Crypto Daily Digest - February 23rd

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Solidex, a yield aggregator on Fantom, opens the liquidity staking rewards on February 24 at 12:00am UTC. Users can earn $SOLID and $SEX by staking Solidly LP Token on Solidex.


  • Yield aggregator Solidex opens liquidity staking. Source
  • Polygon announced the launch of Finity, a UI/UX solution for Web3 projects. Source
  • The Coinbase Wallet extension now supports the hardware wallet Ledger. Source
  • Brazilian Senate Committee preliminary approved proposal establish ground rules for crypto. Source
  • The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced that it had discovered and terminated 13 cryptocurrency mining operations. Source
  •, a multichain order book DEX, announces that it will be launching on Arbitrum and plans to launch Alpha testnet on Arbitrum. Source
  • Decentralized trading platform Hashflow has posted that the team is adding a Chain-weighted structure as the network is now running multi-chain. Source
  • $Web3Memes on BSC manufactured rugpull, developer takes out 625 $BNB. Source
  • Firefly, the decentralized derivatives exchange on Polkadot, announced the launch of its final beta test, which is now open for registration. Source
  • Lyra has announced a partnership with digital asset payment provider Banxa that will allow users to purchase ETH in fiat currency directly on Optimism. Source
  • On-chain options protocol Charm launches Alpha Passive, a passive investment vehicle. Source
  • 40 million $USDT were transferred from the Bitfinex exchange address starting with 0x876eab to the Tether Treasury. Source
  • Magic Eden, the Solana on-chain NFT marketplace, announced the launch of MagicDAO. Source
  • Ethereum Layer 2 protocol Aventus Network Plans to participate on Polkadot parachain auctions with financial backing from Scytale Ventures. Source
  • Decentralized content distribution protocol RSS3's DAO governance voting for Genesis RSS3 Avatar NFT Minters will open at 0:00 a.m. UTC on February 26. Source
  • JPMorgan senior blockchain executive Christine Moy to leave firm. Source
  • The Flurry Finance exploitation has been exploited and the related contract has been paused. Source
  • MuesliSwap is releasing an AMM DEX on Milkomeda sidechain. Source
  • Acardex Protocol will launch its Cardano-based DEX and NFT platforms. Source
  • Tendermint, the Cosmos development team, has announced a name change to Ignite. Source
  • Web3 browser Opera announces integration with Layer2 exchange DeversiFi. Source


  • Secret Network development team SCRT Labs will launch Legendao, a "Mint to Earn" NFT platform. Source
  • There’s a Vending Machine in New York City Selling Solana NFTs. Source
  • NFT marketplace, Mintable, is now sending 3 NFTs that were stolen in a recent OpenSea exploit, back to their rightful owners. Source
  • Warner Music Group announces partnership with blockchain gaming developer Splinterlands. Source


  • Marginfi, a DeFi margining protocol on Solana, closed a $3 million round of funding led by Multicoin Capital and Pantera Capital. Source
  • Web3 startup Fast Break Labs closed $6 million seed funding round led by Patron and Pantera Capital. Source
  • Cradles, a metaverse blockchain game, has closed a $5 million private funding round led by Animoca Brands. Source
  • Ren Labs closed $7.5 million in funding with Multicoin Capital and others. Source
  • Singapore-based nonprofit Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) closed a $1 billion round of funding through an OTC sale of LUNA, led by Jump Crypto and Three Arrows Capital. Source
  • Zebec Protocol, a Solana ecosystem cash stream protocol, closed a $15 million private round led by Solana Ventures and Distributed Global. Source
  • DeFi derivatives protocol DeSyn Protocol closed the second round of funding of over $5 million with participation from TPS Capital, OKX Blockdream Ventures, MEXC, TokenInsight Research, etc. Source
  • Digital asset broker tZERO closed strategic funding round led by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Source
  • Brazilian crypto exchange Foxbit closed $21 million series A round led by OK Group. Source
  • Web3 social protocol Atem Network closed $3 million seed round. Source



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