Crypto Daily Digest - January 25th

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The blockchain game Illuvium opened the pre registration channel of Autobettler Private Beta 1. Boba Network announced that it will launch a "WAGMI" incentive program for Boba Network builders in partnership with UMA Protocol on February 1st. Gucci will launch 10 "SuperGucci" NFTs on February 1.


Illuvium Opened the Pre Registration Channel of Autobettler Private Beta 1

The blockchain game Illuvium opened the pre registration channel of Autobettler Private Beta 1. Users can log in to the official channel to register. In addition, the official prompt indicates that this channel limits the number of participants. Illuvium is an Ethereum based NFT collection and automatic battle game. Source

Islander Mainnet has Been Launched

The learn to earn platform Islander mainnet has been launched. The project party will issue an airdrop worth $50,000 (about $16,666,666 $ISA) before January 31. Users can participate in "Be an Islander!" ($30,000 total reward) and "Grand Admirals" ($20,000 total reward) activities to obtain $ISA tokens. Islander is based on avalanche's L2E platform and focuses on innovative alliance marketing means. Source

Binance Will List $ACA Today

Binance listed Anchor Protocol ($ANC) and Acala ($ACA), and opened trading at 12:00 UTC on January 25th. Anchor is a savings protocol offering low-volatile yields on Terra stablecoin deposits. Acala is the decentralized finance network and liquidity hub of Polkadot. It’s a layer-1 smart contract platform that’s scalable, Ethereum-compatible, and optimized for DeFi with built-in liquidity and ready-made financial applications. Source

Boba Network Will Launch WAGMI Incentive Program

Boba Network announced that it will launch a "WAGMI" incentive program for Boba Network builders in partnership with UMA Protocol on February 1st. The program will support projects deployed on Boba by allowing them to offer additional rewards to users in the form of "WAGMI Options". WAGMI Options are "KPI Options" (Key Performance Indicators), which reward users based on their performance on Boba Network in one month. After the options expire, users can exchange their WAGMI Options for $BOBA tokens based on their network metrics (such as number of active wallets per month or project-specific TVLs) for that period.

WAGMI Options have three phases: accumulation, settlement and redemption. In the accumulation phase, users have one month to earn $WAGMI tokens by using the DApps that participate in the program. During the settlement phase, users will have to wait one month, as Boba Network's KPIs determine the amount of $BOBA that can be redeemed for $WAGMI tokens. After the settlement date, the options can be exercised on Boba Gateway by pressing the "Claim" button. Source

Coinbase Pro Will List $CTX, $DIA, $MPL, $PLU and $UNFI

Coinbase Pro has announced that it will list Cryptex Finance ($CTX), Dia ($DIA), Maple ($MPL), Pluton ($PLU) and Unifi Protocol DAO ($UNFI). Trading will open at 9am PT on 25 January if liquidity conditions are met. Source

Avalanche C-Chain Explorer SnowTrace Now Added DEX Tracker

Avalanche C-Chain explorer SnowTrace announced that DEX Tracker has been added. Users can now view the transaction interaction data of Trader Joe and Pangolin. Snowtrace is a C-Chain explorer customized for Avalanche. Compared with similar explorer, snowtrace optimizes and innovates functions in terms of performance and user experience. Source

Coinbase Wallet Integrated Nominal Finance

Coinbase Wallet today announced that it integrated Notional Finance, a fixed-rate lending protocol. Users can choose to connect Coinbase Wallet within Notional Finance. Notional Finance is a fixed-rate lending protocol on Ethereum. Source

Coin98 Super App is Using Ankr's RPC Endpoint

Coin98 Super App announced that Ankr RPC endpoint has been added. Officials said they are looking forward to providing users with the best experience through integration and consolidating our Multichain core values to further develop the encryption space. Ankr is an integrated portal built to support the development of Web3. With the help of Multichain DApp development tool, encryption pledge solution and decentralized global node infrastructure, it supports more than 50 blockchains in Ankr ecosystem. Source

Solidly Plans to Deploy on Fantom Mainnet

Andre Cronje announced that his new project Solidly (former ve (3,3)) is ready to be deployed on fantom's mainnet. During the preparation process, Solidly will assign venft to the team that took the snapshot on January 23. veNFT represents Solidly's distribution right and permanently owns 25% of the agreement, and the percentage remains fixed. Andre Cronje said that once the details of all projects are received and the last pending audit is completed and published, it will be deployed immediately. Source


Zora V3 Version has been Launched on Ethereum Mainnet

The NFT market protocol Zora announced that its V3 version has been launched on Ethereum mainnet. This new version adds Buy Now, Instant and cross-platform onchain royalties. Users can now get Finder’s Fee by displaying some content on their home page, embedding blog posts or sharing links on twitter, and go online unmanaged (NFT will be saved to the user's wallet until it is sold); Save gas fee; Allow developers to easily integrate use cases such as splitting, DAO and lending. Zora is an NFT market protocol that allows users to buy, sell and trade limited edition goods. Source

NFT Liquidity Protocol NFTX Launched "Inventory Staking" Feature

NFT liquidity protocol NFTX has launched "Inventory Staking" feature, which allows anyone to add their floor-priced NFTs to a vault and stake their position on the Stake page to receive part of the vault fees, helping users earn revenue without taking the traditional risks associated with providing liquidity. At the same time, "Inventory Staking" can be used directly on all vaults deployed on Ethereum mainnet using the NFTX V2 protocol. After staking is completed, users can withdraw (close to) the original amount of NFT from the corresponding vault based on a specific redemption fee. In addition, the allocation of all fees associated with vault activity (i.e. Mint, Redeem, Swap) will be changed to 80% to Liquidity stakers and 20% to Inventory stakers. Source

Gucci Will Launch 10 "SuperGucci" NFTs on February 1

Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci will collaborate with toy brand Superplastic to create and launch the "SUPERGUCCI" NFT collection, which will be released in three installments. The first of which will begin on February 1 and include 10 NFTs, each accompanied by a ceramic sculpture handmade in Italy and co-designed by Gucci and Superplastic. In addition, Gucci has launched a Discord channel for related projects. Superplastic is a company that makes artistic vinyl toys for the collectibles market and has issued NFTs through the Winklevoss-owned Nifty Gateway. Source


Blockchain Founders Fund Launched BFF II Fund and Closed $75 Million in Funding

Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF), a Singapore-based venture capital fund, announced the launch of its BFF II fund and the closing of a $75 million funding round with participation from NEO Global Capital (NGC), Appworks, GSR, LD Capital, Metavest Capital, and others. BFF aims to be an early investor to entrepreneurs building promising blockchain, crypto, web3, metaverse startups and provide tailored hands-on support to them. Its portfolio includes Splinterlands, LunarCrush, ASM, and Monkey Ball, among others. BFF II focuses on investing in pre-seed and seed-stage crypto projects and has backed FXDX, GRID, RD Land, Rebelbots, and others. Source


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