Crypto Daily Digest - October 26th

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We have a lot of derivatives updates today. Drift Protocol Alpha mainnet launched. Tracer's Perpetual pools launch with chainlink price feed. There are also projects updates from Horizon, Opyn, Oddz and Perpetual. GameFi sector also has impressive fund news. a16z led a $7.5m fund on OnChain Studio. Liquity | Guild of Guardians | GooseFX | SpaceSwap

Selected Projects

SpaceSwap-Launching on Avalanche

SpaceSwap is a one-stop DeFi protocol based on Ethereum and BSC, and now it announces its expansion to Avalanche. The protocol introduced a unique staking technology called shadow staking which allows users to earn extra profit without the need to remove assets from their wallets. Source

Fund Raising

A16z Leads $7.5m Funding Round in NFT Toy Firm OnChain Studios

OnChain Studios has raised $7.5m in a seed funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) to develop Cryptoys: a new non-fungible token (NFT) platform that combines digital toys and gaming. Cryptoys are interactive digital toys that consumers can buy, play with, collect and sell. They will launch soon on Flow, a blockchain designed for NFT collectibles and crypto games. Flow was developed by Dapper Labs, which also participated in the funding round alongside Draper & Associates, CoinFund, Sound Ventures, Collab + Currency and WndrCo. Source


GooseFX-Public Sale

Solana-based DeFi platform, GooseFX, will have a public sale round on Solanium on October 28. The startup will be raising $350k during this round. Source

Guild of Guardians Wave 3 NFT Sales

Guild of Guardians, a hot GameFi project on Immutable X, just opened the whitelist of Wave 3 public sale. Maximum 1 pet per player, total 10,000 pets whichever comes first. Source

KuCoin-New Listing

The native token of Venus, a lending protocol on BSC, is listed on KuCoin. The trading will start at 10:00 am on Oct 26, 2021 (UTC) with pairs of XVS/USDT and XVS/BTC. Source


Uniswap Trading Volume Breaks $500b Since 2018

Over the weekend, the Uniswap Protocol passed $500B in total trading volume since its launch in November 2018. Source

Perpetual Started Testnet Trading Competition

Derivatives protocol Perpetual announced a testnet trading competition: The Perpfect Game. There will be total $3m prize. The competition started on 10.26(Tue) 22:00(UTC+8). Source


Drift Protocol Alpha Mainnet Launched

The on-chain, cross-margined perpetual futures to Solana, Drift protocol Alpha mainnet launch. Source

Tracer’s Perpetual Pools launch with Chainlink price feeds

Perpetual Pools and Chainlink integration is now live on the Arbitrum mainnet. Source

Horizon Finance Adds SPELL Markets

Decentralized Interest Rate Markets Horizon introduce SPELL market. Source

Opyn's Squeeth is coming

Opyn's power perpetual smart contract "Squeeth" will be audited on November 8. Source

Oddz Launched American Options

Oddz now support American options trading on Oddz. Compared with European options, American options can be stricken at any time before expiry, but it is also hard to price. Source

Smart Contract Platforms

Near Launched $800M Grants Fund

Near Protocol Offers $800M grants fund for specific purposes, including: $250 million in ecosystem grants that will be distributed over four years, A regional fund of $100 million, $100 million specifically for startups. Source

Terra Integrated Chainlink

Chainlink price feeds is live on the Terra testnet. As the recommended oracle solution for the Terra ecosystem, smart contract developers can leverage Chainlink Price Feeds for access to high-quality, tamper-proof price reference data across a wide range of assets. Source


Liquity-Weekly Report

Liquity issued its weekly report which indicates that the trove number of the protocol has crossed an all time high since a couple weeks ago. In addition, there is a positive trend that users are now borrowing for use cases other than depositing to the Stability Pool (eg. Olympus DAO, Sushiswap). Source




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