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Crypto Daily Digest - January 26th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - January 26th

Perpetual Derivatives Protocol Tracer will launch Perpetual Pools V2. Etherscan, the Ethereum browser, has launched Blockscan Chat Beta, a live chat tool that allows users to log in with their Etherscan wallet and send live chat messages. BreederDAO, a digital asset maker, closed a $10 million Series A round led by a16z and Delphi Digital.

Table of Contents
  1. DeFi
  2. NFT
  3. Fundings


Tracer Will Launch Perpetual Pools V2

Perpetual Derivatives Protocol Tracer will launch Perpetual Pools V2. V2 version features several updates.

  1. From V2, anyone can deploy a custom Perpetual Pools market. You’ll be able to create leveraged tokens that track any oracle feed/s*, with any leverage, that settles in any token.
  2. With Simple Moving Average (SMA) pricing users can hold a leveraged token position for long periods of time without getting “rekt” by volatility decay that exists in other leverage tokens and ETFs.
  3. V1 needed a minimum commitment of $1000 USDC to either mint new Pool tokens or redeem existing ones. V2 will no longer require a minimum.
  4. Tracer's Indices Product is launching soon after Perpetual Pools V2. It enables Pools to track exposure to multiple assets and data feeds. Source

Etherscan Launched Blockscan Chat Beta

Etherscan, the Ethereum browser, has launched Blockscan Chat Beta, a live chat tool that allows users to log in with their Etherscan wallet and send live chat messages. Message recipients with an Ethercan address will be notified via the block browser (although the message will not be exposed on the block browser). The service runs on Etherscan's servers, but the messages are not stored on blockchain. Source

Avalanche Community Builders Released the Governance Proposal of Aave V3

Avalanche community builders released the governance discussion proposal of Aave V3. Community builders suggested deploying Aave V3 on the Avalanche C-Chain and gave their reasons: previously, the Aave Protocol was successfully deployed on the Avalanche C-Chain, and the Avalanche Foundation allocated $AVAX rewards to Aave users. This measure has promoted the rapid growth of Aave and Avalanche, and the Avalanche market has rapidly become the largest market of Aave after Ethereum.

The user also mentioned the recent development of Avalanche C-Chain, so he made a deployment strategy focusing on the secure migration from Aave V2 to V3. Aave is an unmanaged liquidity lending agreement based on Ethereum, in which users participate as depositors or borrowers. Depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn passive income, while borrowers can borrow through excess collateral (the vast majority). Source

Alchemix Released January 2022 Newsletter

Alchemix released its January 2022 newsletter, which summarized the following key events.

  1. Tokemak launched alUSD Pair Reactor, where users can stake alUSD for TOKE rewards, and TOKE holders can vote for alUSD Reactor in exchange for more TOKE.
  2. The Index Coop partnered with Bankless DAO to launch the DeFi Growth Index ($GMI). Alchemix ($ALCX) has been included in the index with an allocation of 9.1%.
  3. APY.Finance integrated Curve-alUSD pool, where users can provide liquidity for alUSD to gain revenue. Source

Head of YouTube Gaming Is Leaving His Position to Join Polygon Studios as CEO

Ryan Wyatt, head of YouTube games, has announced he is leaving his position and will become CEO of Polygon Studios starting in March. Ryan Wyatt said he will lead Polygon Studios' growth in gaming, entertainment, fashion, news, and sports through investment, marketing, and developer support. Polygon Studios is a company dedicated to building an ecosystem on Ethereum sidechain Polygon, with a focus on blockchain gaming and the NFT space. Source

Raydium Will Launch $PSY-$USDC Pool on January 27th

The Solana based on-chain order book AMM Raydium Protocol will launch a $PSY-$USDC pool for PsyOptions on January 26 at 20:00 UTC. The $PSY-$USDC Fusion pool will open on January 27 at 2:00 UTC, offering $PSY rewards. Source

