.


  • The hacker of The DAO 3.6m ETH stolen is suspected to be the TenX founder Toby Hoenisch. Source
  • FTX announces a new IEO program to open on March 8: IndiGG (INDI). Source
  • Russia's Ministry of Finance is pushing forward with its plan to regulate cryptocurrencies in the country. Source
  • PUMA has changed the name of its Twitter account to PUMA.eth, suggesting that PUMA is moving further into crypto space. Source
  • The Mangata X Crowdloan started on February 22nd at 15:00 UTC. Source
  • California lawmaker files bill to let state agencies accept Bitcoin. Source
  • AssangeDAO core members have released two proposals for voting on differences in the direction of the community. Source
  • The decentralized NFT market maker FloorDAO will be launching its LBP Fair Launch via Copper. Source
  • Structured Product Ribbon has updated its community recommendation on RGP-9 proposal. Source
  • Argentinian finance minister plans to raise crypto taxes. Source
  • Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) sent the tweets from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Kraken CEO Jesse Powell to the Canadian police. Source
  • zkSync's team announces the launch of zkEVM, the zkSync 2.0 public testnet. Source
  • The stock exchange of Thailand plans to launch digital asset exchange this year. Source
  • Polkadot parachain Astar Network announced the launch of its incubation program. Source
  • Tempus launches on Fantom. Source
  • Flashbots Product Manager Robert Miller announced that MEV-Explore v1, the MEV browser, is now live. Source
  • DeFi research firm Revert Finance has released a tool called Initiator to help DeFi users initiate LP positions on AMM protocol. Source
  • Andre Cronje added a project page called zkftm to his Github page, described as "Building infinitely scalable DApps". Source
  • AC adds zkftm page to its Github page, or prepares to develop a new DApp. Source
  • Solana-based decentralized derivatives trading platform 01 announces support for $UST as collateral. Source
  • NearPad partners Bluebit to enhance yield opportunities on Aurora. Source
  • Gear Technologies has partnered with SUPERCOLONY. Source
  • Ontology blockchain will upgrade its mainnet at 8.00 UTC, Feb 28. Source
  • Terra credit lending protocol MARS Protocol opens lockdrop airdrop $MARS tokens. Source
  • Blockchain game studio Gala Games will launch GYRI, its self-developed "P2E Games Only" mainnet. Source


  • OpenSea tweeted that it has now ruled out the possibility that the contract migration tool is an attack vector and that the migration is safe. Source
  • NFT project BOOMGALA purchased The Sandbox 12×12 land for 777ETH. Source
  • Asset allocation governance group PieDAO releases proposal to establish NFT closed-end investment fund. Source
  • Solana on-chain NFT marketplace Magic Eden to airdrop NFTs for active wallets. Source
  • NFT gaming guild UniX Gaming opened a studio and developed the first P2E game. Source
  • NFT project CatBlox will release a co-branded NFT with PUMA. Source


  • Amber Group, a crypto financial services provider, closed a $200 million Series B+ round of funding at a $3 billion valuation, led by Temasek. Source
  • African Web3 startup Jambo has closed a $7.5 million seed round with participation from Coinbase Ventures and others. Source
  • Solana-based pixel art NFT metaverse Chillchat closed a $1.85 million seed funding round, valuing it at $10 million. Source
  • MMO strategy game Heroes of Mavia closed a $2.5 million strategic funding round led by Source
  • DeFi platform Voltage Finance closed $3.4 million funding round with Spark Capital and others. Source
  • Corite raises $6.2m in funding ahead of Blockchain platform launch. Source
  • London Stock Exchange to acquire Tora for $325 million. Source
  • Backed VC firm raises $169.7M to invest in tech entrepreneurs in Europe. Source


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