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Ronin, the sidechain introduced by the popular GameFi game Axie Infinity, released its governance token $RON today, and the native DEX Katana on Ronin went live. Digital asset exchange AscendEX announces the completion of a $50 million Series B funding round. Solana uplink game Nyan Heroes closes $2.5 million in funding. gather | Paladin | Ribbon | Grayscale


Solana on-chain Game Nyan Heroes Closes $2.5 Million Seed Round led by Three Arrows Capital

Nyan Heroes, the Solana on-chain GameFi protocol, has announced a $2.5 million seed round led by Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital, and DeFiance Capital, with participation from Sino Global Capital, Infinity Ventures Capital, Solana Ventures, and others. Source

AscendEX Closed a $50 Million Series B Round Led by Polychain Capital and Hack VC

Cryptocurrency exchange AscendEX has closed a $50 million Series B round led by Polychain Capital and Hack VC, with participation from Jump Capital, Alameda Research and others, valuing AscendEX at $455 million in Series B funding. The round will be used to expand AscendEX into international markets, including Europe, Asia and Latin America, and to scale its internal management team. Source

Gather Closed $50 Million Series B Financing Led by Sequoia Capital

Gather, a metaverse concept video chat platform, announced the closing of a $50 million Series B round led by Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures, with participation from Dylan Field (Figma), Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn), Juan Benet, CEO of Protocol Labs, Lachy Groom, Elad Gil, YC Continuity, Neo, Haystack and others. Lachy Groom, Elad Gil, YC Continuity, Neo, Haystack, and others. Gather is a video chat platform focused on virtual interactions where users can work, socialize and learn, as well as build custom, interactive virtual spaces. Previously, Gather closed a $26 million Series A round of funding in March this year, also led by Sequoia Capital. Source

BemilGame Raised $1.655 Million in Private Round

BemilGame has announced the closure of its $1.655m private funding round. Bemil has been participated by many different Venture Capitals such as: Faraland, DAOMaker, IceTea Labs, Spark Digital Capital, X-21, FomoCraft, 590 Ventures, Basics Capital, AVStar Capital, etc.. Source


Paladin Launches Protocol Token $PAL to be Airdropped to Eligible Users

The lending protocol Paladin Protocol announced the launch of the protocol governance token $PAL. $PAL will be allocated as follows: 15.9% will be allocated to investors, 15% to the team, 1.5% to advisors, and 67.6% to the community vault.

For the community distribution, a total of 1.108 million $PAL tokens will be distributed, with each initial member (user who contributed to the protocol in Discord) receiving 500 $PAL, 100,000 $PAL will be distributed to early adopters of Paladin Lending, and 1 million $PAL will be distributed to users who have used Paladin Lending in Aave, Compound, Uniswap, and Curve. Uniswap, and Curve governance who have voted or created proposals. Source


Ethereum Sidechain Ronin Announces the Launch of Token $RON

Ethereum sidechain Ronin announced the launch of token $RON, which can be used to pay Gas fees for Ronin network transactions and provide on-chain custodial for Axie Infinity and future gaming products. Also to increase the liquidity of $RON, 10% of the total $RON supply will be used as a reward for liquidity providers in the SLP/ETH and AXS/ETH liquidity pools. More details about $RON will be released later. Source


Ribbon Launched AAVE Covered Call vault

AAVE covered call vault is the first vault that non-BTC/ETH. Its strategy is similar to ETH Covered Call vault. It sells out of the money call options on a weekly basis, and compounds the premiums into the following week. Users now can deposit their $AAVE into the vault, and the vault is capped at 15.5k $AAVE. The cap will be expanded in the next few weeks according to Ribbon. Source

Several Options Projects Disclosed New Test Plan

  • The options products Zeta on Solana officially opens the testnet: Source
  • Pods Finance started testing its call options trading system on the Kovan testnet: Source
  • Exotic Options Divergence will open a new round of beta testing and trading competition on the Arbitrum testnet. Source


Coinbase Listed $CRO and $SUKU Protocol (CRO) and SUKU (SUKU) are available on Source


Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Conversion Application Is "noticed" by SEC

SEC released a file about the "Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change to List and Trade Shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust under NYSE Arca Rule", which means the spot Bitcoin ETF is starting clock for launch. The earliest date for approval is 24th Dec, if SEC did not put any extensions on it. Source

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