Daily Transactions on Sui Surging | Crypto Daily Digest July. 20

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Daily transactions on $SUI have increased drastically since July 7, topping 20M per day, mainly due to a game called 8192.

Sui is a newly launched L1 blockchain that has raised a significant amount of funding from VCs. However, the project has received a lot of criticism for its predatory tokenomics and the excessive emission rate of SUI tokens. Despite this, Sui appears to be gaining popularity thanks to a game called 8192

This is what the game looks like:

You must be confused, what's special about the game?

Notably, every move is a transaction with gas fees, paid in $SUI, and this game is part of the incentivized initiatives by Mysten_Labs, called Bullshark Quests.

Users compete for a total of 5M in $SUI rewards by engaging with certain gaming protocols. These incentivized quests stimulate an increase in daily transactions.

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