Crypto Daily Digest - October 19th

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What is DeFi 2.0?


<UbeSwap> UbeSwap announced a $1.2m seed round funding led by the Celo validator community. UbeSwap is the native DEX on the Celo network. The investors include Bitcandy, The Passive Trust, Polychain (Celo Ecosystem Fund), Tango, Validator Capital, and WOTrust. Source

<Good Games Guild> Good Games Guild was established with a mission to become the biggest world virtual economy, NFT Gaming Community, and NFT Marketplace. Good Games Guild raised $1.7M in Seed & Private Funding Round. The investors come from several great venture capitals such as OKEx Blockdream Ventures, MapleBlock Capital, LD Capital, Basics Capital, Twin Apex Capital, AU21 Capital, Alves Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Fomocraft, Titans Ventures, Signal Ventures, Scorpio VC, Master Ventures, Exnetwork, Dutch Crypto Investor (DCI), Oracle Investment Group (OIG). Source


<Coinbase listed Auction, ARPA, PERP> Inbound transfers for ARPA, AUCTION & PERP are now available in the regions where trading is supported. Traders cannot place orders and no orders will be filled. Trading will begin on or after 9 AM PT on Tuesday, October 19, if liquidity conditions are met. Source


<Vesper> Vesper Finance launched its testnet on Polygon. Source


<Loot v2> The Loot Project founded by Dom has updated the latest website in the last 3 weeks, to help players make sense of this ever-expanding Lootverse. Source


<Aave> Aave has posted the codebase of its cross-chain governance bridges on Github. Source

<Jet Protocol> Jet Protocol is listed on Nomics which is a crypto data aggregator. Source

<Flux Protocol> Flux Protocol is coming to Polygon and Opening Polygon Mining. Source

<Apricot> The assets that Apricot initially supports on mainnet: BTC, ETH, SOL, USDC, USDT, Saber USDC-USDT LP and X-Farm: Orca USDC-USDT, Orca SOL-USDC. Source


<Antimatter> Antimatter Finance NFT is live on Avalanche, users can package their AVAX-based assets into Index (ETF) or locker NFTs. Source

<Pods> Pods' sushi options live on Polygon with smart collateral. Smart collateral is for options sellers, they can obtain rewards including interest of aTokens, liquidity mining rewards from polygon, and premium. Source


<StakeDAO> The Avalanche incentive program, AvalancheRush allocates $3million AVAX as incentives to StakeDAO during the period of 3 months. Source

<Marinade Finance> Marinade Finance is a liquid staking protocol built on Solana. The TVL of Marinade has reached $1 billion after 77 days they launched. Source


Steam bans games using blockchain and NFTs, but Epic will now accept them. Source

<Alchemix founder - DeFi 2.0> Understanding DeFi 2.0 projects: Olympus, Tokemak, Spell/Alchemix and Convex. Source

Web3 Network Revenue: Source


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