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Crypto Daily Digest - May 23rd

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - May 23rd

On May 23rd, eBay partners with OneOf to launch its first NFT collection. CoinDesk relaunches social token into the wild. American video game retailer GameStop Corp launched its non-custodial, browser-based Ethereum wallet similar to MetaMask. Cosmos based lending protocol Coslend launches beta version on Evmos mainnet.


  • Goldman Sachs says DeFi’s interconnections can increase systemic risk. Source
  • CoinDesk relaunches social token into the wild. Source
  • eBay partners with OneOf to launch its first NFT collection. Source
  • French luxury brand Balenciaga to accept crypto payments In U.S. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: Users should be wary of fake $LUNA burning addresses. Source
  • OKLink has added Solana Blockchain Browser. Source
  • GameStop rolls out MetaMask-like Ethereum wallet to support NFT marketplace. Source
  • Solana based launchpad Solanium launches Solanium Swap. Source
  • Crypto startup Stader Labs lost 40% of its money due to the Terra incident. Source
  • Do Kwon says users not advised to burn $LUNA tokens. Source
  • Avalanche loses $60m in Terra's crash. Source
  • Terra Name Service is migrating .ust domain to Terra 2.0. Source
  • Cosmos based lending protocol Coslend launches beta version on Evmos mainnet. Source
  • Evmos Name Service will launch testnet on June 15. Source
  • Liquid staking protocol Stader will take snapshot on May 26th and migrate $SD to Ethereum. Source
  • Terra's proposal to re-enable IBC passed but failed to execute. Source
  • Retrograde will let community choose which chain to migrate to. Source
  • MetaMask is looking for a product marketing manager and may launch tokens. Source
  • Otherdeed will provide a technical demonstration to holders on July 16. Source
  • The number of addresses holding at least 1 Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high of 844,906. Source
  • BNP Paribas joins JPM's blockchain network Onyx for fixed income trading. Source
  • THORChain will cease all THORFi development to focus on Layer1 DEX. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • RBI Governor hints at announcing an interest rate hike in the next monetary policy meetings. Source


  • Targeted phishing scam nets $438k in crypto and NFTs from hacked Beeple account. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: The Facture official discord was attacked with 455 $SOL lost. Source
  • NFT project Moonbirds is airdropping Moonbirds Oddities to their NFT holders. Source


  • Metaverse App BUD closed a $36.8 million Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital India. Source
  • Crypto Valley Venture Capital launches African Blockchain early-stage fund. Source
  • Element Black, a metaverse infrastructure company, closes $1.6 million in funding with participation from Boxmining and others. Source
  • Crypto bank Protego Trust Bank is raising Series B funding at nearly $2 billion valuation. Source
  • Korea's RECON Labs raises $4.4 million for 3D-AR shopping visualization. Source
  • Cypher Capital will invest $5 million in the Ocean Protocol eco-project. Source
  • GEMS secures 50m investment commitment from GEM. Source
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