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Ultrarun manufacturer Lamborghini issued a document announcing that it will launch NFT of Space Key Series. MetaMask announced the launch of the MetaMask Flask version. It is reported that this version is a developer-focused distribution of MetaMask for experimenting with their most cutting-edge features. OlympusDAO announced the establishment of a new partnership with Balancer Labs. Coinbase|Hubble| Bribe


MetaMask Announced the Launch of MetaMask Flask

The crypto wallet, MetaMask announced the launch of the MetaMask Flask version. It is reported that this version is a developer-focused distribution of MetaMask for experimenting with their most cutting-edge features. "Snaps" is the first feature to be released through Flask. It allows developers to expand the functionality of MetaMask at runtime. The Snaps system basically consists of two things: An isolated environment for untrusted code to be run within the wallet with limited permissions;APIs for websites and MetaMask to communicate with these individual "Snaps". Source

Bribe Plans Token Distribution through LBP on CopperLaunch

DeFi governance platform Bribe plans to distribute tokens through LBP on CopperLaunch. Users will be able to purchase its native token $BRIBE through an LBP (Liquidity Boot Pool) allocation on TBD. It is reported that the total supply of tokens for this allocation is 100 million, with a trading pair of $BRIBE/$USDC. The initial weight is $BRIBE 98%: $USDC 2%. The final weight is $BRIBE 50%: $USDC 50%. The starting price of LBP is $8.19. Bribe creates DAO infrastructure tooling to incentivize protocol participation. Depositors stake their governance tokens in the Bribe pool to earn income. Bidders borrow the staked votes to support or reject governance proposals. Source

Coinbase Partnered with Payment Giant Mastercard

Cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has announced a partnership with MasterCard. It aimed at simplifying the process of buying NFTs for users, and bringing more people into the NFTs community. It is reported that Mastercard users will be able to purchase NFTs directly through Mastercard on Coinbase's upcoming NFT platform. Mastercard is one of the six largest international credit card organizations which serves consumers, governments and merchants in over 210 countries and territories. Source

OlympusDAO Announced New Partnership with Balancer Labs

OlympusDAO, an algorithm stable currency protocol, announced a new partnership with Balancer Labs. It is reported that both sides will add liquidity management and guidance to the economic model with the support of Copper Launch and PrimeDAO. OlympusDAO is an algorithmic stable currency protocol, which subverts the traditional defi liquidity model by using the concept of protocol control value and its innovative binding mechanism. Source

Coinbase Will List Stacks ($STX)

Smart contract platform based on Bitcoin, Stacks' bative token $STX will be launched on Coinbase soon. At present, the deposit has been opened. If the liquidity conditions are met, the transaction will begin at or after 1 a.m. Beijing time on January 20. It is reported that when $STX / $USD has sufficient asset supply on the platform, $STX / $USDT and $STX / $EUR order books will start the auction mode in stages. Source


Lamborghini Announced the Launch of the Space Key Series NFT

Ultrarun manufacturer Lamborghini issued a document announcing that it will launch NFT of Space Key Series. Holders will be able to access their NFT by scanning the QR code on the back of the Space Key. Its physical object is space themed and made by carbon fiber composites. It is reported that Lamborghini sent the samples to the international space station as part of the joint venture research in 2019. After returning from space, the composite was made into a part of the Space Key. Full details of the project will be announced in the coming weeks, including the identity of the artist and auction information. Source

GUCCI will Launch SUPERGUCCI Collection NFT on February 1

Luxury brand GUCCI will launch the NFT of supergucci series through GUCCI vault on February 1. The first 10 NFTs were jointly created by superplastic. It is reported that supergucci is a super limited NFT series collection, which is composed of three parts. It is jointly created by Alessandro Michele, creative director of GUCCI, synthetic artists janky and guggimon. Source


Metaplex Foundation Closed $46 Million in Financing Led by Multicoin Capital and Jump Crypto

Metaplex Foundation, the developer of Solana-based NFT protocol Metaplex, has raised $46 million funding round led by Multicoin Capital and Jump Crypto, with participation from Solana Ventures, Alameda Research and Animoca Brands. Individual investors include basketball player Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, American rapper Snoop Dogg and others. The funding round was realized via a simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT) sale, which will be used to support projects to create new development tools based on the Metaplex protocol. The protocol aims to help users build their own NFT marketplace on Solana. It is reported that Metaplex Foundation will launch a native governance token $META. Source

Hubble Protocol Closed $10 Million in Financing with Three Arrows Capital and Others

Hubble Protocol, a Solana-based DeFi protocol, has closed a $10 million round of funding with participation from Three Arrows Capital, Jump Capital, ParaFi, Mechanism Capital and others. The raised funds will be used to expand the team and develop DeFi products. Hubble is reportedly expected to launch its mainnet on January 28 and will launch its zero-percent lending platform, where users can stake the platform's native token $HBB to mint stablecoin $USDH. In addition, the protocol will conduct its IDO on SolRazr, Solanium, and DAO Maker from January 20 to January 26. Source

Gaming Guild Ancient8 Closed $4 Million Funding Round Led by Dragonfly Capital and Others

Vietnam-based gaming guild Ancient8 closed a $4 million round of funding led by Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital, and Hashed. The raised funds will be used to form a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for further building the community around P2E games. Source

GameFi Protocol PlotX Closed $5 Million Series Pre-A Funding Round

GameFi protocol PlotX closed a $5 million Pre-A round of funding led by Polygon and Hashed, with participation from Animoca Brands, Alpha Wave Global and others. PlotX will reportedly launch a Play2Earn version to complement its current Predict2Win games. In addition, the deal will launch a new pledge program to reward its community through bPLOT and $MATIC tokens. PlotX is an "X"-2-Earn GameFi ecosystem on Polygon where users can predict the outcome of real-world events and earn rewards. Source


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