Crypto Daily Digest - November 12th

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UXD, an algorithmic stablecoin project on Solana, has officially started a public token sale. The fixed income protocol Tempus' token $TEMP public sale will be launched soon. TracerDAO will participate in the Tokemak C.o.R.E.2. vote and Pendle is deployed on Avalanche. Rarible | Avalanche | Saddle | Zebec


$TEMP Will Launch On Copper Platform

Fixed interest rate protocol Tempus announced launching the $TEMP FAIR LAUNCH AUCTION on the Copper platform through a Balancer LBP. Source

  • Approximately 70m $TEMP tokens available for sale
  • Starting price of $0.51 per $TEMP, declining gradually over the course of 48 hours
  • Participate with USDC
  • The auction starts on Tuesday 16 November 17:00 UTC
  • TokenInsight has introduced $TEMP on DailyFi Nov 9: Source

UXD Token Sale Alive

UXD public token sale stated. At the time of writing, there is already $3.7m USDC contributed to it. With the total supply of 10 billion, the raising indicates a fully diluted valuation of $120 million.

UXD is an algorithm stablecoin built on Solana. It will issue stablecoin by holding a delta neutral position. 10% of the governance token will be distributed to investors and UXD raised $3 million weeks ago from Multicoin capital, Alameda Research, CMS, DeFinance Capital and others. $3 million funding and 10% token imply that the token price of investors is $0.003. Source

DeFi Yield Marketplace Pendle Goes Live on Avalanche

DeFi yield marketplace Pendle goes live on Avalanche, with casting, pledging, and trading capabilities now in place. It supports a total of four assets at launch, each with its own underlying asset ownership OT pool and asset natural yield YT pool. Of these, Pendle's integration with Trader Joe, the Avalanche Eco DeFi protocol, supports xJOE and PENDLE/AVAX LP, and its integration with BENQI, the liquidity market protocol, supports qiAVAX and qiUSDC. Pendle says it is incentivizing liquidity mining with 125% of the base reward during launch week and will launch a trading incentive program next week. Source

TracerDAO Is Proposing Delegating 116k Votes in Tokemak's C.o.R.E.2. For 3 Projects

  • Perpetual derivative protocol Tracer's community TracerDAO is proposing delegating 116k votes in Tokemak's C.o.R.E.2. to 3 projects that $TCR holders deem worthy.
  • Tracer DAO has 27,406.56 $TOKE in its treasury available for stake voting.
  • $TOKE staking voting will be 1:6, 1 $TOKE = 6 votes. Hence TracerDAO has 164,439.36 votes.
  • The proposal aims to stake $TOKE from the Tracer DAO treasury into a Toke reactor in order to vote for 3 of the 45 candidates in the running for the C.o.R.E.2. Token reactor.
  • This aims to 1. receive staking rewards up to 57% APR optimising treasury for greater capital efficiency by earning yield on the $TOKE tokens. 2. Selected synergy projects that will be helpful to the TracerDAO community. Source

Avalanche Hacks Series Hackathon

The Avalanche Hacks Series Hackathon will be held in Istanbul on December 3rd. The theme will be Game with $50,000 in prizes. Source


Rarible Integrates Flow Blockchain and Rarible Protocol have fully integrated Flow. Now users can create, list, and trade Flow-based NFTs on Rarible. Flow is a blockchain tailor-made for gaming and NFT experiences, originally created by Dapper Labs. Source

League of Ancients Pre-sale Whitelist

League of Ancients, a MOBA mobile game on BSC, has opened the pre-sale whitelist for its native token LOA. Players who get 10 new referral will be eligible for pre-sales whitelist. 1.33% of $LOA total supply will be sold at $0.05 through the pre-sale. Source


Agoric Closed $32 Million in Financing

Agoric, a Cosmos-based smart contract platform, has closed a $32 million funding round through a token private placement, along with the launch of its mainnet, AMM and native stablecoin $RUN. Its investors include Polychain, Naval Ravikant, Placeholder, NGC Ventures, Spartan Group and others. Spartan Group and others. The funds raised will be used to build and grow its developer community. Agoric will reward early developers with its native Build ($BLD) token, said Dean Tribble, co-founder and CEO of Agoric. Source

Saddle Closed $7.5 Million Funding Round Led by Polychain and Electric Capital

Open Source AMM Saddle has closed a $7.5 million funding round led by Polychain and Electric Capital, with participation from Nascent, Project Galaxy, and others. Sunil Srivatsa, the founder of Saddle, said the funding round will be used to expand its team, help bring low-slip stablecoins to each chain in DeFi, and invest in the Saddle community and creator metaverse. Source

Zebec Closed $6 Million in Seed Round Funding

Zebec has closed $6 million in early-stage seed round funding. The round was led by Republic Capital, Shima Capital, and Breyer Capital and supported by Liberty City Ventures, Resolute Ventures, Launchpad VC, etc. As the first programmable cash flow protocol on Solana, Zebec enables real-time and continuous streams of payments and financial transactions for payroll, investments and more. The automatic money streams made possible through the Zebec Protocol allow businesses, employees and consumers to completely reimagine how they are paid, how they invest and how they buy products or services. Source


How to trick Etherscan's code verafication process by samczsun Source

Web3 report by consensys: Source

Curve Wars: The Future of DeFi Dependent on a Windows 98 Application. Source




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