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Crypto Daily Digest - January 10th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - January 10th

MeanFi, a self-custody, permissionless & trustless web3 banking application, announced that it will soon open an airdrop, after which users can visit its website to receive $MEAN. Binance launched Alchemy Pay ($ACH) and Immutable X ($IMX). Withdrawals of $ACH and $IMX will open at 2022-01-11 10:00 (UTC). OlympusDAO went live with V2 Bonds on January 9 with two main updates: Auto-staking and Flexible Vesting. Platypus|Avalanche|Multichain

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Binance Launched $ACH and $IMX

Binance launched Alchemy Pay ($ACH) and Immutable X ($IMX) and opened for trading at 2022-01-10 10:00 (UTC). Withdrawals of $ACH and $IMX will open at 2022-01-11 10:00 (UTC). Alchemy Pay is a payment system focused on retail transactions at the Point-of-Sale and peer-to-peer remittance. Users can make payments in fiat, stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies on traditional payment systems. $ACH is the platform utility token and is used to incentivize the adoption of the platform and settlement of payments through cryptocurrencies. Immutable X is an Ethernet Layer-2 scaling solution developed for the NFT ecosystem. $IMX is its native governance token that can be staked to receive protocol revenue. Source

MeanFi Upcoming Airdrop

MeanFi, a self-custody, permissionless & trustless web3 banking application, announced that it will soon open an airdrop, after which users can visit its website to receive $MEAN. The total amount is 10 million. The rules for allocating the airdrop are 30% for early investors, 30% for qualified users, 20% for community participation, and 20% for partners. It is also reported that users can stake through Orca and Raydium to get a yield of almost 200%. Source

OlympusDAO Launched OHM V2 Bond

OlympusDAO went live with V2 Bonds on January 9 with two main updates.

  1. Auto-staking. Bonds now auto-stake fully and user's balance is locked for the duration of the bond. This means that the bonds no longer vest linearly and users will earn the discount and the rebase rewards for the full duration of the bond with one click, and save time as well as Gas fees.

  2. Flexible Vesting. V2 will introduce Fixed-Term and Fixed-Expiration Bonds and have multiple different vesting terms as opposed to V1, which were all held for 5 days. Further, users will be able to hold multiple types of bonds for the same assets in V2 (for example, you can now hold a 3-day and 60-day DAI bond). Source

Platypus to Launch Beta Version

Platypus's beta launch on the Avalanche network on 14 Jan 2022 9am UTC. Several improvements are as follows.

  1. Platypus will remove the US$10m liquidity pool cap from the alpha launch. Investors can now provide as much liquidity as they can to begin earning interest and rewards
  2. Liquidity mining will become available. The accepted stablecoins are USDT.e, USDC.e, DAI.e, and MIM.
    • Liquidity providers will earn PTP from our Base Pool by depositing any of the four listed stablecoins (for now).
    • Staking PTP will also enable liquidity providers to receive rewards from our Boosting Pool via vePTP mechanism. Source

Avalanche Now Supports Fiat Aggregator Transak

Avalanche now supports Transak, a fiat currency aggregator that allows users to use $USD in the Avalanche C chain. Transak is a fiat currency aggregator that simplifies the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, allowing mainstream users and businesses to access crypto and blockchain. Source

Tranchess to Launch BNB Fund Soon

Asset management platform Tranchess has announced plans to launch a BNB fund in January 2022 and will be a validator on BSC. Users through Tranchess are said to be able to create Tranchess native tokens $QUEEN, $BISHOP and $ROOK to enhance yield returns using preferred tracking of underlying assets. Tranchess is a tokenized asset management and derivatives trading protocol inspired by tiered funds that cater to different levels of investors with different risk appetites. Source

Multichain is Integrated with Coinbase Wallet

The cross-chain routing protocol Multichain (formerly Anyswap) is now integrated with Coinbase Wallet, allowing users to cross-chain mainstream assets between Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon and xDAI via Coinbase Wallet. Multichain currently supports a variety of wallets including MetaMask, OKEx, Coin98, BitKeep, and Coinbase Wallet. Source

BSC Launches Fourth Round of Most Valuable Builder Program

Binance announced that BSC launched the fourth round of the most valuable builder program. It is reported that this round will focus on the application of high-performance infrastructure, NFT, GameFi and DeFi, and comprehensively evaluate the project performance from multiple dimensions such as demand, core indicators and security. The planned time is from January to April 2022.

It is reported that this round is divided into three stages. The first stage is the project registration stage (January—April), the second stage is the monthly star selection stage (January—March). BSC will evaluate the participating projects every month according to the project design, innovation and team, and select the winners as the monthly stars of the builder's plan. The third stage is the final selection (April). Source


Phanta Bear Floor Price has Reached 6.45ETH

According to OpenSea data, the floor price of Phanta Bear, an NFT project previously backed by Jay Chou, has reached 6.45ETH (about RMB 129,000). The price has increased by nearly 2,400% ringgit compared to when it was publicly minted. Phanta Bear focuses on cool bear images, and the series is limited to 10,000 pieces with a unit price of 0.26ETH. Source


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