Crypto Daily Digest - November 29th

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RomeDAO, a community project built by a core team of OlympusDAO, is planning the full launch of claiming ROME, staking, and bonding for the 29th. Illuvium is preparing the land sale of its mini game, Illuvium Zero, and staking v2. Creaticles | RaceFi | Antimatter | BAYC | Unicly | Neptune


Creaticles IDO

Creaticles is a decentralized application for requesting custom NFTs from the NFT art community, which will conduct its IDO on Sushi MISO. $CRE8 is the ERC20 utility token of Creaticles. It can be used to make payments directly on the platform, use token mining as an indicator of their reputation on Creaticles, and pay for premium placement on the site, and many other functions.

  • Token: $CRE8
  • Price: $0.095
  • MISO: Dec 1st, 14:00 (UTC), 4% Source

RaceFi IDO

RaceFi is a car racing game on Solana. RaceFi will conduct its IDO on SolRazr and EnjinStarter in December.

  • Token: $RACEFI
  • Price: $0.125
  • SolRazr: Dec 8th, 14:00 UTC Source

Victoria VR Token Sale

KuCoin will be launching the 16th Spotlight token sale with Victoria VR (VR) on November 29, 2021 (UTC).

  • Token: $VR
  • Price: 0.00295 USDT
  • kuCoin Spotlight: Nov 29th, 12:00 (UTC) Source


RomeDAO Launch

RomeDAO is a community project built by a core team of devs, researchers, and community builders from the OlympusDAO community. The protocol is based on the audited OlympusDAO contracts but includes various changes to function on Moonriver and implement added features. Because the initial goal of the protocol is to help expand the OlympusDAO ecosystem while experimenting with new bond types and fresh mechanism design. Source

Antimatter Released Plan of New Decentralized Dual Investment Products

On-chain derivatives platform AntiMatter announced on Medium that it will launch dual investment products. The essence of "dual investment" is covered options. The option will be settled on the delivery date with yields in either the token (when the options is not striked) or a stablecoin (when the options is striked). Users will be able to sell options and receive fixed yield and project token $MATTER rewards. Antimatter Dual Investment will support USDT, ETH and BTC initially, and it will run on Binance Smart Chain. Source


Illuvium Is Preparing Land Sale and Staking V2

RPG Ethereum game Illuvium is preparing the land sale of its mini game, Illuvium Zero, and staking v2. Illuvium Zero is a 3D isometric city building game developed using Unity. It is getting closer to its Alpha release.

1. Land Sale

Players can mint land to play in Illuvium Zero. The land sale will be hosted in the IlluviDEX. The community member and co-founder of Illuvium Aaron Warwick revealed a draft about parameters for the land sale. The land sale details are shown as follow:

  • Total for Sale: 100,000 plots, First Sale: 20,000 plots
  • 5 Tiers and 7 Regions

The lands were minted as NFTs on Immutable blockchain once purchased. The contract will generate a random seed which used to deterministically generate the site details and landmark details which comprise the land plot.

2. Staking v2

The illuvium team has designed a new set of smart contracts that implement additional features, gas optimizations, and fixes.

Upgrade process: Staking v1 users will have a two week window prior to v2 launch where they'll be able to execute the upgrade function. During this period yield will be halted in v1 and then when v2 begins yield, it will be given a bonus to cover the 2 week period of no yield from v1.

Main Changes: 1. all-in-one rewards claiming and unstake 2. Fixes and Gas Optimizations 3. Transfer Positions 4. Upgradeability 5. Flexible staking is being removed in Staking v2 Source

BAYC, Gmoney and PUNKS Comic teased collaboration with Adidas

NFT project BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) posted a photo on social media of an ape wearing an Adidas hoodie with the logos of Adidas, BAYC, Punks Comic and well-known NFT player Gmoney, suggesting that sports fashion brand Adidas a partnership with the sports fashion brand Adidas. Previously, Adidas entered into a partnership with Coinbase on November 24 and has a virtual land in the blockchain game Sandbox. Bored Ape Yacht Club is an NFT project consisting of 10,000 digital apes; Punks Comic is an NFT animation as a CryptoPunks spin-off; and Gmoney is a well-known NFT collector on Twitter. The recent collaboration shows that Adidas is venturing into the world of metaverse. Source


Fractionalized NFT Trading Platform Unicly Closed $10M Funding Round

Fractionalized NFT trading platform Unicly has announced the closing of a $10 million funding round led by Blockchain Capital and Animoca Brands. Unicly announced its main online launch in April this year and the new funding will prepare for the launch of Unicly v2. Unicly combines AMM, NFT auctions, revenue farming, DAO, and NFT fractional protocols to incentivize NFT liquidity. At the same time, creators can market their own NFT collections while taking advantage of Unicly's expanded community. Source

Neptune Mutual Closed $1.75 Million Seed Funding Round

Neptune Mutual, a multi-chain decentralized cover protocol, has closed a $1.75 million seed funding round led by Fenbushi Capital with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures and others. Neptune Mutual uses parametric cover models to protect user funds from exploits of cryptocurrency exchanges, custody providers, and smart contracts. The protocol does not require claims assessors, or any other middlemen, for claims processing. As soon as cover rules are met and resolved, claims result in an instant settlement. Source




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