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Today's Immutable X ecosystem update is packed with events. Gods Unchained will launch its first Play-to-Earn event on November 2, Illuvium revealed its latest gameplay trailer on Youtube, and Guild of Gardians will launch its pass-through public offering on CoinList on November 10. There are also two interesting hack-events updates. There are also two interesting updates on the attacks: Ondo revealed details of their alleged "theft" and we've included a breakdown of the CREAM Finance lightning loan attack to read.Katana wins first place in Solana Ignition Hackson Aave | Automata | Decimated | Ardana


Nameless Closed A $15m Seed Investment Round Led by Mechanism Capital

Nameless is a software built for users to issue, test, sale, and manage NFTs. The investment brings Nameless's valuation to $75m. Other investors includes Velvet Sea Ventures, Red Beard Ventures, Delphi Digital, Fenbushi Capital, Third Prime, Cultur3 Capital, Michael Rubin, Dez Bryant, Spartan Group, D64 Ventures, Flamingo DAO, The LAO, and Wursta Ventures, among others. Nameless will use the capital to expand its team and further enhance and deliver on its mission of making the creation, customization, and adoption of NFTs easier and more accessible for individuals and enterprise companies alike. Source

Ardana Raised $10m Fundraising Rounds

Ardana completed $10m fundraising rounds led by Three Arrows Capital, CFund & Ascensive Assets. Other investors include Mechanism Capital, Kronos Research,, Morningstar Ventures. Ardana is a stablecoin ecosystem built on Cardano. Source

Hawku Closed $4m Fundraising Seed Round Led by Lightspeed

This round is led by Lightspeed, and other investors includes Multicoin Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, and Solana. Hawku plans to build a marketplace that is focused on the specific needs of gaming and utility NFTs. The vision of the project is to provide prospective buyers with the real-time data they need to research, buy and sell utility-based assets. Source

Umbrel Raised $3m in Seed Round

Umbrel's funding is led by OSS Capital, with participation from Naval Ravikant, Sahil Lavingia, Slow Ventures, Andreas Antonopoulos, Owen Gunden, Max Webster, Stephen Cole, Fulgur Ventures, Mimesis Capital, Huat Ventures, and several other notable investors, in addition to Village Global. Umbrel is the bitcoin and bitcoin lightning node service provider. It allows users to run non-mining bitcoin nodes at home. About 90% of bitcoin lightning network node are powered by Umbrel launched last year. Source


Aave’s Proposal to Disable the Borrow Function for $xSUSHI and $DPI

A proposal on Aave suggests to disable the borrow function for $xSUSHI and $DPI on V2 of the Aave Protocol as there might be potential vulnerabilities involved in using these assets as collateral. Source


Ondo Published A Full Explanation About the "Hack" on 28th Oct

Accounding to Ondo, normally its smart contract collects rewards automatically and sells them into a balanced amount of the LP asset. In the past, it sold $SUSHI/CVX to $ETH. But on 28th Oct, the contract made the swap in a wrong direction, which indicated that it sold $ETH and bought more other tokens ($CVX & $YGG). The bug has been manually fixed. Interestedly. This "wrong trade" made a profit of 117 $ETH, about $0.5m. Source

NFT & Metaverse

Gods Unchained First Play-to-Earn Event

Gods Unchained, a collectible card game built on Immutable X, will kick off its first Play-to-Earn event on November 2. The event will run for 8 weeks. Players who complete a specified number of games and reach a specified ranking level each week will be awarded $GODS. Source

IMX(Immutable X) Will Be Listed on Huobi Primelist

$IMX will be listed on a new token listing platform on Huobi - Primelist, on Nov 5. Users who hold a certain amount of $HT will be eligble to stand a chance to buy the native token of Immutable X - $IMX at $0.16 each. The offered price is a little bit higher than that on CoinList($0.10/$0.15 each). Source

Illuvium Revealed the Latest Game Trails, While $ILV Broke $1,000

On Oct 30, NFT RPG game on Ethereum Illuvium revealed the latest game trailer on Youtube. The showcase contains autobattle encounters, the mining of shards, and harvesting resources. At the same time, the $ILV price surpassed $1,000 and the marketcap of Illuvium reached $10b (FDV). Source

Guild of Guardians public token sale on CoinList

Guild of Guardians, a P2E mobile game on Immutable X just announced its public token sale plan on CoinList on November 10. As usual, there are 2 options of token prices with different lockup period. The public sale provides 6% of $GOG token total supply. The deadline of register is November 7, 23:59 UTC. Source

Decimated Drops Polygon in Favor of Solana

After investor and community feedback, Fracture Labs, the development team of Decimated decided to build their play-to-earn survival game Decimated not on Polygon, but on Solana. The team also discovered that Solana allows them to write on-chain in C++, the programming language they already use. Source


Automata Network Launched Mainnet

Automata Network is a decentralised service protocol that provides middleware services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot. Automata Network’s Mainnet is live, and they are launching a $20 million Ecosystem Incentive Program. Source

Ubisoft Will Seek to Invest in and Create Blockchain Games

Ubisoft has made some notable movements in crypto space, such as the funding of Animoca Brands, owner of Ethereum-based metaverse game The Sandbox — Guillemot. Ubisoft has showed a clear signal that the platform is in early-stage research and development in blockchain. Source

Solnana IGNITION Hackthon Ends and Katana Won the First Place

Solana's IGNITION Hackthon Ends and Winners Are Out, and Top Winners include Katana, Atrix, Superposition, Aver, 01 Protocol, Fluidity, Project Citadel, Bulldozer, Alon, Chaincrunch, Dialect, Rushdown Revolt, Potals, Eizper Chain, StepN, Titan Analytics and others. Source


C.R.E.A.M. Finance Post Mortem: Flash Loan Exploit Oct 27z Source

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