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Crypto Daily Digest - June 30th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - June 30th Source: Ethereum

On June 30th, Ethereum completes Gray Glacier hard fork. Circle officially issued euros-pegged stablecoin $EUROC on Ethereum. Axie Infinity entered Origin Phase 2. The first Alpha Season is now live and 49,157 $AXS rewards have been reserved for the first 10,000 players. In addition, Axie Infinity will launch Land Staking on July 1st. LetMeSpeak will airdrop $5 million $LMS governance tokens to early adopters.


  • Ethereum completes Gray Glacier hard fork. Source
  • Circle officially issued euros-pegged stablecoin $EUROC on Ethereum. Source
  • Binance announces partnership with video blogger Khaby Lame. Source
  • Data: Total market contracts liquidated about $111 million in 12 hours. Source
  • Binance signs MoU with The Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC). Source
  • Public chain project Aptos launches ecosystem grant program. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: Harmony hackers transferred 42,000 $ETH to Tornado.Cash. Source
  • LetMeSpeak will airdrop $5 million $LMS governance tokens to early adopters. Source
  • Cross-chain bridge Stargate launches $ETH pools. Source
  • Tech Inquiry said Coinbase Tracer will provide the ICE with data about crypto users. Source
  • Polygon has deployed blockchain scaling system Avail. Source
  • Fantom is now integrated with Chainlink Keepers and VRF. Source
  • Coinbase expanded its staking offerings to include $SOL. Source
  • Coinbase will list $BOBA and $GUSD on the Ethereum network. Source
  • Project Liberty will launch a parachain dedicated to decentralized social media named Frequency on Polkadot ecosystem. Source
  • Harmony offers the attacker a last chance to return stolen funds until July 4th, who can retain $10M. Source
  • MetaMask and Infura integrate with StarkNet. Source
  • Frax Finance's community has voted to pass a proposal which proposed using 20m $FRAX to buy back $FXS. Source
  • PMorgan says crypto market deleveraging cycle won’t be lengthy. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • Basel Committee: Banks should set aside capital to cover risks from unbacked crypto assets on their books. Source
  • FATF tells countries to hurry up with crypto ID checks. Source
  • Grayscale filed lawsuit against SEC after spot Bitcoin ETF application rejected. Source
  • Singapore's central bank reprimanded Three Arrows Capital for providing false information. Source


  • Axie Infinity opens Origin Phase 2. Source
  • Axie Infinity will launch Land Staking on July 1st. Source
  • Binance NFT opens up minting access. Source
  • Doodles 2 wearable NFT The Genesis Box auction goes live. Source
  • Coinbase Wallet integrates with LooksRare and offers rewards for trading NFT. Source
  • OpenSea updates details on email vendor security incidents. Source
  • Data: CryptoPunks 24 hours trading volume is up 54.12%. Source
  • NFT marketplace aggregator Gem launches Live Mints feature. Source


  • MoHash raised $6M in seed round co-led by Sequoia India and Southeast Asia and Quona Capital. Source
  • Web3 gaming platform Soba closes $13.6 million round led by FTX Ventures and others. Source
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