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Crypto Daily Digest - October 25th

TI Research
Crypto Daily Digest - October 25th

A 2011 founded non-profit group Fight for the Future started a petition of telling steam not to ban blockchain games. We have also concluded some Terra's recent updates. Aurory | Terra | ShowMe

  • Aurory just finished the IDO of its native token AURY, and FTX has listed AURY with the pool of AURY/USD.
  • The Tracer Token Reactor is now live for deposits.
  • NFT social subscription platform ShowMe has officially closed its seed funding round.

Selected Projects

Nexus Protocol-V1

Nexus Protocol will be launching the V1 vaults to Terra community on October 31. Nexus Protocol is a yield aggregator on Terra and its first product will focus on borrow strategies that are available within the Terra ecosystem. Source

NFT & GameFi

Aurory IDO Finished And Listed on FTX

Aurory just finished the IDO of its native token AURY, The final IDO price is $15.55. Soon after the IDO, FTX has listed AURY with the pool of AURY/USD. Raydium listed AURY with the pool of AURY/USDC later. Source

A Petition of Telling Steam not to Ban Blockchain Games

Fight for the Future (often abbreviated fightfortheftr or FFTF) started a petition of telling steam not to ban blockchain games. Since Oct 14th, the world's largest video game distribution platform Valve quietly enacted a blanket ban on all games that make use of blockchain technology from their Steam platform, including the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. FFTF is a nonprofit advocacy group in the area of digital rights founded in 2011. The group aims to promote causes related to copyright legislation, as well as online privacy and censorship through the use of the Internet. Source

Smart Contract Platforms

Terra's CEO Do Kwon is Suing SEC

Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon is suing the SEC. The builder of decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Terra confirmed he was served with an SEC subpoena at Messari’s Mainnet conference last month, according to a lawsuit filed Friday by both Kwon and Terraform Labs. Source

Terra to Burn 10% of Total LUNA Supply

Terra's CEO Do Kwon tweeted on 22nd Oct that next week, they will initiate a proposal to burn 90m LUNA in the community pool to mint UST for Ozone. This will reduce $LUNA total supply by 90m, and increase UST supply by roughly 3-4 billion. A byproduct of this operation is that a lot of swap fees will accrue, which they expect will result in LUNA staking returns (minus airdrops) to 5x. Source


Fake Android App for dYdX was Found

A fake dYdX Android app was found by @LawrenceChiu14. Source

First Round of Zeta Devnet Ticket

In total 10 Zeta devnet tickets were distributed to 10 winners in Twitter clue search. The next round will be held on Zeta's Discord group, users need to find clues in the group to win tickets of devnet. Source

Tokemak's Tracer Token Reactor Deposit Live on 23rd Oct

The Tracer Token Reactor is now live for deposits. All Token Reactor deposits give you 1:1 tABC assets that are a claim on the underlying deposited assets. If you deposit 10 TCR, you will receive 10 tTCR tokens. Source

Project Inverse V3 is Coming

Exotic options platform Inverse will launch its V3 protocol on BSC next week. The project team claimed that this update will bring a new UI, lower gas fees, and more rewarding opportunities from the stake. Source

Antimatter Launched an Options Price Calculator

Perpetual exotic options platform antimatter launched its options price calculator, users can calculate the bull token and bear token price by inputting underlying asset price, price range, and amount of bull and bear tokens. Source

Fund Raising

ShowMe Announces Completion of Seed Funding Round

Gryffindor Labs' NFT social subscription platform ShowMe has officially closed its seed funding round with participation from Mask Network, Incuba Alpha, NGC Ventures, DODO, and others for an undisclosed amount. ShowMe is a subscription-based NFT social platform that allows creators to attract and sink users through flexible subscriptions. Source

PolkaPet Raised $3.1 Million

PolkaPet World has closed its $3.1M private funding round. The round was led by Animoca Brands. Other investors included SkyVision Capital, DFG Group, Jsquare, Waterdrip Capital, Hillrise Capital, and 3Commas, among others. PolkaPet World is an NFT project on Polkadot. Source


QCP Capital's article about exploring Defi, NFTs and what we can expect in a new market super-cycle. Source

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