Lido Finance is About to Launch $DOT and $KSM Pledge Functions

Lido finance is about to launch $DOT and $KSM pledge functions. It is reported that the MixBytes team is developing the Lido Finance liquid staked $KSM and $DOT functions on Moonriver and Moonbeam, which will be launched soon. Source


OpenSea May Soon Support Solana NFT and Phantom Wallets

According to a screenshot disclosed by hacker Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter, OpenSea will support the Solana wallet Phantom and show Solana as one of the supported blockchains along with Etherum, Polygon and Klaytn. Solana NFT trading volume is currently over $1.2 billion. Notable Solana NFT marketplaces include Magic Eden and FTX NFTs. Source

Rick and Morty Co-Founders Partner with Paradigm to Develop the NFT Constant Rate Issuance Sales Protocol

Crypto investment firm Paradigm introduced the new NFT pricing mechanism Constant Rate Issuance Sales Protocol (CRISP), which is designed to sell NFT at a target rate over time. It allows projects to seamlessly sell large volumes of NFT at a stable price over an extended period of time. The price depends on the market demand. The CRISP mechanism was developed by Justin Roiland, co-creator of the Rick and Morty animated series, in collaboration with Dave White and Frankie, researchers at Paradigm. Source

LooksRare Launches a Bug Bounty Program on Web3 Vulnerability Bounty Platform Immunefi

NFT marketplace LooksRare has launched a bug bounty program on the Web3 vulnerability bounty platform Immunefi. The program will focus on its smart contracts, websites and applications. It is designed to prevent users' NFT and financial loss. The program will pay bounties based on vulnerability levels, with a minimum award of $50,000 and a maximum award of up to $1 million. Source


BreederDAO Closed $10 Million Series A Funding Round Led by a16z and Delphi Digital

BreederDAO, a digital asset maker, closed a $10 million Series A round led by a16z and Delphi Digital, with participation from Hashed, com2us, Morningstar Ventures, Mechanism Capital and others. The raised funds will be used to expand its digital asset production plan and scale its core team. BreederDAO is a digital asset factory that produces assets such as NFTs within blockchain games, and sets standard values for the game assets by combining game conditions and data analysis. Source

Project Galaxy Closed $10 Million in Financing Led by Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Capital

Web3 credential data network Project Galaxy has closed a $10 million round of funding led by Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Capital, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, Alameda Research and others. The new funding will be used to grow the credential data network, expand support for multiple data sources, and build out robust application modules to help projects leverage digital credential data more effectively. Source

DROPP Closed $8 million in Financing with Participation from Three Arrows Capital and Others

DROPP, a social NFT minting platform on Solana ecosystem, has closed an $8 million round of funding with participation from Animoca Brands, Three Arrows Capital, DeFiance Capital, Alameda Research and others. The raised funds will be used to develop its conceptual framework for mixed reality. DROPP GG is a social NFT minting platform designed to bring the metaverse into the real world. The platform currently offers exclusive, geo-based NFT distribution. In addition, the project is developing the metaverse space DROPP LAND, where NFTs of virtual plots correspond in the physical world. At the moment, DROPP runs on the Solana network, but plans to extend its functionality to function on multiple chains. Source

FTX.US Closed $400 Million in Financing with Paradigm and Others

Centralized exchange FTX.US closed $400 million funding round with a valuation of $8 billion, with participation from SoftBank Group, Temasek, Paradigm and others. The raised funds will be used to expand its user base, launch new business lines, and consider strategic investments and acquisitions. FTX.US is the US crypto trading platform under FTX, which aims to provide users with more convenient and fast trading methods. Source

Atomic Form Closed Seed Funding Round with Animoca Brands and others

Atomic Form, a blockchain building platform, announced that it had closed seed round financing in December last year, with the participation of Sino Global Capital, Samsung Next and Animoca Brands. The funds raised will be used to accelerate the development of hardware and software solutions to connect the physical and digital worlds through collection, display and verification. Atomic Form produces hardware and software for NFT and Web3 media, and is committed to building a blockchain based property Internet, covering currency, video games, artwork, collectibles and identity recognition. Source

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