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Crypto Daily Digest - March 16th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - March 16th Source: Aave

DeFi lending platform Aave announced the launch of version V3. Aave V3 will be deployed on Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism and Harmony, with the deployment date on Ethereum mainnet yet to be determined. This update improves asset liquidity for users from one network to another, while enhancing capital efficiency and security.

Table of Contents
  1. DeFi
  2. NFT
  3. Fundings


  • Ukraine announces full legalization of crypto industry. Source
  • DeFi lending platform Aave lauches version 3. Source
  • MetaMask surpasses 30 million users, plans to create DAO and issue tokens. Source
  • The interoperability protocol LayerZero team is about to launch the cross-chain protocol Stargate. Source
  • Hundred Finance and Agave hit by lightning lending attack, losing over $11 million. Source
  • DeFi lending protocol Alchemix launches v2, allows users to customize revenue aggregators. Source
  • Crypto savings app finblox closes $3.9 million seed round with Dragonfly Capital and others. Source
  • Synthetix to launch perpetual contracts on Kwenta with up to 10x leverage. Source
  • SushiSwap Releases Framework AMM Protocol Trident Introduction. Source
  • Celer Network announces SGN v2 launch of public pledge. Source
  • 145 million in assets bridged from Ether to Astar Network. Source
  • Decentralized trading platform dYdX plans to introduce a purpose built trust framework. Source
  • Liquidity pledge protocol ClayStack goes live with Polygon. Source
  • Solidly: The domain has been handed over to the Solidex team. Source
  • Alpha Finance Lab announces its DeFi protocol Alpha Homora V2 is live on Fantom. Source
  • DeFi lending protocol Alchemix announces the release of version v2. Source
  • MarkerDAO steCRV vaults support is now live. Source
  • The lending protocol Euler plans to integrate with options platform Opyn, which will allow users to short ETH volatility through Euler. Source
  • Coinbase is moving forward with its plans for a crypto derivatives business in the US. Source
  • Fairyproof: Hundred Finance and Agave attacked due to transfer of ERC677 tokens. Source
  • Andre Cronje deployed 6 forex stablecoin pools on Curve yesterday. Source
  • India's finance minister says central bank is working on phased implementation of CBDC strategy, cryptocurrencies are unregulated in India. Source


  • Supercar maker McLaren to launch NFT in partnership with metaverse infrastructure platform InfiniteWorld. Source
  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg: working on bringing NFT to Instagram. Source
  • BAYC co-founder denies Yuga Labs roadmap was leaked. Source
  • The Sandbox announces partnership with HSBC. Source
  • LINE NEXT announces it will partner with 26 companies, including SoftBank and Visa, to build a global NFT ecosystem. Source
  • Bored Ape startup plans virtual land sales, APECoin token to kickstart metaverse gaming project. Source
  • The NFT game F1 Delta Time developed by Animoca Brands will cease operations. Source


  • DeFi Lending Agreement Sturdy Completes $3.9m Financing Led by Pantera Capital. Source
  • Hex Trust closes $88m Series B round led by Animoca Brands and Liberty City Ventures. Source
  • NFT Chain Tour Rebel Bots closes $2m private placement round with Animoca Brands and others. Source
  • Continuous Settlement Protocol Zebec Protocol closes $28m round via token sale Alameda Research and others. Source
  • Synthetic Asset Protocol Float Capital closes $5m seed round with Alameda Research and others. Source
  • Treehouse, a DeFi portfolio analytics platform, closed an $18m seed round with Binance and others. Source
  • Eizper Chain has closed two rounds of funding totaling $2 million, including a seed round led by Alameda Research. Source
  • ConsenSys closes $450 million funding round at $7 billion valuation led by ParaFi Capital. Source
  • IoTeX, a blockchain platform focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced the launch of a $100 million sustainable ecosystem fund. Source
  • TravelX raises $10M to launch multichain distribution protocol. Source
  • Crypto Unicorns nets $26m in token sales led by TCG, Backed VC. Source
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