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Crypto Daily Digest - June 21st

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - June 21st Source: ZigZag

On June 21st, ZigZag will launch its token $ZZ with the first round of IDO taking place on its own platform on June 24th. Solend said that the whale had acted on their suggestion to spread their position across lending venues. So far they've moved $25M USDC debt to Mango. The Sepolia testnet Beacon Chain is now live and ready to be the second testnet to perform a merge. BAYC announced the launch of NFT with Rolling Stone magazine, which will be public auctioned on June 22nd. BlockFi secures $250 million credit facility from FTX.


  • BlockFi secures $250 million credit facility from FTX. Source
  • FTX has dropped out of talks to have a jersey patch on the Los Angeles Angels’ uniform. Source
  • Vitalik Buterin: Bitcoin S2F model gives false sense of certainty. Source
  • Crypto exchange Vauld cuts workforce by 30%. Source
  • Data: The whole network contracts liquidated about $69.51 million in 12 hours. Source
  • Solend releases new SLND3 proposal vote. Source
  • 6.6 billion Tron based $USDT has been burned at Tether Treasury. Source The Sepolia testnet Beacon Chain is now live and ready to be the second testnet to perform a merge. Source
  • Celsius repays $10m DAI to Compound. Source
  • ParaSwap launches peer-to-peer NFT trading app. Source
  • Binance will perform wallet maintenance for TRON Network on June 23rd. Source
  • Voyager Digital has signed a term sheet with Alameda Research to secure $200m and 15,000 $BTC revolving line of credit. Source
  • ProShares launches ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF on New York Stock Exchange on June 21st. Source
  • ZigZag will launch its token $ZZ with the first round of IDO taking place on its own platform on June 24th. Source
  • OKX has introduced new Custody Trading sub-accounts features to improve the transparency of asset management. Source
  • Celo announced integration with Wormhole. Source
  • Solend: the whale whose address starts with 3oSE has started moving funds. Source
  • PsyFinance launches v2 to open vault auctions to more bidders. Source
  • Cardano developers delayed Vasil hard fork on the testnet. Surce

Policy & Regulation

  • UK government has amended controversial plans for crypto transfers and information sharing. Source
  • Bank of Israel says crypto smart contracts may need oversight. Source
  • Colombia's new President expresses support for Bitcoin. Source


  • Lotus Cars and Ripple partner to launch NFT. Source
  • BAYC announces the launch of NFT with Rolling Stone Magazine. Source
  • Axie Infinity plans to launch Land Staking between June 23rd and 28th. Source
  • MoonPay officially launches utility NFT minting service HyperMint. Source
  • Uniswap awards about $7 million in $UNI to 122 grantees through the UGP program. Source
  • DeFi yield protocol Timeless Finance launches on Ethereum mainnet. Source
  • Solana based launchpad Solanium launches Solanium Shield to strengthen due diligence process. Source
  • TIME partners with The Sandbox to build ‘TIME Square’ in the metaverse. Source
  • Lido Subgraph is now deployed on The Graph. Source
  • STEPN added the Sneaker Enhancement and adjusted the energy sharing rules. Source
  • Ukrainian Crypto Fund sold CryptoPunk #5364 for 90 $ETH. Source
  • NFT project Neo Hunters official discord was hacked. Source


  • Blockchain-based charity Endaoment raised $6.67m with participation from Coinbase Ventures and others. Source
  • Binance Labs has made a strategic investment in OpenLeverage. Source
  • Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden raises $130m at $1.6b valuation. Source
  • NFT lending platform Astaria closes $8 million funding round with participation from Arrington Capital and others. Source
  • Blockchain game platform MetaOne closes $2 million private placement with Huobi Ventures, LD Capital and others. Source
  • Web3 education platform Neol closes $5.2 million seed round co-led by Kyu Collective and Global Ventures. Source
  • Web3 venture capital firm AC Capital launches $20 million investment fund. Source
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