Crypto Daily Digest - January 5th

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OpenDAO announced that the $SOS staking went live on January 5 at 2:00 UTC and is now open for top-ups. Rewards will be paid out from 11:00. Metaverse game ecosystem DeHorizon officially announced the core members of its first DAO round, including Binance Labs and Dragonfly Capital. Opensea announced the closing of a $300 million Series C round led by Paradigm and Coatue at a $13.3 billion valuation. Uniswap|Pangolin|Coin98


Uniswap Becames the First DApp on Ethereum with Over $1 Billion in Annual Revenue

Data shows that Uniswap is currently handling $1.28 billion in volumes a day, giving it an income of $2.5 million. For the past year from October 2020 to October 2021, it earned in total $1.1 billion in fees as pictured above. That makes it a Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio of about 20 based on the current fully diluted market cap of $20 billion. Unlike in the wider tech space where P/Es of 100 and even 1000 can be seen. The peak day of trading took place on 4th of December, where Uniswap dealt with $4.1 billion in trading volume, equivalent to roughly $10 million in daily revenue. Source

OpenDAO Announced the Staking of $SOS Went Live on Jan. 5

OpenDAO announced that the $SOS staking went live on January 5 at 2:00 UTC and is now open for top-ups. Rewards will be paid out from 11:00. It is reported that staking is made in the form of automatic compounding and the staking smart contract has been audited by CertiK. Source

Pangolin Live in Gnosis Safe

DEX Pangolin announced the launch of Gnosis Safe. Gnosis Safe has a vault to manage assets without a single point of failure. It is reported that users will be able to completely customize the way to manage the company's crypto assets, select a predefined number of signatures to confirm the transaction, and require multiple team members to confirm each transaction to execute. In addition, the new process is replaced by: exchange funds within gnosis through Pangolin and paying directly to suppliers, employees, or DAO in their preferred currency, without personnel controlling the funds to complete the payment. Pangolin is a decentralized exchange based on Avalanche and has the same automatic market making model as Uniswap. Source

Synchrony Announces Its Token $SCY will Go Live on Gate and Raydium

Asset management platform Synchrony announces that its token $SCY will go live on the Gate exchange and Raydium Protocol on January 5th at 14:00 UTC. Its fusion pool on Raydium will launch on January 6th at 11:00 UTC and rewards will be distributed in the form of $SCY. Synchrony is a decentralized asset management platform that uses algorithms to evaluate and optimize on-chain toolsets, which support core functionality such as replicated trades and composable indices. Source

Metaverse Game Ecosystem DeHorizon Officially Announces First Round of DAO Core Members

The Metaverse game ecology DeHorizon officially announces the core members of the first round of DAO, namely Binance Labs, Sfermion, Griffin Gaming Partners and Dragonfly Capital. It is reported that Dehorizon DAO is composed of DeVoice and DeGuardian. Four managers from DeHorizon Foundation and four industry leaders serve as DeGuardian and will jointly participate in the future governance and planning of ecology. DeHorizon is committed to creating a Metaverse game ecology that players can socialize and create together, and allows players to enter the Metaverse in advance by Play for Fun and to Earn. Source


Bruce Lee's Family will Launch NFT Collection The Formless Form with Ethernity Chain

Bruce Lee's family company will jointly launch Bruce Lee's first NFT series The Formless Form with the NFT platform Ethernity Chain. It is reported that this series is inspired by Bruce Lee's philosophy and teachings and created by artists such as Bosslogic, RAF Grassetti and Anthony Francisco. Ethernity Chain is an NFT platform on Ethereum, which can generate limited edition authenticated NFT. Source


OpenSea Closed $300 Million Series C Funding Round Led by Paradigm and Coatue

OpenSea, the NFT trading platform, announced the closing of a $300 million Series C round led by Paradigm and Coatue at a valuation of $13.3 billion. The funds raised in this round will be used to accelerate product development, improve customer support and safety, and expand the size of the team. In addition, it will make more meaningful investments in NFT and Web3 communities. Opensea is a peer-to-peer trading platform focusing on NFT, rare digital items and crypto collections. Users can buy, sell, auction and discover various crypto works of art on the platform. Source

Blockchain Platform Developer Cion Digital Closed $12 Million Seed Round

Cion digital, a blockchain platform developer, recently announced that it closed a seed round of financing of $12 million, led by Green Visor Capital and 645 ventures, and participated by Cota Capital, Epic Ventures, Hourglass Capital Partners, etc. The funds raised will be used to expand R&D resources, accelerate the launch of encrypted financing and payment solutions specially tailored for financial service companies and large retailers, and expand the functions of the company's proprietary blockchain arrangement platform to be applied to other industries. Cion Digital is a crypto infrastructure start-up, which aims to provide crypto services to traditional financial institutions and registered investment consulting firms, among others. Source

Solana Chain Tours Starbots Announced Closing of $2.4 Million Private Placement

Solana GameFi Starbots announced that it closed private financing of $2.4 million, led by Impossible Finance, DeFi Alliance and TomoChain, and participated by AU21 Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, etc. The funds raised will be used to upgrade the project ecosystem and expand the influence of the game. Starbots is a Solana based game with the theme of robot combat. Players can get a token of $GEAR when playing or interacting with other players. Source

Binance Labs Announced Strategic Investment in Coin98

Binance Labs has announced a strategic investment in Coin98, which will be used to drive the platform's growth and facilitate the development of DeFi in the BSC ecosystem by building the DeFi infrastructure such as the NFT marketplace, Launchpad, and BSC on-chain AMM. It is reported that Coin98 aims to build a full set of DeFi products to become an all-in-one DeFi platform, and its current projects include Coin98 wallet, Coin98 trading platform and Space Gate cross-chain bridge. Source



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