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Crypto Daily Digest - June 13th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - June 13th Source: Shutterstock

On June 13th, Bitcoin briefly fell below $24,000. Ethereum briefly fell below $1,200. Celsius pauses all withdrawals, Swaps and transfers between accounts. Celsius transferred 9,500 $WBTC and 50,000 $ETH to FTX before suspension of withdrawals. MakerDAO has sold a total of about 93,000 $ETH to pay off its debt. $stETH to $ETH ratio drops further. Goldman Sachs executes its first trade of Ether-linked derivative.


  • Celsius $WBTC leveraged in Maker Protocol may face liquidation. Source
  • MakerDAO has sold a total of about 93,000 $ETH to pay off its debt. Source
  • Celsius transferred 9,500 $WBTC and 50,000 $ETH to FTX before suspending withdrawals and other operations today. Source
  • SupraOracles has partnered with DeFi platform DePocket Finance. Source
  • Crypto Market Cap falls below $1T for first time since early 2021. Source
  • The USDD/3Crv pool ratio on Curve is heavily skewed with USDD at over 80%. Source
  • TRON DAO Reserve has received 700m $USDC to defend $USDD peg. Source
  • Goldman Sachs executes its first trade of Ether-linked derivative. Source
  • Data: The whole network contracts liquidated about $371 million in 4 hours. Source
  • $stETH to $ETH ratio drops further. Source
  • Tether says the investment and loans with Celsius have no impact on its reserves or stability. Source
  • $ElonMVP on BNB Chain appeared rug pull. Source
  • CZ said that Binance transaction backlog only affects the Bitcoin network. Users can still withdraw Bitcoin on other networks like BEP-20. Source
  • Data: $CEL drops to $0.170234, down 53.35% in 24H. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: $stETH to $ETH ratio drops. Source
  • NEAR becomes compatible with MetaMask. Source
  • Celsius pauses all withdrawals, Swaps and transfers between accounts. Source
  • Crypto lending institution Nexo offers to acquire Celsius. Source
  • Binance will not support the deposits and withdrawals of Litecoin that utilize the MimbleWimble Extension Blocks function. Source
  • Multichain integrates with Kava Network. Source
  • Cosmos ecosystem Osmosis blockchain mainnet has restarted. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert has detected Celsius 2.0 ($CEL2) is scam. Source
  • The founder of ConsenSys says his $ETH holdings are not enough to cover 0.5% of the total circulating supply of Ethereum. Source
  • Zhu Su, co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, has removed $ETH, $AVAX and other tokens from his Twitter profile. Source
  • The price of $ETH on Uniswap briefly fell below $1,000. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • CZ: Binance hasn't been subpoenaed by the SEC. Source
  • Binance.US has been accused of misleading investors when selling $UST. Source
  • South Korean police: No connection between employee embezzlement and Do Kwon has been confirmed so far. Source


  • Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will launch the Pacman NFT collection. Source
  • The floor price of all NFT headline projects fell, with the BAYC series NFT floor price falling to $70 ETH. Source
  • NFT project Gooniez Gang Discord was attacked and phishing links were posted. Source


  • Metaverse developer Atmos Labs has closed an $11 million seed round with participation from Animoca Brands and others. Source
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