Here Comes UniswapX | Crypto Daily Digest July. 18

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UniswapX blends 1inch and Cowswap's innovations with its own enhancements such as gas-free transactions. Could be a game-changer given Uniswap's status!

Uniswap announced UniswapX, an auction-based protocol for trading across multiple liquidity sources.

UniswapX mainly offers 5 major benefits:

  1. Best execution on orders through permissionless fillers.
  2. No need to hold native gas tokens.
  3. Cost efficiency and protection from failed swaps.
  4. MEV protection and front-run resistance.
  5. Potential support for cross-chain trading.

The protocol will enable users to find optimum prices for their trades by pooling its liquidity sources. UniswapX aims to be an open network of third-party entities called "fillers" who compete to fill swaps using onchain liquidity like decentralized exchange pools across all of Uniswap versions or their own private inventory.

Learn More about UniswapX on TokenWiki: What is UniswapX

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