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On November 24th, LaaS protocol Tokemak announced that the former CEO and co-founder of Sushiswap, 0xMaki became their new Chief Strategy Advisor. Immutable X is introducing an NFT bridging tool from mainnet Ethereum called IMX Tools. Sushiswap | Tokemak | Sonar Watch | Cipher | BlockPad | Integitee | ShopNEXT


BlockPad IDO

BlockPad is a launchpad with customized raising suites that is going to IDO on three platforms.

  • Token: $BPAD
  • Price: $0.55
  • TruePNL: Nov 25th, 0.9%
  • Moonstarter: Nov 26th, 1.3%
  • DuckStarter: Nov 27th, 1.3% Source

DopeWarz IDO on Multi-platform

Drug dealer game DopeWarz announced its IDO plan on 4 launchpad: Game Station, Equinox, RoseonPad, Red Kite.

  • Token: $DRUG
  • Price: $0.03
  • Game Station: Nov 30, 0.67%
  • Equinox: Dec 1, 0.67%
  • RoseonPad: Dec 1, 0.25%
  • Red Kite: Dec 1, 0.42% Source

ShopNEXT Announced IDO on DAO Maker & Red Kite

ShopNEXT has announced IDO on DAO Maker and Red Kite on November 29th,2021. The whitelist has been opened today. ShopNEXT is a shop-to-earn crypto onboarding platform supported by Binance Pay.

  • Token: $NEXT
  • Price: $0.02
  • DAO Maker: Nov 29th, 1.3%
  • Red Kite: Nov 29th, 0.7% Source


0xMaki, the co-founder of Sushiswap, Officially Became the Chief Strategic Advisor for Tokemak

On November 24th, LaaS protocol Tokemak announced that the former CEO and co-founder of Sushiswap, 0xMaki became their new Chief Strategy Advisor. According to the Tokemak:"0xMaki will be our emissary to greater DeFi, facilitating DAO governance proposals, integrations, and expansion. This is an invaluable addition to team Tokemak." As the transition (from the seed investor to the Chief Strategic Advisor) proceeded, 0xMaki also changed his twitter name to "Tokemaki" and expressed that he is very excited to help the entire team part time going forward. Source

Solana Dashboard Sonar Watch Launched V2

Sonar Watch introduced Sonar V2. According to the previously published article, new features include Multi Wallet support, NFT Wallet evaluation, Statistics, Ecosystem overview, IL Calculator, Auto-refresh, Currency selector, Overall performance improvement and so on. Source


Sipher IDO

Sipher, a social MOBA game built on ethereum, has just announced plans to launch a public sale of its native token $SIPHER on its official website on Dec. 6, with details yet to be announced and to be released via social platforms in the coming days. Source

Immutable X NFT Bridge Tool

The Immutable Ape X team has announced the development of a bridge tool, IMX Tools, that allows users to transfer NFTs between Immutable X Layer-2 and the Ethernet mainnet for free to all users, but the team has not released the code or technical documentation. Immutable Ape X is a collection of NFTs in the Immutable X ecosystem. If there are still unsold NFTs after the public sale at 16:00 UTC every day, 777 NFTs will be destroyed randomly among the remaining NFTs, and a total of 7,643 NFTs will be sold in the end. Source


P2E Gaming Guild Avocado Guild Closed $18 Million Series A Financing

Avocado Guild, a P2E gaming guild, has closed an $18 million Series A round led by Animoca Brands, with participation from Three Arrows Capital, Solana, Hashd and others. After this round, the guild is valued at $200 million. Avocado Guild is said to have 7,000 members and will also promote its "scholarship" program, where "students" will be trained to play games like Axie Infinity and, after agreeing to a 50/50 split, will be able to get a financial boost from the guild to start the game. Source

NFT Yield Ecosystem 99Starz Closed $3 Million Private Placement

NFT revenue ecosystem, 99Starz, has closed a $3 million private placement through a $STZ token sale with participation from Animoca Brands, Polygon, ZB Capital, and others. With a total of $STZ of 99 million, the private sale round of 10% of $STZ will have a 6 month lock-in period and will be released linearly on a per-day basis for 26 months after the lock-in period. 99Starz is creating an NFT revenue ecosystem through guild formation and NFT leasing to bring a Play and Earn (P2E) gaming model to millions of gamers. The project is reportedly scheduled to be publicly available on multiple platforms in December for $STZ. Source

Blockade Games Closed $5 Million in Funding Led by Animoca Brands

Blockchain game developer Blockade Games has closed a $5 million funding round led by Animoca Brands. Following this round, it is valued at $23 million. Blockade currently has an open source developer platform in place and is developing its flagship video game series Neon District. Source


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