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Perpetual derivatives project Tracer opens Fuse Pool on lending protocol Rari Capital, allowing users to lend $ETH and $USDC in Fuse Pool using $TCR as collateral; Boba Network's first AMM, Oolong, goes live on the Boba's mainnet; OlympusDAO community member launched an AMM Ohmieswap. Alpha | FRAKT | Star Atlas | ENS


SecondLive Closed Seed Round Fund Raising Led by BSC Growth Fund Along With Binance Labs

SecondLive is a diversified metaverse focused on building social networks and supporting creator economic activities. Within the metaverse, users can craft their own digital lives — creating their own avatars and choosing spaces to stay and to live. In different spaces like virtual exhibitions, personal spaces, art galleries, game rooms, and concert rooms, users can complete different tasks with avatars. Other investors includes ArkStream Capital, Bullet Labs, GBV Capital, LucidBlue Ventures, Magic Ventures, Multiplex Ventures, Old Fashion Research, Pow Rise Capital, SEJO Asset, and Yuanyuzhou Ventures. Source

Upland Closed $18 Million Series A Funding Round Led by Animoca Brands

Digital real estate trading game Upland closed $18 million in Series A funding led by Animoca Brands, with participation from OneTeam Partners,, Alumni Ventures Blockchain Fund, Global Global Founders Capital and others. The funds raised will be used to expand the team and build partnerships with more brands. Source


Tracer Pool Lending and Borrowing Opened on Rari Capital Fuse Pool

The Fuse pool consists of $ETH, $USDC, and $TCR. It allows users to earn lending interest or use $TCR as collateral to borrow $ETH or $USDC, with 200% collateral ratio. Rari Capital Fuse pools are decentralized lending and borrowing pools that give everyone the permission to create or participate in the pools. Source

OolongSwap, Boba's First Native AMM Is Alive on Boba's Network

OolongSwap is the first native AMM on Boba network, and now it is alive. OolongSwap provides basic features including Swap, Farm, and Staking, while Farming and Staking are not alive yet. At the time of writing, liquidity on Onlongswap is quite poor: 1 $ETH swap to USDT has about 15.17% slippage. Source

OlympusDAO's First DEX: Ohmieswap

An OlympuDAO member ChefOmi proposed an DEX for Olympus called Ohmieswap. Ohmieswap is a Sushiswap fork. It incentivizes liquidity with the $OSX token, and take fees on liquidity for xOSX stakers. The main differences between Ohmieswap and other mainstream DEXs are: 1. Built for Olympus. Instead of pairing everything against ETH, everything will be paired against OHM. 2. OlympusDAO will own and maintain main crucial router pools, and receive the major incentives($OSX), including OHM-DAI and OHM-ETH. 3. Debt mechanism is introduced to maintain staker's liquidity. Staker would be able to take 1 sOHM, borrow 1 OHM against it, and pool that 1 OHM with another token on Ohmieswap. 4. Ohmieswap will take a 10% fee on the rebases of deposited sOHM collateral. Source

Tranchess Launched Its ETH Fund

Tranchess is a yield protocol that provides BTC structured funds for users. Now, the structured funds for ETH are also live on the protocol. Source

Alpha Roadmap To Year-End

Alpha Finance posted its roadmap to year-end, which contains plans for Alpha Homora, AlphaX, Alpha Buy Wall, Alpha Launchpad incubator program, and Alpha Tokenomics. For Alpha Homora, the team will continues to drive more partnerships and integrations for Alpha Homora V2 on both Ethereum and Avalanche, and will continue to capture the demand to lend and leverage yield farm on other chains and L2 solutions. Furthermore, the team disclosres that AlphaX, the derivatives product of Alpha Finance, is going to launch on the non-Ethereum chains. Source

Premia V2 is Live

American Options Trading Protocol Premia has deployed its V2 version to the mainnet. In this version, the options seller is the liquidity provider of Premia's options AMM, while the protocol users defaults to the options buyer. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of asset utilization, Premia has built-in crypto swap functions, which can convert assets not supported by the option pool into usable assets through DEXes cooperated by the project party. Premia's options positions are NFTs, allowing users to transfer or sell their Premia options positions without closing. Source

Dahlia protocol is officially on Celo mainnet

Lending protocol on Celo Dahlia is live on Celo mainnet. For the first 24 hours, Celo users will only be allowed to deposit to the Earn tab, this is intended to allow sufficient liquidity for yield farmers to borrow. By 2021 Nov 4th, 7pm Pacific Time, farming will commence for all users. This will immediately increase interest rates, causing lenders to start earning high yield on their lent out Celo assets. The main assets that users will be able to earn interest on are cUSD and cEUR. Source

Synapse Released a New Proposal: Launch Synapse on Harmony

Synapse is the cross-chain bridge and AMM. Synapse released a proposal of launching Synapse on Harmony. $ONE will also be airdroped to users who bridge to Harmony to immediately have enough to use for gas. Moreover, $250k in $ONE upon deployment to be used for initial liquidity incentives.



FRAKT Started Its Token Economics Update Execution Plan

There are 3 major updates:

  • Move $FRKT funds to frkt.sol
  • Supply Reduction by burning 50,000,000 $FRKT
  • Halving of Staking Rewards Source

Star Atlas New Starship Sale Accept $ATLAS

Star Atlas, the famous star war strategy RPG on Solana, just released its plan of the wave 4 Starship sale. 50% of the new Starship will accept the payment with Star Atlas in-game currency $ATLAS, for the first time. And the remaining 50% will still paid with $USDC. Source

YGG partner with Sipher

Play-to-earn guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) recently announced a partnership with Sipher, a social MOBA game on Ethereum. YGG has invested $50,000 in Sipher's seed funding round, and purchased $80,000 worth of NFT assets for NFT rentals and scholarships in the future. Sipher, which announced the closing of a $6.8 million investment on October 27, first became known on September 9 when its first NFT launches were so hot that ethereum gas fees once reached 2,400 gwei. Source

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Announced $ENS Token Allocation Plan

  • 50% of $ENS token is locked in community treasury.
  • 25% will be airdropped to early users ( .ETH holders, >137k accounts)
  • 25% will be distributed to contributors including individuals and groups.
  • Airdrop will be able to claim on Nov. 8 and the amount of $ENS can be claimed depends on the # days of users holding at least 1 ENS name and the # days until the expiration of the last name on the account) Source


  • Paradigm research released a research article about AMM. Source



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