Crypto Daily Digest - October 27th

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Solana's lending protocol Solend is about to IDO. XDEFI announced its utility token $XDEFI. Woo Network launched a DEX. YGG partners with Aavegotchi. Coinlist | Swivel | Joe Rush | Bankless | Star Atlas


CoinList Raised $100m Series A

CoinList has raised $100 million in Series A funding, bringing CoinList’s valuation to $1.5 billion. The round is co-led by early CoinList backer, Accomplice, alongside Agman. Funds include HashKey Capital, Access Ventures, Alphemy Capital, Broadhaven Ventures, Continue Capital, CMT Digital, DFG, FBG Capital, Fenbushi Capital, executives from GoldenTree Asset Management, Hack VC, Jsquare, LD Capital, Metaplanet, Perpetual Value Partners, Rising Tide Fund, and Taavet+Sten. Source

Swivel Finance Raised $3.5m

Tokenized cash-flow DeFi project Swivel Finance raises $3.5m. Multicoin Capital again participated in Swivel Finance's latest $3.5 million funding round and was joined by trading desks GSR Markets, SCC Investments, and CMT Digital. OKEx Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, IOSG Ventures, and SevenX Ventures also contributed to the latest round. With this additional investment, Swivel has received $4.65m in total financing to build out its fixed-interest rate protocol. Swivel uses a two-token model to achieve a fixed-interest yield. Source

Immunefi Raised $5.5m in the Seed Round

Immunefi raised $5.5m in its seed round form Electric Capital, Blueprint Forest, Framework Ventures, Bitscale Capital, IDEO Colab and other investors. Immunefi is a bug bounty platform for DeFi projects. The funding was equity funding. Source

KYVE Closed Its Second Round $2.8m of Fundraising

The second round fundraising was led by Permanent Ventures and Hypersphere Ventures. Other investors includes Volt Capital, Mechanism Capital, Coinbase Ventures, CMS Holding, Mina Foundation, Compute Ventures and others. KYVE is a Web3 storage protocol and provides users with seamless data storage and reliable verify their data stream. Source

Drift Protocol Raised $3.8m in the Seed Round

Solana-Based Perpetual Swaps DEX Drift Protocol is excited to announce a $3.8m seed round led by Multicoin Capital. Alameda Research, Jump Capital, LedgerPrime, Not3Lau Capital (Darren & Daryl Lau), QCP Capital, Robot Ventures (Tarun Chitra and Robert Leshner) and ROK Capital also participated in the round. The capital raised in this round will go towards growing the team and providing liquidity on our Dynamic AMM (DAMM) and insurance fund. Source

SIPHER Secures $6.8m in Seed Round

NFT collectibles and metaverse project SIPHER announces the official closure of $6.8m seed round to develop its ecosystem of upcoming Play To Earn Blockchain NFT games. Source


Solend IDO Coming

Solend will have its IDO on 1st Nov, 12:00 UTC, with 4% of its total token available. Total supply of Solend's token $SLND is 100m and it closed a $6.5m fundraising from Polychain, Dragonfly, Race and others. The IDO will be modeled after Mango's. Source

XDEFI Token $XDEFI Announcement

XDEFI Wallet announced that its utility token $XDEFI's launch. Token's feature including: 1) Staking to receive swap fees occurred on XDEFI swap. 2) Governance 3) Incubating other protocols 4) Education incentive to learn DeFi and NFT stuff. Its IDO will come in early November. Source


Liquity's Integration with Forging Block

Liquity integrates with Forging Block who provide LUSD with the payment gateway. Now LUSD holders can utilize their LUSD for peer-to-peer payments. Source

Cream Finance Listed MIM

MIM is listed on Cream Finance ETH V1 and Iron Bank (ETH). Source

Apricot Now Supports ORCA

ORCA is added to Apricot Finance, and users can use ORCA to X-Farm. Source


Nexus Protocol 1m Initial Liquidity Provision

Nexus Protocol's core team will provide the initial 1m of initial liquidity provision for the smooth launch of the V1 vaults. And the received from initial liquidity provision, or from the subsequent farming rewards will not be sell until the team cliff date which is 1 year from TGE. Source


Joe Rush Is Coming

Avalanche's DEX Trader Joe launches its incentive program, Joes Rush. Users now add liquidity on some selected pools can get double rewards. Source

Aldrin Added Movable Limit Orders

Aldrin is a DEX based on Serum and it just added a new feature that allows users to move orders directly on the K-line to make orders. Source

Woo Network Launched Its DEX - WooFi Swap on BSC

WooFi is designed with a new feature called Synthetic Proactive Market Making (sPMM), which is an on-chain market-making algorithm for professional market markers. sPMM is an algorithm that simulates a CeFi order book by connecting to a custom on-chain market data feed. WooFi Swap's smart contracts were audited by CertiK. Source


Bankless Introduced a New Index - $GMI

BanklessDAO and Indexcoop introduced a new index for small-cap DeFi tokens. Its name is Bankless DeFi Growth Index ($GMI), which including $OHM, $SPELL, $DYDX, $PERP, $CVX, $RARI, $TRIBE, $TOKE, $DPX, $RBN, $MPL, $VISR and $FLX. Source

dYdX Launched Algo-USD Perps

The ALGO (ALGO-USD) Perpetual Contract is live for trading on Layer 2 with 10x leverage max. Source

Divergence v1 Beta 2.0 Is Coming

Because of the high gas fee on ETH L1, Binary options protocol Divergnce V1 will be re-deployed on Arbitrum, and the 2nd round beta test will come soon. Source

Oddz Published New Feature

Multi-chain options project will add 'auto exercise options' feature for Oddz LPs. Source


YGG Partnership with Aavegotchi

P2E gaming guild YGG announced it commits $0.8m of value into the Aavegotchi Metaverse with its subDAOs Yield Guild SEA (South East Asia) and Yield Guild ASIA. YGG acquired Aavegotchis, wearables, and REALM land parcels and conducted a token swap of GHST/YGG worth US $0.5m. Source

Star Atlas Roadmap Released

Star Atlas, the hot GameFi project on Solana just released its Roadmap. It contains detailed short-term plans as well as game design plans for the period up to 2025. Source





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