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Crypto Daily Digest - March 24th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - March 24th

Blockchain game guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) has launched its Japanese subDAO YGG Japan. YGG has entered into an exclusive partnership with ForN, a Japanese blockchain game company, for the operation of YGG Japan. YGG Japan not only offers Play to Earn games, but also supports Japanese game companies bringing their blockchain games all over the world. Animoca Brands is also reportedly in talks to invest in YGG Japan.

Table of Contents
  1. DeFi
  2. NFT
  3. Fundings


  • Coinbase staking product adds Cardano. Source
  • OneRing officially releases compensation plan. Source
  • Credit agreement Union Finance launches governance token $UNION. Source
  • a16z team presents proposal for new MakerDAO token economic model. Source
  • Anchor Protocol community adopts proposal to earn rate to semi-dynamic rates. Source
  • Cross-chain liquidity protocol Stargate reached $2 billion in lockups after one week online. Source
  • Honduras denies rumors that Bitcoin will become legal tender in the country. Source
  • ANZ becomes first Australian bank to mint stablecoin. Source
  • South Korea's second-largest conglomerate to issue own cryptocurrency. Source
  • Cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol Via Protocol officially supporting Optimism. Source
  • Catalog will distribute 50 million $CAT tokens to Ren Protocol users directly into their metaversal accounts. Source
  • US Senate will consider a bill examining El Salvador's bitcoin experiment. Source
  • Immutable X is supported on Orbiter Finance. Source
  • EU Set to Experiment With Blockchain-Based Stock, Bond and Fund Trading. Source


  • BAYC related series of NFT vaults sold for 1,401 $ETH. Source
  • Time Magazine NFT with Vitalik Buterin on the cover is now live on Ethereum and on OpenSea. Source
  • BATTLEGROUNDS publisher Krafton will partner with Solana Labs to develop a blockchain game. Source
  • DeFiance Founder NFT Theft Hacker has transferred 500 $ETH to Tornado.Cash. Source
  • Yield Guild Games launches subDAO YGG Japan. Source
  • NFT trading platform Nifty Gateway will support wallet-to-wallet NFT transfers on April 5. Source
  • Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa launch APE and BAYC-themed music NFT. Source
  • Korean media outlet KStarLive announced the launch of the PFP NFT project based on idol fashion. Source
  • Meta (formerly Facebook) files 8 trademark applications for its new Logo. Source


  • Acala launches $250m ecosystem fund to drive adoption of its stablecoin $aUSD. Source
  • Metaverse platform ALTAVA Group closes about $9m in funding led by Animoca Brands and others. Source
  • Japanese gaming guild Apricot Planet closes seed round with participation from Animoca Brands. Source
  • 10 MAYC Series NFT on Gem sell for $235 ETH. Source
  • Former Polychain partner launches $125m crypto venture capital fund dao5. Source
  • Metaverse algorithmic stablecoin project TeaDAO completed a $4.6m seed round with LD Capital and other participants. Source
  • Game developer Gamefam closed $25m in funding led by Konvoy and Play Ventures. Source
  • Decentralized creator platform Joystream closed $5.85m funding round at $60m valuation, led by D1 Ventures and others. Source
  • Wemade, a publicly traded Korean gaming company, announced a strategic investment in blockchain platform IoTeX. Source
  • Phi Labs secures $21m in strategic funding, led by Hashed and CoinFund. Source
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