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Crypto Daily Digest - May 9th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - May 9th Source: Compound

On May 9th, Compound Treasury received a B- credit rating from S&P Global Ratings, making it the first institutional DeFi offering to be rated by a major credit rating agency. Sushi publicly posts a CEO search to lead Sushi into the next phase. Sushi has an open recruitment for a CEO (HeadChef) to lead Sushi into the next phase. The fair launch auction platform Copper is live on Avalanche. LFG plans to loan $750 million worth of $BTC to OTC trading firms to help protect the $UST peg.


  • Compound Treasury received a B- credit rating from S&P Global Ratings. Source
  • Sushi announces public posting for CEO. Source
  • RabbitHole says there will never be a RabbitHole airdrop. Source
  • LFG plans to loan $750 million worth of $BTC to OTC trading firms to help protect the $UST peg. Source
  • StarkWare announced that StarkGate Alpha, the first version of StarkNet Bridge, launched on Mainnet today. Source
  • Yeti Finance has deployed veYETI Boosting on Curve LP to mainnet. Source
  • RAW DAO launches vote on proposal to enable liquidity rewards for Junoswap. Source
  • Do Kwon: Terraform Labs removed 150m $UST from Curve to get ready for 4pool. Source
  • ZKRollup-based Ethereum Layer2 scaling solution zkSync will launch tokens at an undisclosed date. Source
  • Data: $LUNA liquid supply added over 950,000 in one day yesterday. Source
  • Lending protocol Fortress Protocol suffers an oracle manipulation attack. Source
  • Bitstamp has appointed JB Graftieaux as new CEO. Source
  • Cross-chain interoperability protocol Multichain announce that $veMULTI mainnet is officially launched. Source
  • Polkadex won Polkadot's 16th parachain auction. Source
  • Copper, the fair launch auction platform, announced that it is live on Avalanche. Source
  • The proposal to deploy Uniswap v3 on Gnosis Chain is open for voting. Source
  • TRON founder Justin Sun tweeted that he is seeding a $UST/$USDD pool on Uniswap. Source
  • Terra Name Service (TNS) will launch the second round of airdrop for the Early Incentive Program for eligible users. Source
  • Binance listed Lido DAO ($LDO) at 11:00 UTC on May 9. Source
  • Web3 infrastructure startup Mysten Labs announced the release of public Sui DevNet. Source
  • Kava 10 mainnet upgrade postponed to May 26th. Source
  • Terra Founder: LFG doesn't plan to exit bitcoin positions, aims to put professional market makers in control of funds. Source
  • Tether issues 1 billion additional $USDT on TRON. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • Coinbase says some Russian users' accounts may be blocked. Source
  • India’s Goods and Services Tax Council Considers a 28% Tax on Bitcoin. Source


  • Zuckerberg says Instagram will test NFTs starting this week. Source
  • Doodles holders will be able to claim a dooplicator. Source
  • BAYC floor price falls below 100 ETH. Source
  • ETHDenver will take a snapshot of the Bufficorn NFT collection at 12:00 today. Source
  • Ride To Earn cycling project BikeRush announced the completion of the first round of Genesis NFT airdrop. Source
  • GraBoys NFT administrator Discord account stolen by hackers. Source
  • Japanese manga "Attack of the Giants" officially authorized legendary NFT will be on sale for the first time on Flow on May 10. Source
  • Cosmos ecosystem NFT interoperable layer1 Stargaze may launch NFT Marketplace beta within this week. Source
  • Gaming club FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) has announced the launch of the FPX Meta Universe. Source


  • SO-COL, the Web3 social platform founded by Irene Zhao, is raising funding at a $100 million valuation led by Blockchain Capital. Source
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