Crypto Daily Digest - June 24th

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On June 24th, Solana Labs will launch Web3 smartphone Saga. Harmony's cross-chain bridge hit by ETH theft worth nearly $100 million. OpenSea partners with Solana blockchain explorer Solscan. Convex Finance and Ribbon Finance websites have been hit by DNS attacks.


  • Solana Labs will launch Web3 smartphone Saga. Source
  • Harmony's cross-chain bridge hit by ETH theft worth nearly $100 million. Source
  • Harmony team sends on-chain negotiation request to Horizon Bridge attackers, but no response. Source
  • MakerDAO votes to buy and burn $MKR with 3 million $DAI within 3 months. Source
  • Bybit co-founder proposes Layer1 network with $BIT as the native token. Source
  • Avalanche Bridge adds native Bitcoin support. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: rug pull project AnubisDAO transfers 1,018 $ETH to Tornado Cash. Source
  • Average transaction fees on Uniswap over the past seven days exceeded the cost of transaction on the Ethereum Network. Source
  • Convex Finance's official website DNS hijacked and now fixed. Source
  • Coinbase launches first crypto derivatives product aimed at retail traders. Source
  • Synthetic asset protocol Synthetix updated to Algol version. Source
  • Optimism launches second round of voting on governance proposals. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: Alameda has transferred 17.8 million $DAI to FTX. Source
  • Debt position of the whale on Solend s debt position has fallen below $50 million. Source
  • Data: The whole network contracts liquidated about $90.47 million in 12 hours. Source
  • $stETH to $ETH ratio rises to 0.955 on Curve. Source
  • Crypto trading platform CoinFLEX announces suspension of withdrawals. Source
  • Ratings agency Moody’s has downgraded Coinbase’s corporate debt. Source
  • Coinbase will support sending and receiving crypto on Polygon and Solana. Source
  • Celer Network has partnered with Gnosis Chain to support the bridging of $GNO. Source
  • Klaytn-based lending protocol Klap is live on mainnet. Source
  • Ronin Network plans to re-open Ronin Bridge on June 28th, with all user funds returned. Source
  • DeFi derivatives protocol Cega has announced its mainnet launch on Solana. Source
  • Ribbon Finance had an attack on its website DNS with all funds on vault contract unaffected. Source
  • Lido has set up a vote to determine whether or not Lido should limit itself to a share of staked $ETH. Source
  • Evmos Name Service will launch on mainnet today. Source
  • Decentralized exchange Saddle Finance announced the unlocking of $SDL token trading access and the opening of protocol mining and governance. Source
  • Kyber Network: Three Arrows Capital's potential bankruptcy may impact Kyber's finances, but the pool of funds could still sustain Kyber for years to come. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson pitches crypto self-regulation to Congress. Source
  • Russian parliament proposes a bill to fine those who illegally issue or exchange crypto. Source


  • Klaytn partners with OpenSea to accelerate NFT growth in Asia. Source
  • OpenSea partners with Solana blockchain explorer Solscan. Source
  • Conditional Listing is live on LooksRare. Source
  • Zilliqa game development team releases Unity SDK v3.0 to support on-chain wallet functionality and NFT transactions. Source


  • Digital toys NFT platform Cryptoys closes $23 million Series A funding round led by a16z. Source
  • NFT financial servicing protocol Cyan raised $2M in seed round co-led by Animoca Brands and gCC. Source
  • NFT value discovery platform EyesFi has raised $2m in a funding round led by Multicoin Capital. Source
  • Web3 news startup Capsule Social closes $2.6 million seed round led by Beacon Fund. Source






Security Incidents

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