Crypto Daily Digest - January 6th

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Web3 infrastructure platform Ankr has released its resolutions for 2022. Celer cross-chain bridge cBridge announces support for People DAO $PEOPLE asset transfers. Users can now bridge $PEOPLE between Ethereum and public chains such as Avalanche, BSC , Metis, Fantom at high speed and low cost via cBridge. NFT DAO will airdrop $NAO to OpenSea users on January 11. Solice|Sunflower|Livepeer


Centrifuge Completed Real World Asset Lending

Centrifuge, a decentralized asset financing protocol, announced the completion of its first real-world asset lending in the RWA marketplace, with three Centrifuge pools receiving $1.04 million in funding through Aave. Centrifuge is a decentralized asset financing protocol that connects real-world assets to DeFi to reduce the cost of capital for small and medium-sized businesses. Source

Ankr 2022 Resolutions

Ankr, the Web3 infrastructure platform, released its roadmap for its 2022 plans, with key elements including.

  • Expansion into multiple chains.
  • Expansion of API/RPC tools into decentralized Web services; 3 more opportunities through Ankr Earn
  • Additional improvements in collaboration with BSC.
  • Development of Metaverse and infrastructure for game innovation.
  • Building the next level Ankr Token utility, ANKR tokens will play an important role in the ANKR DAO. Source

Solice Token $SLC is Coming Soon

Cross-platform VR Metaverse Solice announced that the token $SLC will be launched soon. It is reported that the opening time of the transaction is 21:00 on January 7. Solice is a cross-platform 3D Metaverse based on Solana, in which users can entertain, build and socialize, and realize monetized virtual experiences on multiple platforms. Source

NFT DAO will Airdrop $NAO to OpenSea Users

The decentralized autonomous organization NFT DAO will airdrop $NAO to OpenSea users on January 11. $NAO totals $100 trillion, of which 50% will be airdropped to OpenSea users, 20% to pledge rewards, 20% to Naffiti NFT marketplace development, and the last 10% to LP rewards. Source

Celer Cross-Chain Bridge cBridge Announces Support for $PEOPLE Asset Transfer

Celer cross-chain cBridge announced that it supports People DAO $PEOPLE asset transmission. Users can now transform $PEOPLE between Ethereum and Avalanche, BSC, Metis, Fantom and other public chains at high speed and low cost through cBridge. It is reported that Celer will also increase the cross-chain support of $PEOPLE in public chains such as Cronos, Iotex, and Kucoin Chain. cBridge is a multi-chain and cross-layer asset bridge, providing services such as real-time transfer of assets. Source


OpenSea Surpasses $15 Billion in Total Trading Volume

According to TokenTerminal data, the total transaction volume of OpenSea reached $15.1 billion, the total transaction fee income was $377 million, and the transaction fee income was $377.6 million. OpenSea is a peer-to-peer trading platform focusing on NFT, rare digital items, and encrypted collections. Users can buy, sell, auction and discover various encrypted works of art on the platform. Source

Polygon On-Chain Game Sunflower Contract Interaction Causes Network Congestion

The contract interaction of the game Sunflower on Polygon is causing network congestion, with the Sunflower Farmers contract currently topping the Polygon Gas consumption chart with 47.5% of Gas consumption, compared to 2.85% and 1.92% in second and third place. As of 17:00 BST, the average Gas cost is still 300 Gwei. Sunflower is a farming game on Polygon that allows users to earn game tokens by planting and harvesting crops. Source


Alto Closed $40 Million Series B Funding Round with Coinbase Ventures and others

Investment services provider Alto has closed a $40 million Series B round of funding led by Advance Venture Partners with participation from Unusual Ventures, Gaingels, and Coinbase Ventures. The funds raised will be used to scale its product and engineering teams. Alto provides a self-directed investment platform for users to invest their retirement account funds in other assets. Alto reportedly has nearly 20,000 funded accounts with nearly $1 billion in assets, 40% of which are dedicated to holding cryptocurrencies. Previously, Alto closed a $17 million Series A funding round in April 2021. Source

Exotic Markets Closed $5 Million in Financing Led by Multicoin Capital and Ascensive Assets

DeFi protocol Exotic Markets closed $5 million in funding through a token sale led by Multicoin Capital and Ascensive Assets, with participation from Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, Solana Capital, and others. The funds raised will reportedly be used to strengthen the team and marketing efforts, with a portion of the funding used for market-making activities on the platform to help drive the main network, which is scheduled to launch in late February, with a development test network expected to launch later this month. Solana-based Exotic Markets aims to offer a range of structured products that can create income opportunities for investors denominated in stablecoins rather than governance tokens. Its platform governance token is $EXO. Source

Video Streaming Platform Livepeer Closed $20 Million Series B Extension Funding

Livepeer, the Ethereum video streaming platform, announced that it had completed the round B expansion financing of $20 million, with the participation of investors such as Alan Howard, Tiger Global and Digital Currency Group. This round of financing will be used to expand its market share and move the Livepeer internal protocol from the basic layer of Ethereum to the Layer 2 Network Arbitrum. It is reported that in the future, Livepeer also plans to expand its capabilities throughout the media value chain, including video NFT support. Livepeer is an open-source live video platform service provider based on Ethereum blockchain, which aims to provide seamless conversion of file formats. Source

Digital Asset Bank Sygnum Closed $90 Million Funding Round with Animoca Brands and Others

Sygnum, a digital asset bank, closed a financing of $90 million with a valuation of $800 million, which was led by Sun Hung Kai and invested by Animoca Brands, Meta Investments, etc. This round of financing will be used to develop new products, including revenue generating products and asset management solutions for institutional customers, so as to expand their product influence. Sygnum is the first digital asset bank based on the tradition of Switzerland and Singapore, which aims to provide customers with perfect digital asset services. Source


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