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Crypto Daily Digest - July 7th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - July 7th Source: Aave

On July 7th, Aave community proposes to introduce collateral-backed stablecoin $GHO. Celsius paid off its loan on Maker. Vesta submitted proposal to deploy on Optimism and requests 1 million $OP as incentive. Coinbase NFT marketplace has traded less than $3 million since its launch.


  • Aave community proposes to introduce collateral-backed stablecoin $GHO. Source
  • Aztec launches DeFi privacy bridge Aztec Connect. Source
  • Celsius paid off its loan on Maker. Source
  • Data: Total market contracts liquidated about $28.99 million in 12 hours. Source
  • Binance.US hires former PayPal exec as CFO. Source
  • Vesta submitted proposal to deploy on Optimism and requests 1 million $OP as incentive. Source
  • Polygon Hermez will launch zkEVM. Source
  • CertiK Alert: $PXT price drop not caused by rug pull, but by a hacking attack. Source
  • CZ said Binance has the largest reserve in the crypto industry right now. Source
  • Elon Musk's Boring Company supports $DOGE payments. Source
  • Crema Finance will go live again after a new smart contract audit. Source
  • Crema Finance's hacker returned around $8M stolen funds. Source
  • Crypto exchange Bitstamp cancels the plan to charge an inactivity fee. Source
  • Alameda Research owes Voyager Digital nearly $377M. Source
  • OpenLeverage's $OLE airdrop will be available to claim at 10am UTC today. Source
  • Hardware wallet Ledger partners with FTX to allow Swap with FTX through Ledger Live. Source
  • Web3 infrastructure network peaq launched open-source blockchain explorer peaq Scan for Polkadot ecosystem. Source
  • Helium will launch $MOBILE to reward 5G Hotspots. Surce
  • Multichain integrates with public blockchain TomoChain. Source
  • Celsius reorganizes board of directors amid liquidity issues. Source
  • Fantom proposes to redirect one third (10% of total transaction fee value) of the existing burn rate (30%) to an "Ecosystem Support Vault". Source
  • The Ronin attack in March stemmed from Axie Infinity employees receiving acceptance letters from fake companies. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • 70+ Bitcoin and crypto ETPs in Europe have worked without manipulation. Source
  • Crypto owners banned from working on US Government crypto policies. Source
  • UK to introduce legislation on Stablecoins by August. Source
  • Italy’s government has committed $46 million for blockchain and cryptocurrency research. Source
  • Solana Labs and Multicoin Capital were accused of violating securities law by $SOL investors in California. Source


  • Reddit launches a new NFT Avatar marketplace. Source
  • SuperRare and Gucci dropped the second NFT collaboration The Next 100 Years of Gucci. Source
  • Data: Coinbase NFT marketplace has traded less than $3 million since its launch. Source
  • Game Storm Studios and Ready Games will release mobile-based Web3 games. Source
  • The Sandbox has entered into a partnership with Korean Channel A. Source
  • Bithumb's subsidiary Bithumb Meta plans to launch NFT trading platform in August. Source
  • Data: Bored Ape Yacht Club 24 hours trading volume up 157.41%. Source
  • Otherside completed the first load test with about 2,500 concurrent users participating. Source
  • Japanese social giant LINE launches Profile NFT feature. Source


  • Gaming-focused blockchain Oasys completed $20 million private token sale round led by Republic Capital. Source
  • Mask Network's investment arm Bonfire Union raised a $42M fund supported by Binance, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands and others. Source
  • Web3 gaming technology firm Planetarium Labs closed a $32m Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands. Source
  • Gaming VC firm Konvoy Ventures raises a $150 Million fund with plans to invest in blockchain games. Source
  • European VC XAnge launches new €220 million fund to focus on DeFi, Web3 and more. Source
  • Derivatives exchange Thalex closes €7.5m Series A funding round with Bitfinex and others. Source
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