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LaaS protocol Tokemak officially made its C.o.R.E.2. On live. Meanwhile Sushi reactor's proposal got passed. The protocol will deployed $SUSHI pool soon. Cross-chain protocol Wormhole integrated with Polygon. Nansen's founder announced they will support Solana, the first “non-EVM” blockchain on Nansen, in 2022. PsyOptions | deBridge | Big Time | Ribbon | Synthetify


Tokemak C.o.R.E.2. Voting Is Live on Nov 10, Collateralizing SUSHI Reactor Vote Is Passed

  • C.o.R.E.2. will last one week and end on Tuesday, November 16th at 12PM PT, 8PM UTC.
  • There are 45 total C.o.R.E.2. Token Reactor candidates, those from the first C.o.R.E. that didn’t reach ignition, and some new additions
  • The new candidates are: APWine (APW), Gro DAO (GRO), Index Coop (INDEX), Wrapped Terra (LUNA), Perpetual Protocol (PERP), Popsicle (ICE), Shapeshift (FOX), and Temple DAO (TEMPLE)
  • Top 5 Currently: Synthetix(SNX), Rune(Thorchain), Illuvium(ILV), Rari Capital(RGT) and Temple DAO (TEMPLE)
  • TOKE, Uni LP, and Sushi LP tokens that are staked in their respective pools on will automatically receive a voting purse that can be utilized to vote for a preferred Token Reactor (or Reactors)
  • New TOKE, Uni LP, and Sushi LP can be staked at any time during the week to gain more votes.
  • Nov 11, Collateralize SUSHI Reactor Vote is live on Sushi's governance snapshot page. Over 99.99% votes for the Collateralize $3.58m in the reactor pool. Source

Synthetify Announced Collaboration With Chainlink

Solana's synthetic asset protocol Synthetify announced integrating Chainlink Price Feeds to help secure the minting, swapping, redeeming, and liquidating functions of synthetic asset protocol on Solana. Source

Wormhole x Polygon

Crosschain bridge Wormhole adds support for Polygon to the Wormhole tokens and NFT bridges. The new bridge means that Polygon users will now have direct access to the Solana and Terra ecosystems for the first time. With the new addition, Wormhole now supports 5 networks and has amassed $580m TVL. While support is now live, please be advised that there are currently no live known markets for Wormhole assets on Polygon. Look out announcement for Wormhole wrapped assets listing within Polygon in the coming days / weeks. Source

Nansen Will Support Solana in Early 2022

Crypto wallet analysis company Nansen will begin sifting Solana addresses for trading “alpha” early next year. The software company will add coverage for the Solana blockchain in the first quarter of next year, project leads said at the Solana conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on Tuesday. Source

PsyOptions to Build European Options With Serum Core

On the day after Serum announced the launch of Serum Core, Psyoptions, an options DEX based on Solana and Serum, announced that it would launch a margin-based European options product on the basis of Serum Core. Serum Core is an upgraded version of Serum, which allows Serum to match any type of asset transaction order, including assets that cannot be tokenized but can still benefit from the order book, such as derivative contracts. Compared with the old Psyoptions American options products, the European options product does not need to be tokenized, nor require the option seller to bear the obligation of 100% collateral ratio, which improves capital efficiency. Source

Ribbon Will Launch stETH Covered Call Vault Next Week

Options structured product protocol Ribbon Finance announced that it will launch a covered call option strategy vault with stETH as collateral next week. The vault was created in cooperation with Lido, an Ethereum staking token liquidity release protocol. Users can deposit ETH, and the Ribbon Vault will automatically stake the ETH with Lido and get back stETH. The vault will then use the stETH as collateral for writing call options against it, generating stacking both sources of yield. On the flipside, when users want to withdraw their ETH from Ribbon, the vault automatically swaps stETH into ETH on the Curve stETH pool. The vault is expected to have an upper limit of 1000 ETH, and there may be additional $LDO as revenue in the future. Source

deBridge Released Testnet 2.0

deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity protocol that allows transfer of data and assets between various blockchains. Testnet 2.0 of deBridge has passed internal testing and is now open to the public. There have been some improvements compared with Testnet 1.0 :

  • No listing mechanics. Any arbitrary asset can be bridged.
  • The verification of cross-chain transactions is moved off-chain.
  • Validators no longer bear validation costs as all signatures are stored off-chain on IPFS.
  • deBridge smart contracts have equal addresses in EVM blockchains.
  • deBridge operates as a self-sovereign protocol. Source

Yield Yak and OrcaDAO to Utilize Interest Bearing Tokens as Collateral

Yield Yak is a farming protocol on Avalanche. It announced a partnership with OrcaDAO enabling users to use their Yak Receipt Token as collateral on OrcaDAO to borrow $AVAI (stablecoin). Source


Apricot's $APT will be Available for Public Sale on November 18

Apricot, the Solana eco-lending protocol, has announced a public sale of its token $APT on November 18 at 22:00 BST for $0.30, capped at 30 million (worth $9 million).

Apricot Finance, a DeFi solution built on Solona, offers users an over-the-top mortgage service with its "Apricot Lend", a mortgage agreement featuring low liquidation penalties and high predictability, as well as a 2-hour liquidation guarantee, "Apricot Rescue", which provides borrowers with the security to liquidate their positions in a short period of time. Source

Polygonum Public Sales on Multipul Launchpad

The zombie apocalypse survival game built on BSC, Polygonum, will soon be available for public sale on multiple platforms with its native token $POG.

  • 12th-15th DAO Maker
  • 16th GameFi
  • 17th PolkaFoundry

The price is $0.08 and public sale offers a total of 5% of total supply. Source


GuildFi Closed $6 Million Seed Funding Round

GuildFi, a Thai NFT gaming infrastructure company, closed a $6 million seed round led by DeFiance Capital and Hashed, with participation from Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, and Animoca Brands. GuildFi takes gaming guilds to the next level by developing a Web3 infrastructure to connect games, NFTs, and communities, with an aim to maximize players' lifetime benefits and enable interoperability across metaverse. Source


$JET is Listed on FTX Global

$JET, the native token of Solana lending protocol, is listed on FTX Global. Source


a16z's Chris Dixon(GP) and Pack McCormick(Founder) writing about the promise of web3 in the latest issue of The Economist: Source

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Bets Big On Solana And Web 3.0 Source





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