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Crypto Daily Digest - May 17th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - May 17th Source: Polygon

On May 17th, Polygon launches Layer 2 Rollup solution Nightfall mainnet Beta. Elon Musk said the deal can't move forward unless Twitter proves fake accounts are less than 5%. Linktree partners with OpenSea to launch a new NFT feature, NFT Gallery, allowing users to showcase their NFTs on their Linktree. Binance Labs announced a $6 million strategic investment in Zecrey, a Layer 2 cross-chain protocol.


  • Do Kwon proposes forking Terra chain into Terra Classic and a new chain without algorithmic stablecoin. Source
  • Twitter commits to completing the transaction with Musk at the agreed price. Source
  • Elon Musk said the deal can't move forward unless Twitter proves fake accounts are less than 5%. Source
  • Aurora launched Aurora+ platform with Aurobots NFT to airdrop. Source
  • $ALG on BNB Chain appeared rug pull. Source
  • VeChain Foundation will provide funding to VeChain migrated Terra developers. Source
  • Data: number of non-zero addresses holding $ETH reached an ATH of 80,804,145. Source
  • MakerDAO: Curve 3pool and other factors reduced Dai supply by 2.2 billion over the past two weeks, but Dai peg is safe. Source
  • The multi-chain DeFi protocol FEG has been attacked again, losing about $1.9 million. Source
  • The proposals to deploy Uniswap v3 on the Gnosis and Moonbeam chains are now open for voting. Source
  • It is now possible to claim vested $COW tokens for everyone who locked their $GNO. Source
  • Polygon is launching ZK-proof protocol Polygon Nightfall on mainnet in partnership with EY. Source
  • Ribbon Finance proposed to issue $3m of bonds through Porter Finance. Source
  • BitMEX launches spot exchange BitMEX Spot. Source
  • already bought back 755 $YFI for $19m. Source
  • ConsenSys will launch decentralized customer service platform VillageDAO in partnership with LivePerson. Source
  • Brazilian Stock Exchange B3 will launch Bitcoin Futures within six months. Source
  • Solana ecosystem DeFi protocol Ratio Finance mainnet is now live. Source
  • Gelato Network launches Gelato Relay, a multi-chain trading API. Source
  • Terra Land will be migrating to the Ethereum blockchain and users will be able to claim new $TLAND tokens based on a snapshot. Source
  • Across Protocol, the Ethereum cross-chain bridge, will begin its V2 liquidity migration on May 23. Source
  • Clearpool will launch V2 with multi-chain support on May 19, and users will need to migrate their liquidity to V2. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • U.S. Government says IT workers from North Korea are working in Crypto on a large scale. Source
  • US Congress Research Agency weighs in on $UST crash. Source
  • South Korea's financial regulatory authority has asked exchanges to provide data related to the number of Terra investors. Source
  • South Korea lawmaker wants Do Kwon to attend parliamentary hearing. Source


  • LimeWire to open its collectibles marketplace to Universal Music Group artists. Source
  • Digital identity management provider Linktree partners with OpenSea to launch NFT Gallery. Source


  • Binance Labs has announced a $6 million strategic investment in Zecrey, a Layer 2 cross-chain protocol. Source
  • Encode Club, a Web3 education community, has closed a $5 million seed round with participation from Dragonfly Ventures and others. Source
  • Content marketing company Gusto Collective announced that it raised $11m in seed round co-led by Animoca Brands and others. Source
  • Oasis announced an additional investment of $35 million, bringing its total ecosystem development fund to $235 million. Source
  • Web3 treasury management infrastructure Coinshift closed $15 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global. Source
  • Web3 social graph protocol CyberConnect announced that it raised $15m in Series A co-led by Animoca Brands and others. Source
  • Crypto tax company TaxBit gets strategic investment from Haun Ventures. Source
  • Smart contract security firm Certora raised $36 million in a Series B round led by Jump Crypto. Source
  • Fortis Digital Ventures launches a new $100 million crypto fund. Source
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