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Crypto Daily Digest - March 10th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - March 10th

Multichain, the cross-chain infrastructure, tweeted that Andre Cronje has redirected the to and the domain has been transferred to the Multichain team. In the future, will not be shut down and users' cross-chain transactions will not be affected in any way.

Table of Contents
  1. DeFi
  2. NFT
  3. Fundings


  • Crypto exchange FTX in Europe is partnering with music festival Tomorrowland to help the festival make the leap into Web3 and NFTs. Source
  • Symbiosis Finance, a multi-chain liquidity protocol, announced the launch of its Beta mainnet. Source
  • The Multichain team got the domain from Andre Cronje and redirected it to Source
  • The European Commission said that crypto assets will fall under additional sanctions targeted against Russia in response to the military conflict in Ukraine. Source
  • zkSync upgraded version 2.0 portal, including support for paying Gas fees in any ERC20 tokens. Source
  • BitMEX Co-founder Samuel Reed pleaded guilty to violating the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). Source
  • Conservative Party candidate Yoon Suk-Yeol, a former top prosecutor who promised to deregulate the crypto industry, will become South Korea’s next president. Source
  • FTX and FTX.US have launched FTX Access, a tool for institutional investors. Source
  • Cross-chain protocol Soluna has released the rules for its governance token $SLNA. Source
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is exploring offering over-the-counter bilateral crypto options. Source
  • Moonbeam Foundation announces the successful bid for the 27th Kusama parachain slot auction. Source
  • Optimism launches next-generation fault proof cannon and bug bounty program. Source
  • The dYdX Grants Program announced details of its fifth round of grants, with six grants totaling $132,400 planned in areas including funding for media platform. Source
  • Cross-chain smart contracts platform Clover Finance announced that it has changed its name to CLV and is enabling the CLV brand in the wallets and chains it will release. Source
  • Robinhood will expand its beta program for its cryptocurrency wallet. Source
  • Elrond Network acquires payments firm Twispay, wins E-Money license. Source
  • RSS3 announced the results of the vote on the proposal to destroy the remaining 12.6 million LBP tokens, and the option to destroy that portion of the tokens won. Source
  • The UAE government has passed a law on virtual assets. Source
  • Ukraine has received nearly $100 million in crypto donations. Source
  • Tether CTO: CBDC to Replace SWIFT, Privately Issued Stable Coins Will Still Exist Source
  • US Senator Lummis: Bill to integrate cryptocurrencies into financial system ‘almost ready’ Source
  • Biden signed an order placing the development of a potential U.S. CBDC option at the top of the list of priorities. Source
  • FTX hires former WB Games executive to lead gaming partnerships. Source
  • Thailand’s SCB launches virtual headquarters in The Sandbox metaverse. Source
  • Adobe's Behance is adding support for the Polygon network. Source
  • EU Says Russia, Belarus Sanctions Extend to Crypto Source
  • State Street inks institutional crypto custody deal with Copper Source
  • Owner of Bitstream Mining will list on Nasdaq. Source
  • Blockdaemon acquires crypto on-ramp company Gem. Source
  • Paxos wins regulatory approval from Monetary Authority of Singapore. Source


  • Z Holdings, the subsidiary of SoftBank, plans to launch its NFT marketplace in 180 countries worldwide this spring. Source
  • Gucci will collaborate with 10KTF to launch the 10KTF Gucci Grail NFT collection. Source
  • Cake DeFi launches $100m venture capital arm CDV, which will focus on Web3, Metaverse, NFT and more. Source
  • NBA star LeBron James files trademark application for NFT collection. Source


  • Swim Protocol, a Solana-based multi-chain liquidity protocol, has closed a $4 million seed round led by Pantera Capital. Source
  • Altered State Machine, an AI metaverse platform, closed a seed funding round for an undisclosed amount with Coinbase Ventures and others. Source
  • MetalCore, a mechanized combat game, closed a $15 million private funding round through token and NFT sales. Source
  • StarkWare, an Israeli zero-knowledge proof research and development organization, is raising a new round of funding at a $6 billion valuation. Source
  • Spartan Group will launch a new $200 million fund that will focus on projects building in the metaverse. Source
  • Powerbomb Finance closes $1 million in funding led by Delta Blockchain Fund. Source
  • Lunar, the Nordic neo-bank, raises $77M at a $2B valuation and launches crypto trading platform and B2B payments. Source
  • Blockchain game studio Epic League closed $1M seed round with YGGSEA and others. Source
  • SoicalFi network Richverse Web3 closed $3.75 million in funding with AKG Ventures and others. Source
  • Loco, a game streaming platform, announced the closing of a $42 million funding round led by Hashed. Source
  • UK-based consumer technology company Nothing closed $70 million Series B funding round with participation from Animoca Brands and others. Source
  • DAO management tool Upstream closed $12.5m series A funding round led by Boldstart Ventures. Source
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