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TI Research has seen a sudden resurge in both TVL and transaction volume. Several factors have contributed to its comeback. had an impressive start on the Base chain on August 11 but experienced a significant drop in the number of transactions by the end of August. However, this decentralized social application has recently made a strong comeback. Resurged, Trading Volume Surpassed Opensea

While there isn't a single reason for the platform's sudden surge, some crypto influencers on Twitter have offered their insights. Hsaka (@HsakaTraders) suggests that might be a rebranded form of "yield farming" and speculates that its Total Value Locked (TVL) could reach nine figures if Justin Sun gets involved.

Another potential factor could be the increasing number of non-crypto personalities who have joined the platform in recent weeks, including several prominent YouTubers and OnlyFans creators.

Another significant factor is the anticipation of its token launch. For active participants, the understanding is centered around the possibility that each point earned could potentially be converted into a token airdrop worth $1-5. plans to distribute a total of 100 million points over 25 weeks. It is widely understood that these points represent opportunities for token airdrops and are closely tied to the total investment, holding duration, and user activity within the application, including actions like clicking, time spent, and interactions. to Distribute 100 Million Airdrop Reward Points to App Testers Over 6 Months

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