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Axie Infinity side-chain Ronin officially launched its token $RON. Users who stake in Katana can receive $RON. LooksRare allowed users to obtain token rewards by trading any NFT in any collection series from January 28, 09:00 AM UTC. Aave V3 is now deployed on seven test networks - Ethereum Rinkeby, Fantom Test Network, Harmony Test Network, Arbitrum Rinkeby, Polygon Mumbai, Optimism Kovan, and Avalanche Fuji.


Axie Infinity Side-chain Ronin Officially Launched its Token $RON 

Axie Infinity side-chain Ronin token $RON officially launched. Users who stake in Katana can receive $RON. At the same time, the official has also launched a $RON / $ETH token pool. Ronin is an Ethereum side-chain specially developed by Axie Infinity for blockchain games. By transferring the main operations from Ethereum to the application chain, it reduces the user's use cost. Source

Aave V3 is Now Available on Seven Public Testnets

Aave V3, the decentralized lending protocol, is now deployed on seven test networks - Ethereum Rinkeby, Fantom Test Network, Harmony Test Network, Arbitrum Rinkeby, Polygon Mumbai, Optimism Kovan, and Avalanche Fuji. Updates to Aave V3 include: launching a feature that automatically optimizes user investments to get better borrowing rates; introducing new risk management features such as borrowing caps; adding support for multiple Ethereum Layer 2 networks; launching a "Portal" cross-chain feature that allows assets to be transferred across mainnet such as Ethereum, Solana, Fantom, etc. Source

Band Protocol is Now Live on the Oasis Network Mainnet

The cross-chain Oracle Band Protocol has been launched on the Oasis Network mainnet and will provide 230 data sources including $BNB, $ETH and $WBTC for projects on the mainnet. In addition, officials also said that in the future, both teams will be committed to introducing new developers into these two ecosystems to improve utilization and adoption. Source

BSC Lending Program Qubit was Hacked, Loss or Up to $80 Million

Qubit, a decentralized lending protocol on BSC, was hacked, with the hacker minting large amounts of xETH collateral for lending. The hacker's address holds a total of 206,800 BNB worth nearly $80 million. Qubit Finance is a lending protocol launched on BSC by Bunny Finance, the team behind PancakeBunny, in July 2021. Source

01 Exchange is Officially Live on Solana Mainnet

01 Exchange, a Solana-based decentralized derivatives trading platform, is officially live on Solana mainnet today. The platform plans to launch perpetual contracts with deep liquidity, supporting 100 different derivatives markets and 50 different collateral types. It will also launch SQUOL, the first Power Perps product in a limit order book model. Previously, the platform closed a $2.2 million seed round on January 20, led by Multicoin Capital and Alameda Research. Source

Klaytn Releases Lightpaper Details of Version 2.0

The blockchain platform Klaytn has released the details of Klaytn 2.0 lightpaper. Officials said that Klaytn 2.0 will provide open source suite for metaverse developers, while enhancing scalability, performance and interoperability. It will also support Ethereum equivalence to simplify the development of EVM based DApp, conduct decentralized governance and establish DAO. It is reported that the government will create an ecological fund of $1 billion to develop Klaytn ecosystem. Source


LooksRare Allowed Users to Trade Any NFT to Earn $LOOKS Rewards

LooksRare, the NFT market platform, updates the trading reward rules and allowed users to obtain token rewards by trading any NFT in any collection series from January 28, 09:00 AM UTC. Previously, the transaction volume of an NFT collection series needed to be greater than 1,000 $ETH to meet the transaction mining requirements of LooksRare. Source

OpenSea Withdrew "NFT Creators Can Only Create Up to 5 NFT Series" Decision

OpenSea has announced that it is withdrawing its decision to "only allow a single wallet or user to create up to 5 NFT collections". It said the decision was initially made because it recently saw that over 80% of items created using the tool were plagiarized works, fake collections and spam. In addition to withdrawing the decision, OpenSea is working on a variety of solutions to ensure support for creators while discouraging bad actors, and has promised to release a preview program to gather community feedback before launching the new solution. Source

Warner Music Group Plans to Hold a Concert in The Sandbox

Warner Music Group plans to hold a concert in The Sandbox. Warner Music Group will use the virtual LAND to create a space in the game, which can be used as both a music centered amusement park and a venue for artists' concerts. It is reported that Warner Music Group's artists will participate in the performance. Source

MoonPay Launched a Solution to Purchase NFT with Credit Card or Debit Card

The crypto payment application MoonPay launched NFT Checkout, a solution that allows users to use credit or debit cards to buy NFT immediately. This scheme does not require KYC authentication, and allows users to purchase NFT on any public chain, including Ethereum, Flow, Solana and Polygon. Source

NFT Ecosystem Universe.XYZ Now Opens the $XYZ Mint Channel

NFT ecosystem Universe.XYZ starts the $XYZ Mint channel, and will further improve the agreement function and launch the auction platform and NFT market in the next few weeks. Universe.XYZ is an NFT ecosystem based on Ethereum, which is designed to help artists easily create NFT and monetize it. Source


Matter Labs Formed a $200 Million Decentralized Autonomous Organization Backed by BitDAO

Matter Labs, the organization behind Ethereum layer 2 scaling protocol zkSync, has announced a $200 million decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) backed by BitDAO. The new zkDAO will use the capital to help expand the zkSync ecosystem through public goods and infrastructure, security frameworks, research and development grants, and investments in other crypto organizations. BitDAO is one of the world's largest repositories of token governance funds, designed to empower the next generation of Web3 organizations. Previously, Matter Labs closed a $50 million funding round led by a16z in November 2021. Source

Binance Labs Announced Strategic Investment in Solv Protocol

Binance Labs announced a strategic investment in Solv Protocol. As part of this strategic investment, Binance Labs and Solv Protocol will collaborate on launching NFTs on Binance NFT marketplace and on helping Binance Labs portfolio companies to issue Financial NFTs. Solv Protocol, a decentralized platform for creating, managing and on-chain trading Financial NFTs, has partnered with more than 30 DeFi projects. Solv is reportedly preparing to launch ‘Convertible Voucher’, a financing tool that helps DAOs to get liquid assets by leveraging native tokens, while minimizing the risk of liquidation. Source


0xSifu Event Updates

Wonderland founder Daniele launched a community vote on "whether to remove 0xSifu and ban him from managing the assets of the agreement", and the approval rate is now over 80%. According to zach yesterday, SPELL+MIM, TIME etc. founder Daniele's CFO 0xSifu is Michael Patryn, co-founder of the defunct Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX. Previously, Michael also helped run an identity theft ring called shadowcrew and later pleaded guilty. Source

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