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Crypto Daily Digest - January 24th

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Crypto Daily Digest - January 24th

According to DeFiLlama, Fantom on-chain TVL has reached $12.25 billion, surpassing BSC's TVL ($11.9 billion). Fantom has currently become the third largest DeFi public chain in terms of Total Value Locked. The first DEX Sonic on the Dfinity Internet computer is now online.

Table of Contents
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  3. Fundings


Opyn Will Launch its First Squeeth Strategy

Decentralized options platform Opyn announced that it will launch its first Squeeth strategy, called 'The Crab' strategy on January 25. The strategy is actually a variation of the Gamma Scalping strategy for situations where market prices are moving sideways but volatility is low. The strategy has been packaged into a structured product and smart contracted. It can automatically handle deposits, withdrawals and adjust its internal ratio of long Squeeth contracts to ETH spot collateral for creatation of a risk-neutral exposure to ETH price movement risk. Squeeth, an ETH power perpetual contract developed by Opyn, has been officially launched on Ethereum mainnet on January 11. Source

Fantom TVL surpassed BSC

According to DeFiLlama, Fantom on-chain TVL has reached $12.25 billion, surpassing BSC's TVL ($11.9 billion). Fantom has currently become the third largest DeFi public chain in terms of Total Value Locked. Source

The First DEX Sonic on the Dfinity Internet Computer is Now Online

The first DEX Sonic on the Dfinity Internet computer is now online. Sonic operates based on an automatic market maker without gas fee. Users do not need to pay gas fees for transactions, but payment to liquidity providers. It is reported that Sonic V2 will release Token Launchpad, DAO tool and $SONIC token. Among which Token Launchpad will allow users to create and configure customized DIP20 tokens. In addition, 5% of the $SONIC token supply will be used for public sale, 20% will be allocated to the team (4-year attribution period), and 75% will be used for airdrop, liquidity incentive and ecosystem fund. Source

Allbridge Joint Aurora Based DEX AuroraSwap Launched a New Cross Chain Bridge for $SOL

Cross chain bridge Allbridge and Aurora based DEX AuroraSwap announced to jointly launch a new cross chain bridge of $SOL, which will support the cross chain of $SOL assets to Aurora ecosystem. Allbridge is an asset cross chain bridge, which aims to establish a simple and reliable way to transfer assets between blockchains. Source

HectorDAO 2022 Ecological Expansion Plan

HectorDAO, the OlympusDAO fork on Fantom, has announced plans for ecological expansion in 2022, with the launch of an NFT marketplace, the Hector Swap platform and a P2E game, as well as an open-rate protocol for lending services to users. Hector is a decentralized protocol built on Fantom based on $HEC tokens. Source

Iron Bank Tokens Were Launched on Fantom Opera

Iron Bank tokens were launched on Fantom Opera on January 22 BST. Users will be able to get access to Iron Bank marketplace on and get $IB token rewards. In addition, the project has added the $UST, $FRAX and $TUSD markets to Fantom Iron Bank. By providing assets to selected markets on Fantom Iron Bank, or adding $FTM/$IB liquidity on Spookyswap, the first $IB reward program will last for two weeks, from January 22 to February 4. Fantom Iron Bank markets eligible for $IB token rewards include $WFTM, $ETH, $BTC, $USDC, $DAI, $fUSDT, $MIM, $FRAX, $TUSD, $UST, $YFI. Source

Olympus12 Action Plan

OlympusDAO launched the Olympus12 Action Plan to build a strong ecosystem around the Web3 native reserve currency ($OHM) over the next 12 months. The Olympus12 Action Plan includes token supply management, quantifying the value proposition of Olympus, decentralizing operations to improve censorship-resistance, and more. Source


Ezek Will Airdrop a New Series of NFT for PhantaBear NFT Holders

Digital entertainment platform Ezek will airdrop a new series of NFT to PhantaBear NFT holders. The airdrop snapshot ended on January 24 at 4:00 UTC. PhantaBear NFT holders are expected to receive the airdrop NFT cover box before Chinese New Year. And the airdrop will be revealed after Chinese New Year. Ezek collaborated with Jay Chou's trendy fashion brand PHANTACi to launch PhantaBear NFT. Source


Heroes of Mavia Closed $5.5 Million Seed Funding Round Led by Binance Labs

P2E chain game Heroes of Mavia announced the completion of $5.5 million seed round financing, led by Binance Labs and participated by Yield Guild Games (YGG), Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, etc. The raised funds will be used to add new gaming features, develop communities and expand brand influence. Heroes of Mavia is a P2E MMO strategy game, which allows players to purchase land, establish bases and confront other players. The mission of the game is to obtain its main token $RUBY in the game. Source

Metastrike Closed $3.3 Million in Private Financing

Shooting P2E game Metastrike closed $3.3 million in private financing with participation from GD10 Ventures, Jump Capital, Kucoin Labs and others. The game will launch with two utility tokens. One of the tokens with a maximum supply of 565 millions, $MTS serves as an in-game token that can be used to participate in games, purchase NFTs, stake or participate in voting. The other token, $MTT, has uncapped quantities and is primarily used as a game reward token that can be used to upgrade players' weapons, participate in special events, and has a burn mechanism. The game is reportedly scheduled to launch token $MTS in the first quarter of 2022, and will also release its closed beta and first NFT sales. Source

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